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Tuesday 16th August, 2022

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Insight The legal logistics of franchising in New Zealand

Auckland lawyer Stewart Germann provides a snapshot of franchising in unregulated New Zealand, including vital information about franchise agreements

Insight 3 keys to successful Kiwi franchising

How do franchise brands achieve profit and growth in New Zealand? By developing rocksolid systems and respecting its unique market, says Nathan Bonney

Insight 9 vital steps to cracking the Australian market

Australia has a lot to offer prospective franchisors, but you can’t just pitch up and expect to cash in. Your market penetration strategy should take into account these nine vital factors, advises franchise lawyer, Rostom Manookian

Insight 6 trends to watch in 2022

Change is always the trigger for emerging trends, says Doug Downer, and if businesses don’t adapt quickly to the new ways of living to emerge from the pandemic, they won’t stick around for long

Insight New Zealand law: what international franchisors need to know

New Zealand is renowned globally for its ease of doing business, lack of red tape and sensible regulatory environment, but there are still a few legalities you need to be aware of, says Katrina Hammon

Insight Interview: Julie Davis, vice president of franchise development, Salata 

Salata is in the midst of launching its multi-unit franchise opportunity, and the 17-year old made-to-order salad brand is ready to expand across the U.S.

Insight Variety in F&B: Looking beyond pizzas, burgers and chicken 

The mainstays of F&B franchising are the pizza, chicken and burger chains, but new concepts focused on desserts, juices, fruits, bowls and more are gaining traction and could be the next big thing

Insight 10 master franchise deals signed so far in 2022 

Master franchising never sleeps, and is still the preferred method of international expansion for many brands, and 2022 has seen plenty of deals being struck

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