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Helping enthusiastic and passionate people to achieve their business and educational vision

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Israel - Asia
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10%/ $500 per month
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Europe, Asia, Africa

Company Bio

Next Engineers ltd is a high-quality educational network that has existed since 2016. The network helps enthusiastic and passionate people to achieve their business vision, alongside their educational vision, to open a successful and prosperous business, while being supported by the network.

The network created a variety of programs that can be used to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM) in a creative way for children in the ages of 4-10. Children who join the network’s programs can benefit from the quality learning of the basics of physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering and software.

Next Engineers ltd operated, to date, hundreds of study centers through a network of satisfied franchisees and is proud of the hundreds of thousands of students who have studied in its study program.

The unique methods developed by Next Engineers ltd are based on methodologies that combine play, fun and excitement alongside quality learning and were developed by professional engineers and high-tech workers. The basket of educational products developed contains over 100 different activities in several learning programs, among them: programs for children ages four+, ages six+, ages eight+.

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New developments

As a leading network, Next Engineers ltd is aware of the need to lead innovation and progress, which is why it allocates large budgets to the development and improvement of programs and learning products and programs. The company combines high-quality animated videos it has developed, which are used to teach in its programs. It also uses magazines that have been developed for students and various digital interfaces that contribute to the accessibility of learning.

After many years of development, experimentation and reorientation, we have learned what excites children. When children have fun, they do not lose interest. Our programs create the right balance between fun and education

Bari Sabash, founder of the network and method

Programs are fun and educational

Next Engineers ltd franchisees receive an opportunity for a long-term engagement, through which they connect to an educational field with tremendous potential. By connecting with the brand, they receive the ability, the products and unique methods, which allow them to lead significant and quality education and establish a successful and prosperous business that will work for them.

How does the Next Engineers ltd franchise model work?

This business provides education and training services for children and families, using unique study programs that give children knowledge and understanding in many fields of study and improve skills required in the 21st century.

The imparting of knowledge and skills is achieved through unique work sets and study programs developed in the company. The lessons consist of a short theoretical part, during which the teacher conveys to the children the subject taught in that lesson, and a practical part during which the children build any model, which illustrates the principles of that lesson.

The imparting of knowledge and skills is achieved through unique work sets and study programs developed in the company.

  • Exclusivity – as a franchisee you will be responsible for a geographic area where you will receive exclusivity, which will allow you to move freely, and offer your service to all customers in your area
  • Access to the learning materials – you will get access to several unique study programs that have been developed, among them programs for the ages of four+, programs for ages six+, programs for ages eight+. The company will provide you with rich and colorful literature for all its study programs, workshops and activities that will contain structured lesson plans according to topics
  • Use of the unique activity kits – Next Engineers ltd will provide you with its learning kits, based on a work bag, textbooks, assembly instructions and various digital materials
  • Updates and innovations – you will be updated on hot innovations developed by the company, operational and marketing tools based on digital access and various electronic means.
  • Dozens of sources of income – just imagine the business possibilities before you with over 100 topics and activities you can offer the programs. In addition to the study programs, you can increase the income stream by using the quality workshops developed for summer camps, birthday parties, team nights, special days, special themes and various events.

Next Engineers ltd lets its franchisees to choose one of two options:

  • Community-based franchise – allows you to create partnerships with community centers, schools, libraries, science museums, religious institutions and any other place where activities for children may take place
  • Learning and experience center-based franchise – opening your own learning and experience center, within which you will run a variety of programs, courses and activities. The company will accompany you through the process, from finding the right place to creating a successful opening event.
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What types of franchisees is Next Engineers ltd looking for?

In order to understand if you are suitable to be a franchisee, check if you meet the following criteria:

  • Interest in the field of education – love for working with children, understanding the importance and desire to improve the level of education in the world
  • Motivation – a passion for success in the educational business world and to make your dream come true
  • Readiness – maturity, personal responsibility and commitment to the goal and maintaining the quality of the service
  • Desire for personal freedom – you dream of being your own boss and working in a relevant and interesting field, while maintaining flexibility of work hours? Interested in quality time for you and your family, while the business is running for you?
  • Ability – basic management ability, personal abilities, ability to give of yourself, work according to policy and clear procedures
  • The Golden criterion – the franchise partners are also friends, so it’s important to the company that you will have positive thinking and values ​​of mutual respect, love for people, inclusion and humanity.

In case you see yourselves in the above criterions, Next Engineers ltd can check, together with you, your option of becoming a regional franchisee in the area near your home, or choose to become one of the master franchisees.

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What ongoing support and training do franchisees receive?

You’re now one of Next Engineers ltd network community and the proud owner of a branch of the network. At the beginning of your journey, you’ll get through a structured course that includes:

  • Familiarity – familiarity with the faculty, management team and key personnel, familiarity with the network’s organizational structure
  • Training – you will receive comprehensive training which will includes: management training, marketing training, a comprehensive course in various fields of knowledge, familiarization with the study materials and learning products and the programs, familiarization with the support tools and digital aids, practical training and practice
  • Receiving the learning products and equipment – Next Engineers ltd will provide you with the learning products that you need in order to get started in your area: activity sets, rich literature and administrative and marketing aids
  • Support

Initial support: in order to allow you a ‘soft landing’, the company provides you with an initial support and assistance package that includes: guidance in preparing the list of potential clients in your area, help in preparing marketing conversation scripts with the clients, as well as guidance and assistance in the first sales conversations with them. In addition, you will receive marketing tools: a web page, Facebook and Instagram, a link to a large database of marketing and advertising tools such as promotional videos, roll-ups, flyers, catalogs, price offer brochures and more.

