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The Massage Company

Currently recruiting

The Massage Company has quickly established itself as the market leader and has found there to be insatiable demand for massages

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Company Bio

Revolutionizing a market isn’t easy – but it’s certainly rewarding, in every sense.

After more than 25 years each in the spa sector, building and selling multi-million-pound businesses and leading some of the industry’s biggest organizations, founders Charlie and Elliot noticed something exciting. Massages were delivered in dedicated spas and upmarket hotels, and that left a gaping opportunity in the market – convenience.

Charlie and Elliot thought: what if the benefits of massage were affordable and accessible to everyone?

The Massage Company’s first center opened in Camberley in 2016 and was immediately successful. Demand quickly outstripped supply, and the revolution had begun by demonstrating its well-proven concept.

TMC’s first franchised centers swiftly replicated this original success. Having created the emerging market sector for accessible and affordable massage in Surrey, all centers have seen the same rapid growth since. With care and wellness firmly embedded in U.K. culture, demand is consistently high. That means exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to work with the leader in the massage industry.

By giving consumers what they want – and the order books prove that to be the case – investors can build a portfolio of lucrative massage centers with the market leader in the sector, and take their pick of the prime territories. TMC has created the market by offering people consistently high-quality massages where they want them when they want them.

The Massage Company looks forward to speaking to anyone who can spot the quality of opportunity, and want to be a part of the massage revolution.

How does The Massage Company’s business model work?

Mainstream massage is genuinely new, with no current competitor and seemingly insatiable demand: every center has quickly become fully subscribed. By paying a monthly membership subscription, customers can enjoy regular, reasonably priced massage in convenient locations.

And franchisees can enjoy a reliable, predictable income stream from multiple centers where members pay monthly and remain loyal subscribers for longer than gyms, on average. TMC’s powerful combination of massage quality and accessibility plus first-mover advantage generates significant turnover and returns for franchise owners.

Delivering a first-class service is at the heart of the business and underpins every franchisee’s growth. The focus is on delivering the four most popular types of massage exceptionally well, with all TMC therapists receiving outstanding, industry-leading training.

TMC has honed the model and learned the lessons, and can help franchisees build a thriving business on firm foundations that are already proven to work.

  • Subscription model
  • Recurring income
  • Every center has quickly become fully subscribed
  • Average membership over 12 months
  • High margin, positive cash flow
  • Sales per centre potential £1m-plus
  • 12-15 treatment rooms per center
  • Multi-center opportunity
  • Prime territories are available to take full advantage of the brand’s position and growth.

There are two options to get involved in the franchise:

  1. Owner-operator: lead from the front and run the center. For those who like personally meeting and greeting customers and managing a team, this is the chance to be the face of the business and enjoy an excellent income.
  2. Owner-investor: franchisees start a chain of centers and either put in a team or contract TMC’s executive leadership to run the business for them. For anyone looking to grow their portfolio of business interests, this multisite financial model will be highly attractive.

What kind of franchisee is The Massage Company looking for?

TMC is proud of its brand and protective of it, as is to be expected, so franchises are only offered to those who share a passion and determination to succeed.

No specific career background is needed, because experience, attitude and approach are what sets someone apart as a leader. Existing franchisees come from a variety of careers – it’s transferrable skills that are all-important, and one above all: people skills.

This is a business that’s all about people, the operational team as well as the customers. So whether it’s a hands-on or hands-off investment, the ability to build and sustain long-term relationships with a variety of people is the key to success with TMC.

In return, franchisees enjoy the kudos of being associated with an admired, rapidly-growing brand, as well as enjoying a considerable ROI with the opportunity to progress to owning a chain of TMC centers.

What kind of training and support does The Massage Company offer its franchisees?

TMC’s expert team supports franchisees in every aspect of growing their center (s), including:

  • Finding customers: the in-house sales and marketing service aims to generate 250-plus new customers every month, and bolster local marketing activity
  • Business growth: proven marketing and development strategies to grow and dominate the local market for high-quality massage
  • Training the team: TMC’s in-house training academy is the gold standard in the industry and delivers top-quality massage therapists to ensure each franchisee’s business is renowned for the quality of the massage
  • Recruiting staff: helping franchisees hire the best people to deliver the best customer experience, throughout the lifespan of their franchise
  • Infrastructure: the tools, systems and experience built up over many years to help run the business efficiently and effectively, maximizing return on investment.

Why should prospective franchisees go with The Massage Company?

This is a lucrative potential business:

  • Net profit: c. £220,000 PA once established
  • EBITDA of 20 per cent plus
  • Sales of £1m-plus per centre
  • Multi-center option
  • Asset value projected at £1m-plus per established center.

And more than simply the financials, this is also an opportunity to get involved in a brand that will dominate nationally, with franchisees able to enjoy that growth themselves as TMC expand further.

This is also a business that makes a genuine difference in people’s lives: regular massage is proven to relieve stress and mental anxiety, as well as the obvious physical benefits.

How in demand is The Massage Company’s services?

Is there really a market for regular massage?

Three facts answer this question best:

  • Every TMC center so far has quickly become fully subscribed, at which point franchisees can expand their team to increase turnover further
  • TMC’s marketing team is able to deliver 250-plus new customers every month to each center, many of which become members
  • Average membership periods with TMC are longer compared to gyms and many other subscription-based business models.

Regular massage is a wonderful experience with many therapeutic benefits. Most customers visit TMC to relieve pain in the back, neck and shoulders, where tension commonly develops. Massage is also proven to reduce stress and mental anxiety.

These factors mean the brand’s target market is considerable, ranging from people who currently think massage is an unaffordable indulgence, to people seeking regular massage as an essential part of a long-term self-care routine.

After feeling the benefits of regular massage – including alleviated physical pain, better quality sleep, and being more effective at work – members develop a deep affinity with the TMC experience. That provides franchisees with recurring income from a highly loyal customer base.

Is The Massage Company targeting any areas for expansion?

The Massage Company seeks investors across the U.K., and also welcomes international inquiries for master franchises.

Prime territories remain available nationwide, with a pipeline of new centers due to open throughout 2023.

Financial information

The minimum investment is £170,000 plus bank funding per center, with a total investment of around £500,000. Each center has around 12 treatment rooms, proving ample room for growth in a high-demand market.

Multi-center investment is encouraged, either at the outset or by growing from a single-center start.

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