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Tuesday 7th December, 2021

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Fantastic Services

Currently recruiting
Fantastic Services

Fantastic Services

Currently recruiting

From professional cleaning and regular domestic care to gardening, waste removal, handyman, pest control and much more – the potential for investment and business growth is tremendous.

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
Location of units
U.K. and Ireland
Investment range
£15,000 - £100,000
Franchise fee
Available territories
U.K. and Ireland

Company Bio

From professional cleaning and regular domestic care to gardening, waste removal, handyman, pest control and much more – the potential for investment and business growth is tremendous.

Over the last decade, Fantastic Services has successfully built one of the most successful maintenance franchises in the UK with an impressive portfolio of over 100 property maintenance and improvement services. The company has more than 530 franchise partners operating across the U.K., the U.S., and Australia. From professional cleaning and regular domestic services to gardening, waste removal, handyman services, pest control, and much more – the potential for investment and business growth is tremendous in a growing property maintenance industry.

By joining Fantastic Services, franchisees will become part of an award-winning franchise with an excellent reputation to build a successful business:

● Virtual Franchising Awards by the QFA – Gold Award for Franchisor of the Year and Franchisee of the Year

● АFA – Awards for Best Franchisee Support, Outstanding Franchise Marketing, Franchise Leader of the Year, and Franchisee of the Year

● EWIF Awards – Nominated for Inspirational Woman in Franchising

● Global Business Excellence Awards – Award for an Outstanding Business

● Franchise Innovation Awards – Award for Most Innovative Service Introduction

● Rated #29 in Elite Franchise Top 100 2021

How does the Fantastic Services franchise model work?

The franchisor boasts three different types of franchise – working, area development, and master franchise which all contribute to the continued global expansion of the brand.

While the sheer size of the brand and their flexible franchising model are feats on their own, these are not even the most exciting aspects of Fantastic Services. What truly stands out is its focus on technology and innovation.

Fantastic Services has revolutionized the way people book its high-quality services, by introducing the online booking form in 2009, and since then, the company has invested over £20m in tech. Today, people can request service in seconds thanks to the well-optimized omnichannel ecosystem of websites, applications, and CRM software.

Its custom-built customer relationship management system (CRM) automates all sorts of processes that help franchisees from all different levels run their business smoothly. With many cost and time-saving capabilities for optimized service provision, the system ensures minimum hassle for anyone who operates as part of the network. Among many functionalities, the system analyzes any given booking that has been made by a customer and automatically fits it into the work schedule of a technician based on their availability, set of skills, professional equipment, and even their proximity to the client’s property.

What kind of franchisees are Fantastic Services looking for?

Understanding that every potential franchisee has different requirements, personal business goals & financial resources, Fantastic Services works closely with all prospects to discover the best opportunity to fit them all.

Fantastic Services has made sure to develop flexible franchise opportunities:

Area development franchise that gives an exclusive right for a geographical area. It’s suitable for everyone who wants to manage their own business, sub-franchise it, and grow steadily.

Area developers will exclusively represent Fantastic Services in a large geographical location and grow a profitable business by recruiting and managing several franchise units in a huge market. The franchisor will provide the area developer with advanced business and service training and personal coaching sessions with a business expert. Area developers also take advantage of exceptional marketing support, a new website for the area, and professional customer care assistance to support rapid growth. The area development opportunity provides the opportunity to start with a single service and add more services to the portfolio with time.

The master franchise is an exclusive ambassador for Fantastic Services in a new country. It’s suitable for investors who want to manage a multi-service company and develop a steady business.

By investing in the Fantastic master franchise opportunity, they’ll be responsible for sub-franchising by areas and independently managing franchise units by applying Fantastic Services’ proven business model and using the custom-built technology. The master franchisor will have access to all the brand’s tools and technological solutions but establishing and running a master franchise business requires management and business experience.

What kind of support can Fantastic Services franchisees expect

Training and on-boarding process

It all starts with a simple and hassle-free onboarding process. Fantastic Services has a fully automated, comprehensive training platform, Fantastic Academy, that allows franchise partners to quickly and effortlessly get onboard with standards, procedures, and service requirements. The process is followed by on-field training and coaching sessions by one of their franchise professionals.

Powerful marketing and continuous support

From the moment they start, franchise partners receive professional support and guidance from the same managerial team that has grown the Fantastic Services brand. Over 500 marketing, SEO, customer service, accounting, and business development experts will help you with all the online and offline marketing to generate leads and convert them into customers. They will work alongside franchisees to help create and execute a robust marketing plan, so the focus can be on managing and growing your business.

Standardized service provision

The company has designed and developed over 100 services that are fully standardized. This means that all technicians aim to achieve specific standards of quality in order to bring complete satisfaction to the end consumer. In addition, the monthly expenses for any given service become easy to calculate.

Unlimited growth potential

The flexible franchise opportunities and various services allow you to start small with low investment and grow with Fantastic Services or go big from the beginning. You can choose from a range of options customized to your preferences, goals, and budget. The franchise model gives you the opportunity to include more and more services and sub-services to your business by choosing from 100+ services with an already established business model.

Why should entrepreneurs go with Fantastic Services?

By investing in Fantastic Services franchise, franchisees are working with a tried and tested franchise business opportunity. What does this mean for the business? The scalable franchise model is designed to help build a sustainable business with growing revenue and competitive advantage. The technology-based business model unlocks opportunities for flexible investment and unlimited growth potential in the ever-growing industry of property-maintenance services. Starting a business from scratch is tough and risky in any environment. Fantastic Services create a better environment for everyone who wants to start a business through its franchise opportunities. The brand’s 10-year goal is to help 1,000 people build £1,000,000 businesses, and with several of its franchisees already hitting the benchmark, it’s constantly proving that Fantastic Services is here to stay.

Are you interested in becoming Fantastic Services’ next million-pound business owner?

Read more about Fantastic Services here, and the brand’s expansion into Ireland.

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