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Get A Drip is an award-winning, innovative health concept. The company provides vitamin drips and injections, as well as other wellness services, to help its customers achieve optimum nutrition.

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Company Bio

Get A Drip is an award-winning, innovative health concept. The company provides vitamin infusion therapy through drips and injections, as well as other wellness services, to help its customers achieve optimum nutrition and optimal health. The company is a totally unique concept and franchise opportunity, being the only high street Vitamin Drip clinic in the U.K. 

Founder Richard Chambers started the company to make vitamin drips accessible to all, not just celebrities and the super-rich. Since launching in 2017, Get A Drip has administered over 20,000 vitamin drips and booster shots from its clinics in central London to a wide range of customers.

The franchise model is so sought after that the company has gone from just one clinic in 2017 to three clinics in London, a state-of-the-art mobile clinic, and franchising around the U.K and Ireland in just three short years. After receiving unprecedented global interest in the company, Get A Drip is now franchising internationally, representing a lucrative business opportunity.

Franchising with Get A Drip: what you need to know

Prospective franchisees should know that a medical background is not necessary to own a Get A Drip franchise.

Anyone who wants to own a unique and fast-growing business can apply. The brand is looking for ambitious and enthusiastic people to join its family – but an interest in health and wellness is a bonus!

The staff a franchisee employs to administer the drips need to be registered nurses or doctors but the franchise team can help franchisees with their recruitment needs, and everything else they need to make their business a success.

Training and support

Upon the initial application, Get A Drip will speak to the potential franchisee to answer any initial questions that they may have. The team then supports them through the whole process from start to finish. When they become a franchisee, they are offered a five-day training course to give them the tools they need to succeed. The brand also offers ongoing business and marketing support.

Franchisees will have 24/7 access to the Get A Drip franchise portal where they can download all the materials, information and training materials they need, the brand also has a dedicated franchise team who are on hand to support franchisees and help their business grow. The brand also supports and promotes the franchise through its main Get A Drip marketing channels.

Investing in a Get A Drip franchise: cost of investment

The minimum capital requirement is GBP £25,000. This goes up to GBP £75,000 depending on the franchise requirements.

Get A Drip is also offering concession franchises if a franchisee already has a clinic or salon and wants to add vitamin drips to their current offering. The brand is also offering full clinic franchises where franchisees can own and operate a full Get A Drip clinic. Franchisees can have one clinic or a chain of clinics within their country.

Territories the brand wants to tap into

Get A Drip has some very exciting franchising opportunities with a major retail partner in The Hague, Netherlands and Barcelona, Spain.

There are also opportunities all over Europe.

Franchise terms of renewal

The franchise agreement has been drawn by a British Franchise Association accredited lawyer with many years of experience. As such, the terms of the agreement are in line with industry standards. Get A Drip initially offers a five-year agreement, which can be renewed thereafter. If franchisees decide not to renew the agreement, the business can be sold at the value it has accrued following their hard work.

Why now is the time to invest in a Get A Drip franchise

The franchise is a great investment because it’s a unique opportunity in a fast-growing and strong industry. Franchisees will be at the forefront of the health and wellness industry in their country and will benefit from a first-mover advantage. Customers are looking for non-drug therapies and want to move away from more conventional treatment options. 

The health industry is the best industry to operate in at the moment. The general public is now very interested in health and wellness, and looking for the best ways to boost their immune systems and stay as healthy as possible. The effects of the pandemic will last for years and people will now consider their health as an integral part of their daily routines. Maintaining a healthy intake of essential nutrients is possible with Get A Drip, and is likely to attract many customers in any region.

Health and wellness are always in demand, and especially now with everyone trying to boost their immune system, people are looking for new ways to stay healthy. Get A Drip has demand from people from all walks of life: customers vary from exercise junkies who use drips to aid their performance and recovery, to new mums who are tired and need a boost, to city-workers who work hard and play hard, to chronic illness sufferers who rely on the nutrients in drips.

There are many benefits to vitamin drip therapy. Aside from the hydrating effects of the fluids, drips contain much larger amounts of nutrients that can be found in oral supplements which means that they don’t need to be taken every day, and the higher amounts have more health-giving benefits. The vitamins in drips and booster shots also have 100 per cent bioavailability which means that they are instantly absorbed for the body to use how it needs.

When compared to the bioavailability of oral supplements, which can be as low as 10 per cent, it makes drips the obvious choice to ensure that the body is taking in the maximum amount of nutrients.

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