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Dallas Chicken and Pizza

Dallas Chicken and Pizza

low franchise fee

Dallas Chicken and Pizza is a fast-growing fast-food brand based in the U.K., and is ready to dominate the British market!

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
Location of units
Investment range
£15,000 - £150,000
Franchise fee
Country dependent, U.K. - £15,000
Available territories

Company Bio

Dallas Chicken and Pizza has now been operating for 27 years and is synonymous with the fast-food sector across the U.K. The menu ranges from fried chicken, peri–peri, burgers, wraps, pizza and BBQ products.

Dallas is one of the very few branded nationwide franchise operators that has successfully combined all sectors of the fast-food industry together, maximizing its market audience, and making Dallas suitable for all.

Dallas Chicken is also an award-winning franchise business having been awarded the Top 100 franchise business in the U.K.

Dallas Chicken is the lowest-cost investment into the fast-food sector, currently growing at a rate of approximately two stores per month. The model is designed to allow the new partners to invest in the appropriate areas of the business to ensure all-round success.  

The management team at Dallas Chicken consists of seasoned veterans within the fast food industry with a vast wealth of collective knowledge and experience within this industry. The brand has also created strong partnerships with third-party trade partners who have supported the growth and expansion of the fast-food franchise. 

How does the Dallas Chicken and Pizza franchise model work?

Dallas Chicken operates on a fixed franchising fee basis. In the U.K., the one-off franchise joining fee is £15,000, with fixed monthly royalty payments of £300. There are no additional joining fees should the franchisee become a multi-site franchisee.

  • This fee model is very attractive to Dallas franchisees, ensuring that franchisees are able to retain the maximum revenue that they earn
  • There are no additional joining fees should the franchisee become a multi-site franchisee, making it a very attractive proposal
  • With regards to international development costings, there are a number of options ranging from a single site to geographical territory or regional deals. Territory or regional fees are to be negotiated. 

Dallas operates its own supply chain distribution centers as well as partnering with third-party distribution partners for stock purchases. All franchises are contracted to purchase stock via nominated distributors only.

What kind of franchisee is Dallas Chicken and Pizza looking for?

Dallas Chicken operates with two types of franchisees:

  • The most successful and popular model is the owner-operator. The owner-operator is hands-on and oversees the day-to-day by operating the business, and has proven the ability to develop great customer loyalty
  • The second model is an investor-franchisee. Investor franchisees must have the necessary team or individuals in place to oversee the day-to-day operations of their franchise business. 

Ideally, the brand looks for potential franchisees with some experience within the fast-food industry; however, this is not necessary as the brand successfully operates with franchisees from different backgrounds.

Some of the fast-food brand’s recent franchisees are from I.T., financial, legal and medical backgrounds, who are successfully operating Dallas franchises. Full training is provided to all new franchisees regardless of experience within the QSR sector. 

What kind of support can Dallas Chicken and Pizza franchisees expect?

Dallas offers comprehensive training and concise support that is admired across the fast-food and restaurant industry. Comprehensive training before store opening is provided free of cost to as many people as required. Many of Dallas’ competitors will charge for this training and will also charge for ongoing training.

  • A three-week, on-site, operations support service package is provided free of cost upon store opening to ensure that the franchisee teams are fully competent in operating the store to the highest standard 
  • Bi-annual operations workshops are conducted, where store representatives are collectively updated on the latest health and hygiene standards, reaffirm product quality standards and brand best practices. On-going support and training is provided free of cost to franchisees as and when required
  • Dallas also carries out unannounced store inspections and health and safety visits to its franchised stores, so that appropriate and accurate feedback can be provided to its franchisees in order to operate at the best possible standard. 

Labour can be provided to franchisees for short-term periods subject to availability at a cost. 

Why should entrepreneurs go with Dallas Chicken and Pizza?

A new franchise partner can benefit from a low-cost investment into the increasingly popular Dallas Chicken franchise brand. Return on investment (ROI) has proven to be vastly more lucrative than many of its competitor brands due to the low-cost investment and franchise fee.

The fast-food brand has received positive feedback due to the fact that there are no hidden or additional costs.  Resale values can easily be achieved with the original low-cost investment, should the franchisee wish to exit or sell the franchise business. This created an unparalleled franchise opportunity, with low-start-up costs and ample opportunity to start on the road to multi-unit ownership.

Full support from the franchisor includes the following: 

  • Professional and concise operations support 
  • Supply chain solutions 
  • Online electronic POS solutions 
  • Quality assurance support 
  • Regular operational standard audits 
  • Free on- going training support 
  • Legal, planning and local authority support 
  • Property search support.

All of which are included within the monthly fixed royalty fee.  

Dallas also operates an online virtual brand on delivery platforms, which franchisees can choose to opt-in on and benefit from. The brand is also open and supportive if the franchisee wishes to run an additional virtual brand from the store with prior approval from head office. 

Is Dallas Chicken and Pizza targeting any areas for expansion?

Dallas Chicken is currently expanding at a new development rate of two stores per month. 

The brand’s objective is to become ubiquitous across the U.K., while striving to ensure that all major cities and towns across the nation are represented. 

International regions and territories are open to discussion and availability, the brand is receptive to interest from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

How in demand is Dallas Chicken and Pizza’s offering?

The Dallas Chicken and Pizza brand offers a broad QSR menu range that offers high-quality products at affordable prices. Due to the affordability and the scope of its product range, this has resulted in healthy exponential growth in all channels of the business. 

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, brand sales grew exponentially beyond expectation. The brand remains extremely popular on all of the major delivery platform aggregators. 

The fast-food or QSR sector has proven to be an industry that has remained strong and resolute, especially during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It has also shown year-on-year growth with the rise of delivery partners. With the competitively priced menu offerings, the business model and consumer demand continuing to grow, Dallas Chicken is an attractive investment for any franchisee. 

Terms and conditions

U.K. franchisees benefit from a ten-year franchise agreement with no renewal fees to further extend the franchise agreement. There are also no exit fees or penalties should the franchisee wish to exit the brand.

Financial information

U.K. franchisees can set up in the range of £80,000-£100,000, which includes the franchise joining fee, complete turnkey shopfitting build and set up, ready to trade. Dallas Chicken and Pizza has the lowest cost investment into the QSR sector compared to its competitors. The fast-food franchise brand also works extremely hard with its third-party trade partners to ensure that costs are kept as low as possible when creating a new Dallas franchise. 

Return on investment (ROI) can be reached within an 18-24 month period.  Many of its stores have successfully achieved a positive ROI within this period. The vast major of its operating partners has had their franchise Dallas Chicken businesses for well over 10-15 years. The current expansion rate has created a fever of potential franchising inquiries.  

Should a franchisee consider being a multi-site operator, no further joining fees are applicable. The franchise joining fee is a one-off payment. 

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