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Tuesday 7th December, 2021

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Analysis, commentary, interviews and feature articles, helping franchise decision-makers and leaders shape the business agenda

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Insight Master franchising in 2021: the biggest success stories so far

Despite the stop-start nature of 2021, many brands have been able to expand with master franchising deals. Here are some of the biggest and most notable master franchise agreements in 2021

Insight The benefits of outsourcing franchise communications

In a world where telephone calls are increasingly avoided, handing the responsibility over to an outside firm could be your brand’s best bet

Insight How to effectively manage and engage your customer base

Customer engagement is the key to maintaining a stable customer base. With the use of technology and an understanding of the customer journey, companies can easily convert more leads into customers and reduce churn

Insight How and why to take your franchise public

Entering the stock market is a sign a company has reached a certain maturation period in its life, but what benefits are there for a franchise to go public, and how do they do it?

Insight How to mitigate the risk of marketing-related lawsuits

Franchise marketing is an invaluable tool, but make sure to avoid these seven pitfalls

Insight Multi-unit franchising deals in 2021

The world of franchising has performed well in 2021 despite lockdowns and supply issues, and franchisors have continued fueling the growth of their brands with multi-unit deals

Insight Preparing the next generation of franchisors

University courses on franchising have become increasingly prevalent, but more work could be done to bring this business model to the masses

Insight Multi-unit franchising: choosing the right approach

When handled correctly, this can be a surefire way to propel your franchise development