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Monday 24th January, 2022

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Analysis, commentary, interviews and feature articles, helping franchise decision-makers and leaders shape the business agenda

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Insight Training your team members to be leaders

Why elevating from within can lead to system-wide prosperity

Insight The importance of consolidating digital tools

The use of SaaS for various functions is par for the course nowadays, but how much quicker and more efficiently could decisions be made if managers had a single piece of software and a single dashboard to make decisions from?

Insight Leadership lessons learned from the NBA

NBA All-Star James Worthy talks about his recent partnership with business collaboration franchise M3Linked, and the key tenets of being a powerful leader

Insight Financing 101 for multi-unit franchisees

How to land a conventional loan in multi-unit franchise expansion

Insight Interview: Dennis Helderman, co-founder and CCO, easyToolhire

The easy family of brands has been joined by easyToolhire, a concept born out of the pandemic. The brand is now spreading its wings all over Europe with localization in mind

Insight Interview: Randa Shebly-Cobb, Phenix Salon Suites

Europe is a lucrative market and one many American brands have their eye on. Phenix Salon Suites is heading to Sweden with an existing franchisee who has experience of living in the target market, which could be the key to success

Insight Six of the biggest trends for franchising in 2022

Take a look ahead at the what next year holds for franchising professionals

Insight Why flexibility and creativity are essential tools for franchisors in 2022

Four ways to establish a policy-light organization for the post-COVID era

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