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WrapChamp delivers the highest quality vehicle-wrapping services to its customers at a competitive price

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Company Bio

The idea for WrapChamp came together in 2018. By that point, Samuel, Rickard and Pontus Eriksson had already founded Sweden’s largest franchise chain in the sign industry – Skyltställe. The company used to sell sign material but customers also requested car wrapping services. To meet this demand, WrapChamp was born.

Previous operations for Skyltställe were sold in 2020 to focus on WrapChamp, which launched in early 2021. The company has grown by approximately one new studio each month since it started, and it now has 20 branches in Sweden and three in Norway.

WrapChamp strives to deliver the highest quality service to its customers at a competitive price. The business also aims to provide better accessibility for great services and quality regarding car and vehicle décor to vehicle owners across the world.

It is a major brand, and customers can leave their vehicle at any WrapChamp location in the world and receive the exact same service. The company has identical equipment in all of its studios, using the same machines and materials on the vehicles and providing the same training to employees.

This gives the company the unique opportunity of delivering accurate services across all the countries in which it operates.

How does the WrapChamp business model work?

Franchisees of WrapChamp would run their own studio of 100-150 square meters, with a door height of at least three meters. The business can be operated by one or several people – in the first few years it works well as a one-person company. No previous experience is required, but it is a plus.

WrapChamp uses the same suppliers in each location, which is a great purchasing advantage. It helps the franchisee with everything:

  • Establishing a business system to offer customers
  • Ordering materials
  • Creating design proposals
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Contract customers
  • Training
  • Accounting
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Who would make a great WrapChamp franchisee?

Franchisees at WrapChamp are people with an interest in cars and are around 25-35 years old, with many coming from a handyman background. Ideal candidates may want to work with cars and vehicles but do not have the training or authorizations to work in this field. WrapChamp is an optimal choice for anyone who has dreamed of owning their own business but doesn’t have the experience.

The company is looking for master franchisees and people who want to run a WrapChamp branch in their country. The master’s program can be built on in several ways:

Option 1

Become a master franchisee who focuses on recruiting new franchisees. Manage the dialogue with local suppliers, assure the quality of the operations in each studio and establish contracts with nationwide customers.

Let the external party manage the finances for all franchisees, where the master franchisee has full transparency.

Option 2

The same as above, with the addition of running your own studio pilot unit and letting an external party, or a suitable employee, manage the finances for all franchisees where the master franchisee has full transparency.

What training is on offer for prospective WrapChamp franchisees?

Training is a very important part of WrapChamp, as wrapping vehicles is a craft. The franchisee will undergo one week of training at the training center in Sweden before opening their business.

In connection with the installation of all equipment in the franchisee’s studio, locally and individually tailored training is provided.

Twice a year, all franchisees meet for a joint conference and additional training. Every week, all franchisees participate in a video meeting with WrapChamp officials. On the company’s intranet, franchisees communicate with each other every day and exchange their experiences. WrapChamp provides support in wrapping, manufacturing, design, finance, sale and much more.

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What is the minimum investment level required?

The investment is the same for all units. For the business, you need a concept package containing all machines, tools and computer equipment. This has an acquisition value of €55,000 and can be rented from WrapChamp or a supplier appointed by WrapChamp.

Depending on the size and condition of the premises, the investment to get the premises in the condition that WrapChamp requires can vary. But this type of investment is usually placed on the landlord, who picks it up on the franchisee’s monthly rent.

WrapChamp understands that franchisees have an establishment period of three months. During this period, there is a lower order intake than normal as the business is new and the brand is unestablished in the region. The focus for the franchisee is to promote the brand by handing out goodie bags to as many entrepreneurs as possible.

Sometime between months six and nine, the WrapChamp franchisee reaches a stable foundation to stand on. Then the business takes care of itself, and the franchisee can take a full salary from the business. In the second year of operation, the franchisee must be able to live on their business and show positive results.

What locations is WrapChamp looking to operate in?

WrapChamp is looking for master franchisors in Germany, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, the U.K., Spain, Italy and the Baltic States.

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal for WrapChamp?

Franchise agreements are signed for five years, with the possibility of an extension for the franchisee. The franchise fee is 10 per cent of turnover and then a fixed marketing fee of €350.

Why is WrapChamp a good investment?

Being a franchisee of WrapChamp is a unique opportunity. Car and vehicle wrapping only increases in demand in the world, and the car industry is moving to reduce, and perhaps even completely stop, the painting of vehicles.

It is a low investment as a master franchisee and it is a popular concept. No experience in the industry is needed – WrapChamp will take care of everything.

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