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Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc.

Currently recruiting

Mail Boxes Etc. facilitates the daily operations of SMEs, professionals and private consumers, with a distinguished and unique level of customer service

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
Almost 1,800 service centers
Location of units
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America
Investment range
$100,000 - $500,000
Franchise fee
Country dependent
Available territories
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America

Company Bio

For 40 years Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) has been a one-stop solution for both business and retail customers, providing shipping, fulfilment, print, marketing, mailbox rental and virtual office address services. Individually or in combination, MBE facilitates the daily operations of SMEs, professionals, SOHO and private consumers, with a distinguished and unique level of customer service.  With almost 1,800 service centers operating globally in more than 40 countries, Mail Boxes Etc. entrepreneurs serve around 250,000 business customers on a regular basis. 

With experience built up from decades of trading, MBE can help solve any business challenge its customers may have.

MBE services

How does the Mail Boxes Etc. franchise model work?

The MBE business model consists in providing five business services in one easily accessible location.

  • Pack and ship

Full cycle of the added value services in terms of preparation, shipment and post shipment management that allows MBE centers to provide highly professional solutions that meet customer needs with flexible, customized and reliable delivery and packing solutions.

  • Retail logistics: MBE digitised shipping and logistics

A complex and customizable service that allows to boost e-commerce:  Mail Boxes Etc. takes care of important operation aspects of e-commerce logistics such as collection, storage, assembly, printing, customizable professional packing and shipping to the final customer. Retail and e-commerce customers can save time, space and resources by outsourcing the inventory and in-stock materials.

  • Printing: from small to wide formats

Offering a wide range of the printing solutions, both small and large, to get the most out of customers’ promotional materials. MBE can respond to every type of need with competence, speed and precision and satisfy the demands of professionals and companies.

  • Marketing solutions: all in one

MBE provides its customers with a marketing solution by helping them create effective communication products such as corporate identity, event communication, direct mailing and web marketing services.

  • Domiciliation: make your life easier

With a wide range of mailbox services, your customers have a safe and convenient space for all the parcels and letters addressed to them with the utmost confidentiality. The digital solution for your mailbox allows you to manage it from your phone without the need to physically come to an MBE center.

What qualities is Mail Boxes Etc. looking for in its franchisees?

Mail Boxes Etc. develops its network of business service centers on a country-by-country basis through master franchise agreements with local partners.

A successful master franchisee requires a sincere propensity to develop, coach and motivate an expanding network of freshly-minted entrepreneurs. Hence, a master franchisee will need to have a broad range of business assets and personal skills, including: 

  • A professional multi-year business plan, supported by a compatible capital structure to adequately support growing the MBE business in the territory
  • A business degree and/or a solid experience and track record in business planning and financial forecasting, controls, analysis and reporting
  • A sound business acumen to manage a business based on defined goals, strategic planning, structured operations and key operating performance indicators
  • Proven human resource skills, especially recruitment, management of people with diverse backgrounds, qualifications and motivations
  • A clear understanding  and commitment to the highest standards of customer service, one of the hallmarks of the MBE business

What on-going support and training do Mail Boxes Etc. franchisees receive?

Mail Boxes Etc. invests in comprehensive training, utilising its 40 years of experience to create dedicated training programs and processes which master franchisees could implement.

Assistance starts on day one, with master franchise candidates supported by a dedicated team of multilingual business developers fluent in more than eight different languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Indi and Russian). This allows the company to stay close to candidates during the qualification process as well as help facilitate the transfer of knowledge and expertise on an ongoing basis.

Once the master franchise agreement has been signed, a dedicated business developer will be allocated to work with you, with the training journey supported by the team from HQ. This will encompass working with the master franchisee on the creation of essential sales, marketing and retail network development action plans through initial meetings with each responsible department.

Mail Boxes Etc.

Additionally, a dedicated master franchise training course will also be held, together with a three-week course to learn the management of pilot store activities. The training has a strong sales-related focus, which enables master franchisees to grow their business capabilities in advance of opening in their allocated country.

The support continues after the opening. The master franchisee will be assisted by the HQ and given access to multiple tools to implement business strategies for long-term success. They will also receive marketing action plans and training support through a dedicated online learning platform.

Furthermore, master franchisees actively participate in regional meetings and committees to share and benefit from all the different best practices around the global MBE network.

What is the minimum investment level Mail Boxes Etc. requires?

The minimum investment level varies from country to country. It would be presented to the candidate during the qualification process together with the business plan preparation to calculate the country’s potential, profitability and the ROI.

What locations or territories is Mail Boxes Etc. looking to operate in?

Throughout the world, MBE selects and collaborates with entrepreneurs who run the master franchise in their countries. Right now, master franchise opportunities are available for the following countries:

  • Europe: Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Turkey, Slovakia, Albania, Malta
  • Middle East: Israel, Lebanon
  • Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Gabon, Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya
  • Asia: Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam,  India, South Korea, Macau, China
  • South America: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador
MBE center

How in demand are the services of Mail Boxes Etc.?

The world is experiencing an increased demand for logistics, shipping, e-commerce and domiciliation services. Mail Boxes Etc. is here to meet that demand. The brand provides solutions for shipping, logistics, printing and marketing to small and medium-sized businesses and retail customers through a network of franchised and directly owned service centers.

With a proven business system that has been established in more than 40 countries and a multi-faceted revenue model that allows flexibility of the services, Mail Boxes Etc. is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to diversify their business portfolio and bring the worldwide service center franchise to their country.

The recent acquisition of Prestashop by MBE will also allow the brand to create a leading commerce-enablement platform providing e-commerce, fulfilment, shipping, marketing and print solutions to SMBs and consumers.

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