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Currently recruiting

Boost Juice bars is one the hottest juice franchises in the world, and has established itself internationally as a market leader for smoothies and healthy juices

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
Location of units
Investment range
$250,000 - $500,000+
Franchise fee
$150,000 - $350,000
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Company Bio

In 2000, Janine Allis saw a gap in the Australian market for a healthy fast-food alternative. As a consumer, she had always struggled to find anything healthy to eat and drink when she was out. With no business experience, only a passion to do retailing differently, she developed a business plan and raised AUD $250,000 through friends. The idea was simple: make healthy living both tasty and fun and build a brand that embodied her ‘Love Life’ philosophy.

By using real fruit and vegetables to make delicious smoothies and juices, along with Janine’s passion to create something that was unlike anything else in the market, the concept of Boost Juice began to take shape.

Innovative retail concept

While the juice and smoothie bar concept was relatively new for Australia in 2000, the way Boost Juice presented the brand was also new for retail in general. Boost Juice was never simply about healthy and great-tasting juice or smoothies – the brand is built on the entire Boost experience that takes place every time a customer enters a store.

This experience is a combination of a great-tasting, healthy product and a quality customer experience, served by positive and energetic people who greet you with a smile and are polite enough to call you by your first name in a bright and colorful store environment with fun music to match!

This point of difference is further enforced through the brand’s ongoing commitment to product innovation, unique tactical marketing campaigns and partnerships, a robust customer relations strategy and its Vibe Club loyalty program that rewards loyal customers.

The growth of Boost Juice

Vision and passion were the true driving forces behind the success of Boost Juice Bar however, there was nothing smooth about the journey. It was the many hurdles and obstacles faced that shaped the brand into the Boost Juice customers see today.

Boost has always been committed to growth and building a brand that it knew was the best it could be! In 2004 Boost Juice expanded its wings internationally via master franchising, and the brand now has over 600 stores serving up delicious Boost Juice beverages in 15+ countries across the globe.

Boost Juice Bar is a market leader in its field, and its dedication to innovation across all teams has continued to set the brand apart from competitors time and time again by tapping into a growing health-consciousness.

The type of franchisee Boost Juice is looking for

The success of the Boost Juice brand internationally is underpinned by the quality of master franchise partners it selects, and market demand from prospective Boost Juice Bar master franchise partners remains impressively high. The international franchising team is always scouting for applicants that have a hunger for success, live and breathe Boost’s ‘love-life’ philosophy, are passionate about customer service and have an unmatched enthusiasm for business.

The franchising department has a robust recruitment process in place to ensure that all new master franchise partners in the network are the ‘right fit’ for the business.

Boost Juice wants its master franchise partners to be successful and achieve their business goals, which is why it looks for the following partner attributes:

  • A love for the Boost Juice brand, products and ethos
  • Good people and organizational skills
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and hunger to succeed and achieve goals
  • The financial capacity to develop the territory.

Boost Juice is 100 per cent master franchised outside of Australia and provides its master partners the ability to develop their market as either company-operated or via sub-franchising, representing an excellent franchise opportunity for a driven entrepreneur who values a healthy lifestyle.

Once approved, Boost Juice franchise master partners and franchise owners are supported by a dedicated team across international business development, product & supply, marketing, learning & development, information technology, digital, social media and proven back-end systems and processes to help them support their business goals.

Outside of the master franchise initial investment fee of between $150,000 – $350,000 USD, applicants must evidence an appropriate level of capital available to invest in developing the brand and franchise offering in their market to become a successful franchise partner.

The franchise agreement terms are 5 + 5 years with a renewal fee payable at the end of the initial term.

What does the franchisee get in return?

In return for the master franchise fee and signing the master franchise agreement, master franchisees receive:

  • Exclusive, full country, long-term rights to develop and sub-franchise the brand
  • Rights to use the brand, signange, store designs, recipes, operations manuals and marketing collateral
  • Upfront training (exc. travel and accommodation if applicable)
  • In-country launch support (inc. travel and accommodation)
  • Store design concept creation and documentation of first store
  • POS system new coutnry set up and first store location (exc. hardware)
  • First location new business fee
  • Franchisor legal costs incurred with agreement documenation.

In addition to the above, Boost Juice supports its incoming master partners on the ground during the first store launch to help the local teams navigate through the opening month of trade.

The Boost Juice international team will also complete operational visits each year to ensure best practice is shared amongst the master partner network and to ensure standards are maintained. Master partners also have full access to the Boost Juice design studio to assist with graphic design and the localization of marketing collateral.

Is Boost Juice Bars targeting any areas for expansion?


  • Cambodia
  • China (Mainland)
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Macau (China)
  • Myanmar
  • South Korea


  • France
  • Germany
  • Russia

Middle East

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Oman
  • Kuwait

North America

  • United States of America
  • Mexico

South America

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Colombia

Why should entrepreneurs go with Boost Juice Bars?

When Boost Juice began, food courts were littered with fast food outlets offering much of the same thing. More than ever, consumers are now seeing food as medicine, they are wanting nutrition that can boost immunity and make them feel good. They are really prioritizing purchases that make them feel good. A juice bar franchise represents something different and healthy in the food court, where you can have a tasty drink made from fresh juices with no guilt.

Boost’s smoothies and juices are diverse and it has something for everyone, from healthy to indulgent options for consumers prioritizing purchases that make them feel good.

For Boost Juice, that means rewarding themselves with a delicious smoothie and juice that may be a bit more on the cheeky side rather than the healthiest options, and all made using real fruit and vegetables! But the brand is not just here to give customers great tasting smoothies and juices, it also wants to share its energy, passion and ‘love life’ ethos that celebrates the perfectly imperfect.

The brand is focused on not just awarding Boost Juice master franchise and area representative rights, but working with its international partners to secure long-term success as a business partner.

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