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Reshift Media targeting worldwide expansion


Reshift Media targeting worldwide expansion

CEO Steve Buors explains how Reshift Media’s franchise-focused approach is cementing the firm as a global leader

Canadian marketing agency Reshift Media develops digital marketing strategies, processes, and technology custom-tailored to the specific needs of franchise organizations. This decade-long focus on solving marketing problems for franchise companies has established Reshift Media as the global leader in franchise digital marketing. So much so, it was awarded Best Franchise Marketing Firm in the 2024 Global Franchise Awards.

“Having worked with hundreds of franchise systems around the world, we have seen the amazing growth potential of franchising first-hand,” says Steve Buors, CEO. “There’s no doubt that franchising is a unique business, so it requires a unique marketing approach.”

In addition to solving issues for their franchise clients, Reshift Media has also been an active contributor to the international franchising community, working closely with organizations such as the Canadian Franchise Association and International Franchise Association to understand what the challenges are on the ground.

Franchise technology

Through their extensive experience working with franchise systems, the Reshift team has developed franchise-specific marketing platforms, including Brand Amplifier and Franify. These solutions allow franchise companies to rapidly scale their marketing by creating localized campaigns that remain aligned with head office messaging.

These tools have been so successful they’ve been licenced by other agencies that are serving franchise customers.

The next 12 months are a crucial growth period for Reshift Media. “We are looking to expand our presence even more internationally,” confirms Steve. “The majority of our business is still in North America. We’ve targeted the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand as major areas of growth for us going forward.”

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