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Tuesday 21st March, 2023

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Franchisors of the future: School of Rock


Franchisors of the future: School of Rock

Well-established School of Rock grooved its way onto our list for its 25 years of growth and innovation. Aspiring franchisors and entrepreneurs alike, listen up!

The mission behind the wildly successful School of Rock franchise is simple yet strong: “We demonstrate dedication and passion for providing students with superior music education and unmatched performance opportunities,” says Rob Price, CEO. “As we grow and reach more milestones, we are proud to continue being a part of a community driven by purpose and positive change.”

Not a brand to ever press pause, in 2022 School of Rock succeeded in awarding another 27 franchise agreements, securing a total of 324 open and operational schools across 15 markets, with new flagship schools in Mexico, Ireland and Portugal. It expanded its presence in Latin America, and increased total active enrollment from 22,000 students in 2016 to nearly 60,000 students today. Last year also saw the launch of its virtual music education platform, School of Rock Online™, and the franchisor picked up multiple industry accolades along the way.

“School of Rock is an exemplary model for franchisors, business owners, and entrepreneurs,” explains chief development officer, Tony Padulo. “Its innovative curriculum teaches students the fundamentals of music through group learning and a performance-based approach. This method engages students in a fun and meaningful way so they can master musical skills, unleash their creativity, and develop the necessary tools to succeed in life.”

Music for all

The School of Rock brand celebrates how music enriches lives and brings people together, with an emphasis on creativity and inclusiveness. The marketing messaging honors the passion exemplified by its students in learning a new instrument and taking the stage to perform in front of live audiences. “School of Rock’s overall strategy is to make learning music accessible and rewarding while creating meaningful connections between aspiring musicians. This customer-centric framework can be applied universally, by any franchisor, business leader, or entrepreneur who wishes to create an effective product or service that unites individuals and imparts valuable knowledge at the same time,” adds Tony.

Master franchise model

When it comes to taking a brand global, there’s much to take away from School of Rock’s strategy for expansion. Founded as a single school in Philadelphia, Pa., in 1998, School of Rock has become a rapidly growing international franchise with over 500 schools open and in development across 15 global markets, ranging from North America to South America to Europe and Southeast Asia.

School of Rock is an exemplary model for franchisors, business owners, and entrepreneurs”

“When considering expanding a franchise beyond the United States, it’s essential to consider factors such as geographical location, local tastes, and cultural preferences before launching into any new market,” says Tony. “The competitive landscape in each country or region must be thoroughly assessed to develop an effective expansion strategy. To ensure success when expanding internationally, having representatives on the ground who are familiar with both local business practices and customer needs can be invaluable. School of Rock employs a Master Franchise model to ensure success in its international growth efforts.”

Power of partnerships

In 2022 alone, School of Rock joined forces with the following organizations, demonstrating how pursuing meaningful partnerships can create exciting new opportunities for staff, students, and communities:

  • Songfinch – gives its instructors more paid opportunities as professional musicians
  • Non-profit organization, Music Will – more equal opportunity for kids to participate in modern band programs
  • National Museum of African American Music – scholarship program for students in underserved communities
  • Rock in Rio, Lisbon – performed first international performance since the pandemic.

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