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PureGym is on a mission to inspire healthier nations around the world. By becoming a franchisee, you can join a leading global health and fitness operator in the high-growth value gym market.  

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Global with a focus on the USA, Japan, and India

Company Bio

PureGym is on a mission to inspire healthier nations around the world. By becoming a master franchisee, you can join a leading global health and fitness operator in the high-value, low-cost gym market.

Founded in the UK in 2008, PureGym was built on the premise that a gym membership should be flexible, accessible, and affordable for everyone, without needing to compromise on quality.

People across the globe are placing a higher importance on their health and wellbeing than ever before. PureGym has successfully capitalized on this trend and is now the largest corporate-owned gym chain in the UK and the second largest in Europe, with more than 595 gyms and 1.9 million members across six markets globally.

PureGym is continuing its international expansion and is seeking master franchisees who share its passion to inspire healthier nations and want to build a leading high-value low-cost fitness brand in their country.

This is an opportunity to invest in the large and attractive global health and fitness market, and to work with a purpose-led business with highly attractive returns.

What makes PureGym unique? 

PureGym has a powerful and highly disruptive customer proposition, which is differentiated from traditional gym operators and appeals to a broad range of consumers. The core components are:

Complete flexibility – Offers low-cost memberships without any contractual commitment. Members have the freedom to freeze, leave and re-join whenever they want and are able to do so in a matter of minutes through the PureGym app. Most gyms are also open 24/7, allowing members to workout whenever it suits them, providing unrivalled flexibility.

Boutique experience on a budget – Each gym provides members with hundreds of pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, a wide range of classes (included in the membership price), multi-purpose training zones, and spacious studios. Members can also access highly qualified personal trainers to help them reach their fitness goals. The offering is in-line with mid-market players but at significantly lower prices.

Industry-leading technology – Fills the gap in the market for high-quality, technology-enabled gyms with an app to help members choose the best time to visit the gym, provide contactless entry with a QR scanner and a library of +400 on-demand workouts.

Adaptable model – The PureGym model is adaptable to different sites, property markets and population concentrations. PureGym’s collaborative approach to franchising means it can adapt to cultural and legal requirements too.

PureGym exterior in Arabia

Where does PureGym currently operate?  

PureGym’s core corporate owned and operated business is in the UK and Denmark, where it is the overall market leader, as well as in Switzerland, where it is the leading high-value, low-cost operator in the country.

Having identified a gap in the market for affordable, flexible fitness in the Middle East, PureGym partnered with a leading Middle East Group and opened its first franchise gym in the region in 2021.

Under the PureGym Arabia brand the business has already expanded to 20 gyms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. But this is only the beginning, with plans to open as many as 130 gyms in the MENA region by 2027.

PureGym also operates under the Pure Fitness brand in the United States, with three company-owned gyms in the Washington DC area.

It is now actively looking for major franchisees to scale the business across North America, Asia and beyond.

What is PureGym’s business model?

PureGym’s commercial success is driven by its ‘no frills’ proposition – providing members with a boutique gym experience at a budget price. 

The franchise offers members high-quality, low-cost fitness facilities with a genuine no contractual commitment, making it incredibly easy for them to join a gym and work out when it suits them.

The business can provide high quality fitness at an affordable price through its capital efficient and technology-enabled business model.

Low staff costs, which typically amount to 9-12 per cent of revenue (around 50 per cent of industry average), a dynamic and competitive pricing model, and a digital-first approach to member interaction, all help to keep operational costs low.

It’s not just memberships that are flexible – the model can easily adapt too.

PureGym has proven formats for a wide range of site sizes from 500 sq. mt. (c. 5,500 sq. ft.) to 1800 sq. mt. (c. 20,000 sq. ft.) and can adapt well to different sites, property markets and population concentrations.

What type of franchisee partner is PureGym looking for?

PureGym is looking for franchisees who have the vision, capability, and capital to develop market leading gym and fitness businesses in attractive international markets.

The main requirement from franchisees is a passion for helping people lead healthier lives and enthusiasm about the PureGym concept. 

PureGym is specifically looking for ambitious and well-qualified master or multi-unit franchise partners who can scale the concept in key global markets, such as Asia and North America. 

PureGym is also open to new partnerships so if you have identified a gap in another market for affordable, flexible fitness then do get in touch.

Training and support

The PureGym franchising model is a tried and tested service and support model that has proven success and longevity. Franchise partners will be guided to successfully implement the business model, including gym development, set up, delivery, and scale up.

PureGym offers extensive support to franchise partners including:

> Access to in-house real estate experts who can guide and support franchise partners from site selection all the way through to the design and construction phase.

  • The hugely experienced marketing team will support franchisees, guiding on how to raise awareness of the PureGym brand in their market. They will provide advice from pre-sales tactics to sophisticated digital marketing plans to minimize cost per acquisition ratios.
  • Support from the knowledgeable and proficient operations team to help develop and train the gym team, implement operational standards and controls and continually improve the business.
  • Support for the IT development of your business from start to finish, including access to PureGym’s industry-leading IT knowledge and capability.

Financial information

A franchise with PureGym will be a multi-unit agreement with the exact number of units dependent on the Development Plan.

Franchise partners can expect a total investment between $399,500 – $2,968,500 depending on the scale of the agreement. Included in this commitment is:

  • Initial site franchise fee of $40,000 to $50,000 per site (based on number of committed sites)
  • Technology Fee of $800 per month per gym
  • Royalties, which are 6% of gross sales per gym
  • Initial agreement length is 10 years

Why is PureGym a good investment?

By becoming a PureGym franchisee you get access to a highly successful, world-leading gym model and proven fitness formula that is technologically enabled and supported by a team of professionals who are there to help you build a profitable and successful large-scale business.

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