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Heavenly Desserts

Currently recruiting

Heavenly Desserts is one of the fastest-growing dessert franchise companies in the United Kingdom

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£150K - £325K
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Company Bio

Heavenly Desserts is one of the fastest-growing dessert franchise companies in the United Kingdom. The company is built on the vision of Mohammed Imran and Yousif Aslam, two friends who decided to develop an exceptional approach to the way desserts were enjoyed.

The contemporary interiors and quality desserts are what sets Heavenly Desserts apart. Most people only dream of owning their own business. With its unique franchise opportunity, Heavenly Desserts can make it a reality. The stores look tremendous and are versatile to whatever environment they are developed in, making for an impressive return on investments for franchise partners.

Heavenly Desserts was founded in 2008 and expanded into its current form in 2012, which would be the dawn of a new era in the world of luxury desserts. In the space of only a few years, the brand has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity as word of its delicious creations quickly spread throughout the U.K.

Over time, Heavenly Desserts has evolved and expanded to encompass several stores throughout the U.K., offering an exclusive opportunity for local people to enjoy a luxurious variety of sweet creations. Its skilled team of artisans has maintained an unrivaled commitment to creating the most sumptuous and elegant desserts, with a menu that fuses rich flavors, textures, and forms to provide an immersive dessert experience.

How does The Heavenly Desserts business model work?

Heavenly Desserts has added greater flexibility to the model which accommodates greater optimization of a territory that a franchisee would purchase.

It offers a range of stores to suit your investment. The brand’s four franchise formats are kiosks, neighborhood, café, and flagship.

Heavenly Desserts kiosks

Heavenly Desserts takeaway kiosks offer opportunities at many types of venues. It offers the same experience and delicious menu but is flexible enough to deliver a sensational consumer experience in many varied locations.

  • Area: 300 – 600 sq ft
  • Seating: Site dependent
  • Price range: From £99,000 – £125,000

Heavenly Desserts neighborhood

A new model which will operate within local residential areas, have a maximum of 30 seats and provide a takeaway and, very importantly, a strong emphasis on home delivery. The preparation area is reconfigured to accommodate this and is managed in-house.

  • Area: 800 – 1,200 sq ft
  • Seating: 20 – 30 seats
  • Price range: From £150,000 – £175,000

Heavenly Desserts café

Heavenly Desserts generally likes to position these outlets with around 50 to 60 seats for small to mid-size towns. The same sumptuous menu will be on offer, combined with its beautiful decor creating an unbeatable, relaxing and warm atmosphere.

  • Area: 1,500 – 1,800 sq ft
  • Seating: 50 – 60 seats
  • Price range: From £235,000 – £260,000

Heavenly Desserts flagship

Stores will vary in size, but its larger 70 to 90-seat units are primarily for larger towns or cities. Primary or secondary locality, with convenient parking preferable, good passing foot and vehicular traffic and accessibility into the evening.

  • Area: 1,800 – 2,200 sq ft
  • Seating: 70 – 90 seats
  • Price range: From £270,000 – £325,000

Why is a Heavenly Desserts franchise a good investment?

Heavenly Desserts will continue to be an innovator and trendsetter in the world of luxury desserts to ensure that it always offers customers an exciting experience that tastes of innovation.

There are multiple reasons why one would buy a Heavenly Desserts franchise – a proven track record, close to 50 successful stores, no failed stores since it started, and best in the desserts sector to name a few.

It guarantees transparency, and the experienced Heavenly team is here to reassure and support you every step of the way! There has never been a better time to join the Heavenly Desserts franchise family! It has nationwide and international opportunities available right now!

What kind of franchisee is Heavenly Desserts looking for?

Heavenly Desserts is looking for new franchise partners who have the appetite for multiple units and could be either an existing food and beverage franchisee or someone looking to diversify their business portfolio or a new franchisee with great food and beverage experience looking to create their own business with a trusted brand.

What the team is looking for in franchisees:

  • A strong can-do attitude
    • A proven focus on and understanding of customer service
    • An ability to understand staff needs and motivations
    • A keen comprehension of what a brand actually is
    • A belief in the Heavenly Desserts ‘experience’
  • Local knowledge and market intelligence
  • Aligned philosophies
  • Desire to grow
  • Experience in leading teams and managing operations
  • Financially stable with liquid funds and access to capital to develop the brand.

What training and support does Heavenly Desserts offer its franchisees?

Heavenly Desserts takes pride in its ability to provide a comprehensive and industry-leading training program. This begins once a store opening date has been provided.

Pre-store opening franchisee training occurs at one of the company stores. For one week, franchisees get to experience how a store runs on a day-to-day basis and are expected to work in each section of store operations. This begins in the barista area, learning how to make milkshakes and mojitos, all the way down to practicing latte art and whipped cream patterns. You will then learn the secrets to decorating a beautiful dessert, and how to handle the pressures of a busy kitchen. Furthermore, it covers stock management, keeping staff happy and sales analysis modules in this training phase.

The front of house is focused on its attention to detail approach to customer service. Franchisees learn how to serve customers, the importance of good service, smiling, going the extra mile as well as how to carry three plates with two hands, and balance a tray full of milkshakes without panicking!

The next stage of the opening process is hiring. Its experienced new store openings team will front-run the recruitment process, using their experience within Heavenly Desserts and an aptitude for talent management to ensure you start with a winning team. Recruitment is usually carried out over two days, with the franchisee present to further increase their familiarity in the process, which they will need for success in the future.

Finally, pre-opening the store involves two weeks of intense training for staff. During the two weeks, everything needed to efficiently operate a store to high standards is covered. With lots of practice days to ensure that your very first customers get to experience Heavenly Desserts to the fullest.

During this period, staff get to practice making desserts, serving (mock) customers, and carrying out daily cleaning tasks. Its industry-leading training programs also ensures that all legal compliance areas are fully trained and covered such as food hygiene, allergens awareness, and keeping COVID-safe.

The final stage of training is on shift supervision. The experienced new store opening team assists to manage the store for the first seven days of opening. Where they will pick up on any and every detail related to service. The team also help the manager create rotas and manage stock, and establish a healthy working culture within the store.

Is Heavenly Desserts targeting any areas for expansion?

The brand has set its sights on the USA, Canada, Europe (Germany, France, Spain), India, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Terms and conditions

It is a 10-year renewable agreement, with 5 per cent royalties and 2 per cent marketing fee.

What does a franchisee get in return?

Suffice to say, the Heavenly Desserts franchise offers an industry-busting return on investment (ROI) for the right franchisees. When the nameplate is placed over the door, the hard work begins. Your ROI will depend on your own capability and performance. The team will be absolutely transparent on the financial model, ensuring you are fully aware of the potential on offer.

Unique business proposition

  • An aspirational shop fit and atmosphere
  • Every store is successful; the brand has a 100 per cent success rate as no store has failed since it started in 2008!
  • 24 months ROI is possible
  • Discreet service style, ideal for families and couples; table service
  • Key customer profile: 16 to 45 years olds
  • UK average of £17,000 per week sales
  • EBITDA up to 20 per cent.

Financial information

Heavenly Desserts is looking for master franchisees and area developers or multi-unit operators around the world. A typical investment would range from £150,000 to £325,000 for the larger flagship store.

Heavenly Desserts has expertise in, and access to franchise funding right across the globe. The expertise is there to put in place for small, medium, or large entities. No amount is too small or too large, but must be reasonably matched by the quality of the applicant.

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