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Saturday 1st October, 2022

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Insight Tailoring your brand to meet emerging trends

Mijo Alanis advises a shrewd watch-and-learn approach when it comes to adapting your restaurant business during these times of rapid change, but don’t get left behind

Insight Entering the U.S.A.: 5 pitfalls for international franchisors

Where do franchisors go wrong when entering the U.S. market? Ray Hays summarizes the best practices and identifies some of the most common

Insight Don’t let your next injunction go to pot

A recent case in which an Ontario court declined to grant an injunction motion against a rebranded store shows there are no guarantees when it comes to franchise injunctions

Insight Creating a win-win-win relationship is the key to any premises deal

Regardless of market nuances, the success of any premises establishment lies in mutually beneficial terms and shared vision for success

Insight Is the sun setting for small franchisees?

Despite a spectacular bounce back by the restaurant sector, increasing costs and shifting consumer habits are putting smaller franchisees under unsustainable pressure. Kevin Burke investigates whether now is the time to get big or get out

Insight Why do franchisors need fees?

For first-time franchisees or those entering the industry anew, franchise fees can sometimes seem lofty at best. But there are several very important reasons why these charges exist – and why they propel the long-term growth of a brand

Insight The legal logistics of franchising in New Zealand

Auckland lawyer Stewart Germann provides a snapshot of franchising in unregulated New Zealand, including vital information about franchise agreements

Insight 3 keys to successful Kiwi franchising

How do franchise brands achieve profit and growth in New Zealand? By developing rocksolid systems and respecting its unique market, says Nathan Bonney