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Expense Reduction Analysts

Currently recruiting

Delivering double-digit percentage savings, the ERA network leverages market intelligence and cost category experience, built since 1992.

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£39,950 + working capital (subject to personal circumstances)
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£39,950 + VAT
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Company Bio

Become an Expense Reduction Analyst business optimizer and scale your own cost optimization consultancy!

Calling all confident and credible professionals, who can build relationships and is familiar with the corporate world and now wants more…

EERA offers a proven route to building a business consultancy with an unparalleled franchise opportunity.

Success is dependent on forging strong relationships with clients’ C-suites. The stronger these relationships, the more areas of each business franchisees will be invited to optimize – and the more profit they will be able to uncover and share.

What do ERA franchisees think of the brand?

“I’m confident that leaving my corporate role in New York to start my ERA franchise will give me the rewards, lifestyle and balance that I’m looking for. I love finding profits for my clients and my income is directly linked to my own efforts – that’s a great place to be.” – Laura, franchisee since 2021.

“I was in my late-20’s when I started. My wife joined me in the business a few years later and we are now a team of 7. We enjoy a dream work/life balance, make a great income and have that precious time for our family.” – Pritesh, franchisee since 2006.

“I joined ERA over 10 years ago with the ambition to build a large consulting business. Today I employ more than 25 people. We’ve got ambitious targets to take our business from today’s 7-figure revenues to even higher levels.” – Peter, franchisee since 2008

“I was certainly aware of the training, but was not prepared for the vast quantity of information shared, or the expertise of the presenters and trainers. I think it could be a very strong value add to those considering joining ERA – and not just because of the learning, but also as an introduction to the network. It really backs up everything we’re told in the lead up to signing an ERA contract.” – Alex, franchisee since 2021.

How does the ERA business model work?

Expense Reduction Analyst’s proven business model presents a well-trodden path to building a successful consultancy practice. Starting up with ERA is a low-cost and low-risk way to grow a business within a network of like-minded, driven and successful people.

Franchisees will collaborate on projects with their fellow ERA franchisees, both nationally and globally – utilizing the diverse specialisms and expertise of each consultant to work with larger clients and drive meaningful savings. ERA’s franchise network is amongst the strongest in the industry and has proven itself in challenging times.

  • Build a recurring monthly income stream with typically c.60-70 per cent net profit
  • The brand keeps franchisees at the cutting edge with the latest cost optimization opportunities
  • Recession and pandemic resilient – businesses always want to uncover hidden profits
  • Refined tech-stack utilizing AI to do more of the admin, so franchisees can focus on their clients
  • Assemble project teams from the network to serve global clients across 40 countries
  • Award-winning, world-class training and support.

The dynamic and energetic leadership team are overseen by the original founder – Fred Marfleet – who started Expense Reduction Analysts back in 1992.

Driven and rewarded by franchisee success, potential candidates are encouraged to meet them to get a feel for the inspiring and warm atmosphere within the network.

Have an initial chat and then join one of the ‘Meet the Team’ sessions to learn more.

ERA stands for quality and longevity

Expense Reduction Analysts’ target clients will be businesses with annual turnovers of £10M – £100M-plus. Leveraging any existing C-suite commercial relationships will see franchisees off to a flying start with their new ERA consultancy, and the experienced support team will guide them with proven lead generation strategies.

The ERA brand provides the credibility and systems for any consultancy business to work with any scale of business.

Following the intensive initial training, the brand’s one-to-one ongoing mentoring will set franchisees up over the first year to maximize the return from their time, energy and skills. The support continues throughout the franchisee’s business journey, changing as their franchise consultancy develops.

Build a profit-turning and saleable asset with ERA

  • Training: ERA provides the strategies and systems to succeed
  • Launch: Work from home and benefit from ERA’s proven lead generation program
  • Growth: Collaborate with other franchisees to deliver projects together
  • Scale: Develop a multi-consultant practice to serve more clients
  • Exit: When franchisees are ready, they can realize the value of their asset.

What are the next steps?

The next steps offer complete transparency with no time pressure and a personalized plan plan of the journey ahead

1. Initial conversation with one of the U.K. support team

2. Book on to a ‘Meet the Team’ event to really get a feel for the culture at ERA

3. Complete the own business plan to fully understand the potential returns, the costs, the growth stages and how these will impact the franchisee, their lifestyle and family. Template and guidance provided – franchisees will control the numbers they enter.

When prospective franchisees are entirely happy with the journey laid out ahead, the brand and candidate will progress to the setup stage, and then the excitement begins…

Hear from ERA’s chairman

“There are a lot of consultants in the world who work from home and work by themselves – it’s very, very lonely. Our business is not lonely, because you’re working with all these other people in your own country, region, or even across a whole continent. You become very comfortable inside the business – it becomes your family.”

– Fred Marfleet, founder and executive chairman, Expense Reduction Analysts.

What are the returns like with an ERA franchise?

ERA’s prosperous business model allows franchisees to build a recurring monthly income stream with typically 60-70 per cent net profit – returns which are made all the more exceptional by the considerably low overheads an ERA business requires.

Typically, solo consultants with around 10 clients have the potential to earn up to £250,000 per year – but why stop there? Growing the practice to hire more consultants can see franchisee earnings at least double.

Few franchise models give franchisees the ability to truly scale upwards when they want it to – but ERA’s does.

Success is dependent on networking and forging lasting relationships with clients’ C-suite. The stronger these relationships are, the more areas of each business consultants will be invited to optimize – and thus the more profit franchisees will be able to uncover and share. There is also the potential to sign up new clients should these C-suite team members move companies.

The financial rewards are what franchisees make them to be.

Take the initiative and enjoy the life-affirming results of owning an ERA consultancy

Hunger, proactivity, ambition and energy – combining these core pillars with your corporate experience is the rock-solid foundation from which franchisees can build a truly successful business standing alongside ERA.

Franchisees must also be comfortable and confident when dealing with people – ERA franchisees depend on business from C-suite professionals, therefore franchisees must be able to openly converse and speak with them. By forging stronger bonds with C-suite professionals, ERA franchisees give themselves an opportunity to optimize more areas of the business and access hidden profits.

Ultimately, what franchisees put into it is what they get out of it – if franchisees are driven to succeed, ERA’s tried and trusted model and world-class support network can help deliver the results.

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