Ongoing support: the relationship has just begun and Next Engineers ltd wants it to be stable and ongoing. You are not alone, the company is available for any question and ready to try to help with any request or problem that may arise. Periodic Zoom meetings will be held with you. In addition, you will also be linked to the sympathetic and warm community of partner franchisees through meetings and conferences so that the sharing of information, experience and mutual help can be maximized.

What is the investment required?

The minimum investment is: $45,000 for a community-based franchise model and $220,000 for opening a learning and experience center.

Like all businesses, it takes a little time to grow the numbers and learn the market, but when you do something you love, and receive the network’s unique methods and tools and support, the results are not long in coming”, says Amnon Giladi, partner-CEO in the network. From the moment the franchise begins and until the end of the training of the area, the initial marketing and the integration into the activity centers, and the initial student recruitment, it usually takes about two-three months and then you start to see profits.

What locations or territories is Next Engineers ltd looking to operate in?

In the last two years, Next Engineers ltd has increased the distribution of franchisees by 1100 per cent and as a result its regional distribution has increased. Currently the franchise is looking to grow operations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia.

Renewal of the franchise

After five years of franchising, Next Engineers ltd lets franchisees continue for another five to ten of franchise at a cost of 50 per cent of the initial franchise amount.

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Why is Next Engineers ltd a good investment?

We are already witnessing the accelerated development of technological developments in the fields of engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that the current decade is going to produce a growing demand for STEAM professions. Through Next Engineers ltd’s educational franchise you will get an opportunity for accelerated growth in a very developing field.

You will not have to start everything from scratch, as you will rely on the company’s many years of experience, and enjoy the high-quality learning and marketing products, as well as the study methods and work managers that have been developed. 

The advantage of the financial model of the franchise is its simplicity. The initial investment is relatively small, there is no management of unnecessary stocks and the monthly expenses are relatively small, so with proper work, you are expected to return the investment very quickly.

Amazing support

As a franchisee, you join a warm, supportive and sympathetic family that is interested in your success – the franchise will accompany you throughout the years of the franchise. You can consult with the company and the community of franchisees, on any issue related to the operation of the business.

A success culture

Next Engineers ltd believes success is a product of activities done correctly. The programs encourage children to succeed. The brand uses positive feedback that puts the children’s success at the center of action. The children in the program learn to love learning via play.

When the children are happy, their parents are happy – and your business will flourish.

You don’t only choose a new business but a new lifestyle

The Next Engineers ltd franchise allows you to open a business that will give you your freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life, to spend more time with your family and to live in the conditions most suitable  for you. In addition, when you’ll see your students enriching their knowledge and developing skills and yet be truly happy and fulfilled, it will most likely create an increased vitality in you, and will give you great energy and satisfaction that cannot be found anywhere.

Lior Dashkotay, franchisee of the Jerusalem and surrounding area branch, says: “The education industry in the world generates huge sums. Many parents are looking for quality learning solutions for their children, which creates an ever-increasing demand. After years of working as an employee, I felt that I owed it to myself to fulfill my dream. I wanted a new lifestyle, one that would allow me to do what I love on the one hand, and on the other hand, financial gain and flexibility at work.

“I remember my first meeting at the network’s offices in Israel. They presented me with the methodology and the business model. I was astonished by what I saw, but mostly what impressed me were the people. I realized that they can be trusted.”

Abir Yunes, franchisee of the Arab society branch, adds: “I worked in the formal education industry for years. As a teacher and a mother, I saw the increasing need for a new educational approach, such one that teaches them with no compulsion. I’ve heard of Next Engineers and came over to their offices for a consultation meeting. We created an immediate bond and I decided to join them. I’m really happy I made this change. It gives me great satisfaction. The children really like our program.”

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“I’m trying to find the right words, maybe because a simple ‘thank you’ seems too small. I never heard of such a program until we signed up. We won an enriching and fun program –Yehli counts the days each week until the day the class takes place. So a huge thank you for everything! We are so happy and we will meet again next year too!”

Sahar, Herzliya

“The Next Engineers program, where my son studies, is definitely the best program I’ve ever seen. First of all – the kids have fun, but of course also become smarter and receive important values. They study and after that, they practise taking the theoretical part into action. There aren’t enough words to describe… you just have to come and see for yourself.”

Ran Hanania

“I would like to express my full contentment of the Next Engineers program. After years of joint work, it should be noted that this is a warm, kind, dedicated, sensitive and caring professional team that is always attentive to the children and their parents.”

Ruthi Hershkovitz, principal of Rozen Center

How in demand are the services Next Engineers ltd provides?

The education industry is worth over a trillion dollars and growing. According to OECD data, OECD countries devote 11.3 per cent of public expenditures to education, an average of $10,493 per student per year. The expenditure per student on primary and secondary school education has increased by almost 20 per cent since 2006.

The worldwide demand for STEAM-based learning is increasing. The education industry must adapt to the fourth industrial revolution and equip the youth of today with the skills of tomorrow. Technology is changing the way we live, play and think, and it’s happening on a larger scale than at any other point in human history.

Many parents are looking for learning programs for their children, which deal with the fields of engineering, technology and science, since they understand the importance of STEAM studies. The educational institutions of the future adapt themselves to the needs of the 21st century, in order to ensure that the children enquire relevant knowledge and skills. Many education center principals are looking for educational STEAM solutions, as a completion for their school study system.

Therefore, this is an excellent time for you to establish an educational business, under the Next Engineers ltd franchise model!

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