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How Snap Fitness is raising the bar in global franchising

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How Snap Fitness is raising the bar in global franchising

Snap Fitness is setting the standard for a new era

Snap Fitness has stood as a trailblazer in the fitness industry since its establishment in 2003. After all, sustaining a business in this dynamic sector for over two decades demands adaptability and innovation.

However, the pandemic accelerated industry change at a rate never seen before. While the world seemingly stood still, Snap Fitness seized the opportunity to reposition the brand and become an early adopter of holistic fitness. This strategic pivot ensured Snap Fitness maintained its alignment with rapidly changing needs and serves as a clear testament to the franchise’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and continuously evolving.

The gym’s ‘For the Feeling’ initiative has been incredibly successful with both franchisees and members. The new positioning aligns perfectly with the needs of modern gym-goers who are seeking more than just physical transformation. By emphasizing the intrinsic benefits of exercise, such as increased energy, reduced stress, improved mood, and enhanced self-confidence, Snap Fitness is tapping into a deeper, more meaningful motivation for members.

Leading philosophy

Dani Diab, Master Franchisee for Snap Fitness in Hong Kong and Taiwan, commended Snap Fitness for its unwavering resilience in an ever-changing market landscape.

“Despite the macroeconomic challenges of the past three years, I have no regrets,” Diab expressed. “Working closely with the Lift Brands team has been a pleasure – they provide unwavering support and understanding throughout the process.

“The enduring popularity of the Snap Fitness brand is a testament to its resilience, which has only been enhanced by the new brand positioning, aesthetics and vibe. I’d like to thank Snap Fitness for empowering my team to contribute to the brand’s rich history and promising future.”

Snap Fitness is driven to provide experiences that encourage positive lifestyle habits and leave a lasting impact on both its franchisees and members. The team, and its community of franchisees, is proud to offer the most inclusive, empathetic and supportive fitness experience to every ability, based on a philosophy that’s all about the feeling.

Bespoke tech

It’s evident that delivering exceptional member experiences extends far beyond the confines of the gym walls. Snap Fitness wholeheartedly embraces this philosophy, as reflected in its complimentary member app – the Snap App.

The Snap App was designed to become a part of members’ daily routines, allowing them to access workout programs, on-demand fitness classes, track progress and access mindfulness content like mediations and podcasts. Whether at home, at the gym, or on the go, members can engage with personalized fitness, wellness and nutrition content that adapts to their evolving needs and preferences.

The wrap-around support the Snap App provides hasn’t gone unnoticed with members and franchisees, boasting a 198% rise in use of its bookings and on-demand content, and a 115% increase in user engagement in 2023 compared to 2022.

Ty Menzies, CEO of Snap Fitness, said: “Every decision we make is with our members and franchisees in mind. We are constantly analyzing feedback to see how we can build upon our offering and make fitness journeys more accessible, enjoyable and sustainable. Our brand repositioning and the launch of the Snap App exemplifies not only our adaptability, but our ability to successfully react to industry changes.”

Rapid expansion

Over the past two years Snap Fitness has seen membership numbers rise by an average of 22% across its ever-expanding global footprint.

The repositioning saw Snap Fitness expand into new markets within the year, opening its first franchise in Saudi Arabia and Singapore in 2021 – as well as a further 18 new clubs in APAC and 10 in EMEA in the same year.

The team is continuing to build momentum too, with 96 gyms remodeled, 32 new gyms opened and 78 new territories sold in the past year alone.

Operating in over 18 countries through more than 1,000 gym franchises, Snap Fitness has a growing list of one million members.

Right from the offset franchisees receive industry-leading support with a business model that focuses on meaningful connections and fantastic fitness experiences, rather than a reliance on sheer numbers.

Snap Fitness’ business model is proven to be a winner with members worldwide, offering 24/7 access, premium equipment and value-add technology, meaning every franchisee buys into the franchise with confidence.

Franchisee first

Snap Fitness’ dedicated team works closely with every franchisee to secure the perfect location and design their new gym with the right equipment to ensure a maximum return on investment.

Expert interior designers then work to bring a franchisee’s vision to life, creating a club that is welcoming, on-trend and within budget. World-class support is available at every stage of the franchising journey, right from an initial call through to when a facility is fully operational.

Franchisees benefit from a comprehensive training program, support through the presale and grand opening process, 1:1 operations coaching and ongoing training and webinars to ensure their business runs smoothly, successfully and bang on brand.

Rose Minar, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Snap Fitness, said: “We work tirelessly to ensure the simplicity of operations for franchisees. We focus on what’s important to our members, pushing the boundaries of fitness experiences – knowing that happy members bring rewards for all of us.

“Our mission is to ensure that everyone involved with Snap Fitness, whether it’s our franchisees, members, or our own team, feels fantastic about what we do and achieve together.”

Lift Brands is a leading innovator in the fitness industry as the parent brand to Snap Fitness and Fitness On Demand, and is a minority partner in the 9Round global franchise and functional-based fitness brand Fitstop. Lift Brands delivers results through the most rewarding fitness experiences in the world, changing lives daily. For more information, please visit

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