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Maple Bear is the fastest-growing school brand in the world, with more than 500 schools in 30 countries; a school in every continent of the world!

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
Location of units
Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa
Investment range
$500,000 - $1m
Franchise fee
Available territories
Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and U.S.

Company Bio

Maple Bear Global Schools operates in the children’s education sector, offering high-quality bilingual education at its schools, from infant care and early childhood education through to high school. At Maple Bear, students begin learning a second language, which is primarily English, in pre-school using a student-focused bilingual immersion learning system based on Canadian educational pedagogy and best practices while conforming with local education regulations of the host country. In some countries, Maple Bear offers a trilingual curriculum. The programming engages, challenges and involves students in their learning with an emphasis on higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills that are necessary for future success in life.

Bilingual education is the use of two different languages in the classroom instruction of academic content. There are very few education franchises that offer bilingual education for early learners up to high school students. At Maple Bear, students study all academic subjects in either their native language or the chosen second language, depending on the subject and grade level. Students don’t just memorize vocabulary in a Maple Bear classroom. This is a key difference between the programs offered at Maple Bear and the ESL training offered at other franchised schools claiming to offer bilingual education. That is, the focus is literacy as a foundation for further learning.

As Canadian and local education regulations are integrated in the program, this opens up many more educational options for Maple Bear students. They are prepared and capable of moving easily between the Canadian system offered by Maple Bear and their own country’s system and can do so at any time during the kindergarten to grade 12 years. They are also prepared for entry into a university in their home country as well as abroad if they so choose and are not tied to just one system.

Maple Bear fosters a continuum of expected learning outcomes that build systematically throughout the early years. Desired outcomes are stated in very specific terms. The programs are designed, written, and updated by education experts in Canada using strategies that have produced some of the highest achievements in the world.

Another differentiator is that unlike many franchised international schools, the price of tuition at Maple Bear Global Schools is manageable for middle-class families. Classrooms are spacious and student-to-teacher ratios are lower in Maple Bear schools.

Soft skills and character building are major components of the Maple Bear curriculum as much as the academic subjects are. More important than academic performance, to meet the challenges of the future, youth should be capable of both critical thinking and creative problem-solving. The Maple Bear program teaches tolerance and respect for one another from the early years. Leadership is a theme that is explicitly woven into the curriculum in the later years, and students are encouraged to engage in community service and social responsibility initiatives.

In short, the Maple Bear Global Schools mission is to deliver a student-focussed learning system in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that prepares students for success and instills a passion for life-long learning. The Maple Bear Program is designed to educate the whole child – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

How does the Maple Bear Global Schools franchise model work?

Depending on the country and the franchise partner, different franchise models are available. Maple Bear Global Schools has expanded with single-unit franchises as well as via Master franchising.

A Maple Bear school can offer different levels of schooling. Some only provide pre-school education while others provide programming from kindergarten to Grade 12.

It is the responsibility of the owner to select a Maple Bear location that meets local government requirements for school use and to obtain all the necessary safety inspection certificates and other licenses to operate a school.

Franchise partners are provided with detailed manuals and guides on everything required to start and operate a school starting from the design and build-out to a comprehensive outline of school practices and policies.

What kind of franchisees is the brand looking for?

The Maple Bear school owner will come from a diverse professional background but will share a love of learning, an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to own a meaningful business as well as a passion for the Maple Bear philosophy. Franchise owners see themselves doing good for the community and the children of the country they live in.

Maple Bear school owners have business and management expertise, they have connections to education and/or they are investors in other franchise concepts. They have the experience, the funding, and the commitment to follow a proven, successful system and the desire to own a legacy business and make a difference in the lives of children and the community.

Training and support on offer to franchisees

Maple Bear franchisees have access to a detailed turnkey curriculum developed from the ground up to reflect the very best in Canadian education practices and methodology. Canadian education experts mentor and assist in the start-up phase coupled with an in-person initial training of academic and administrative staff. Annual quality assurance visits are arranged to maintain and enhance school performance.

Maple Bear school owners receive access to marketing, communications tools, templates and assets, including a comprehensive brand toolkit, social media training, and hands-on start-up support. Owners also provided with business and financial expertise and consultation, in all areas of school operations, including initial investment strategies, developing a local tuition structure, management of royalty payments, and developing secondary revenue streams.

The support and training are year-round either in person or online based on school needs. Finally, school owners and administrators can access regular updates and improvements to curriculum, delivery of the academic program and school policies and administrative practices through a proprietary intranet site.

Financial information

The minimal investment is typically within the $350,000 – $500,000 range. The financial investment varies depending on the country and the arrangement. In some cases, the agreement covers the opening of one school. There are other agreements for multiple schools in one country or the opening of schools throughout several countries within a region, with rights to sub-franchise.

The financial obligation also differs according to the cost of the school. Some school owners convert an existing school or commercial space into a Maple Bear school while others arrange for the construction of a new school from an empty lot of land. The school owner is responsible for all expenses related to the build-out including the costs of outfitting the school to meet Maple Bear standards.

Available franchise markets

Over the next five years, the focus is to grow the Maple Bear brand in the United States where there are currently only three schools in operation. There are also efforts in place to help regional owners and masters to grow the number of schools in their respective countries and build on their existing presence in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Ultimately, the goal is for Maple Bear to be recognized as a world-leading private education brand with a proven franchise model for bilingualism and innovation.

Franchising has enabled Maple Bear Global Schools to expand worldwide. To show its thanks, the company believes in giving back to the countries in which it operates by donating funds to both local and meaningful charitable initiatives impacting children and families.

Franchise terms of agreement and renewal

The franchise terms depend on the arrangement of the contract, whether it is a single-unit franchise sale or the granting of master franchise rights throughout a country or region. This arrangement will also determine the exclusivity of the territory.

In general, a license (franchise) is granted to operate education centers utilizing the Maple Bear business method, format, systems, and trademarks. The initial term of the agreement is 10-years with an option to renew.

Why should entrepreneurs invest in Maple Bear Global Schools?

The investment in education remains a sound, powerful venture, creating a positive impact on children, on their future, and on the future of their country. Education can put people on a path towards good health, empowerment, and employment. It can help to build better societies. In essence, investing in education is critical to fostering growth and innovation for generations to come.

The demand for quality education around the world has never been higher, particularly in early childhood education. Education sectors around the world are poised for major growth in the years to come as economic growth and demographic changes, particularly the rise of dual-income, middle-class nuclear families and the increase of population in urban areas, continue to intensify the need for education

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