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Jeff is a young company that began in 2015, set up by three Spanish entrepreneurs with the idea to revolutionize the traditional laundry sector.

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No. of franchised outlets
Location of units
40 countries
Investment range
$300,000 +
Franchise fee
$10,000 - $20,000 depending on territory
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Company Bio

Jeff is a young company that began in 2015, set up by three Spanish entrepreneurs with the idea to revolutionize the traditional laundry services sector. Mr Jeff was first introduced as an innovative solution to free consumers all over the world of the most hated chore: laundry. The innovative franchise model consisted of a physical laundry store combined with an online platform and mobile app and is now one of the largest laundry franchises in the world today.

The Jeff app was introduced so users could order their laundry or dry cleaning online and have it sent to the customer’s front door with its delivery services, which has been a game-changer in and disruptor in the laundry industry. The franchise model was then introduced which allowed the Jeff brand to begin its international expansion. Jeff is now present in 40 countries across Latin America, Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia; and has more than 2,300 stores sold.

 A wide range of franchise verticals are also available with Jeff beyond the laundry franchise, which include Fit Jeff; boutique fitness gyms, Beauty Jeff; smart beauty salons, and finally, Relax Jeff; massage centers, meaning there is a Jeff franchise opportunity for everyone.

All of this led to Jeff becoming the first international omnichannel ecosystem of day-to-day services. It is available to anyone who wants to invest or undertake the necessary solutions to launch their own business under the business lines of the Jeff brand. The Jeff app is the global solution for entrepreneurs that offers everything they need to start a successful business under the umbrella of its globally recognized brand.

How does the franchise model work?

The franchise model allows you to run your own business under the global umbrella Jeff brand. You can choose the vertical that suits you best and start your business with Jeff’s support and know-how.

The brand offers you a package deal when you invest in Jeff, and it gives you an omnichannel ecosystem (web, app and physical stores) combined. Jeff gives you all the tools you need to make your business a success because the business only grows when you grow.

When you invest in a Jeff franchise, the brand gives you an innovative business model with efficient and streamlined processes to allow you to manage your business with ease. This makes it very easy to run your business, especially when managing multiple stores as part of a master franchise deal.

The franchise store is also taken care of for you; Jeff gives you a “turnkey” solution so you don’t have to worry about it. Once you invest in a Jeff franchise, the brand gives you the support you need, you do not need previous experience. Jeff trains in all areas of the business so you are set up for success from day one.

The process of acquiring a Jeff franchise is simple and straightforward:

1. First Call: leave your details and someone from the franchise team will contact you to explore partnership opportunities

2. Investment validation: validation of the potential for the partnership, investment capacity and preferred zones

3. Contracts: signing the contract to officially become part of Jeff

4. Opening: launch process and receiving the first orders

5. Ongoing support: with constant marketing activities and partner success to help you with daily operations.

What kinds of franchisees is Jeff looking for?

Jeff is looking for entrepreneurs of the future to be its franchise owners. Leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset. No previous experience is needed in the industry type or opening a business – Jeff takes care of it!

Franchisees need the ability to build collaborative working relationships within the business and Jeff network. Franchisees are hungry to succeed and grow their business with Jeff. With the range of services Jeff offers, there is a specialization to suit every franchisee.

Here is a video where Emiliano , one of Jeff’s partner franchisees, tells about his experience of opening a Jeff franchise. His background was not in the franchising industry, nor did he have previous experience in the laundry sector.

Support and training provided by Jeff

Support and training from Jeff specialists is available right from the start:

• Specialized advisors and ongoing support are put at your disposal

• Advance online learning platform: Jeff Academy provides all the training and courses you need to upskill and learn the “know-how” of running a Jeff franchise

• Operations training and assistance are conducted directly with you from the initial stage of the partnership.

Specialized advisors include the following:

Partner success manager: A specific business consultant is assigned to each partner to analyze and improve business operations and store management.

Partner support agent: Real-time, immediate and daily support line with the team through the established operational channels: chat, email and telephone.

Control and assistance for business operations: Operations managers will review and control the operational, productivity and quality metrics at your Mr Jeff Store.

Pre-opening training will cover the following:

• All the processes to manage your business successfully

• How to analyze and act upon the key metrics of your business

• Online e-learning classes delivered with all the details

• Continuous updating of training content with the latest know-how

Full operations training on all aspects of the business covering:

• Store management software (Jeff Suite)

• Process for handling delicate items

• Dry cleaning service training

• Specialized footwear cleaning process

• Ironing training

• Folding and packaging

Jeff also hosts a discovery day for interested leads:

Before acquiring the franchise, interested persons can attend Jeff’s online discovery day. A day in which the business holds different talks and round tables on topics such as: the company’s value proposition, its technological product, and the tools that it delivers to franchisees so that they can achieve success in their businesses. In addition, at all events, it has one or more franchisees who share their experience firsthand.

Financial requirements

The initial investment starts at $250,000, though this depends on the three models that Jeff offers:

• Single unit franchisees

• Multi-unit franchisees

• Country/regional master franchisee

It is looking for franchisees in LATAM, EMEA and APAC.

What makes Jeff a good investment for franchisees?

Investing in a Jeff franchise is a scalable investment with high returns. The business model is based on recurring revenue and services that people consume on a regular basis – either laundry, beauty, fitness, or relaxation. With a superior customer experience, this means regular customers that turn into ambassadors.

On the cost side, the business model is highly optimized to require lower initial investment through inexpensive machinery and small locals. This, paired with the business’ optimal operational processes, allows it to start up with the material to create good experiences with low overhead.

In addition, Jeff’s tech layer sets it apart. Its proprietary business management software, Jeff Suite, saves time and money for franchisees by automatizing different stages in the funnel including order booking, session reservation, and feedback collection. Also, the platform allows it to track customers and orders online giving full visibility of the business to make data-driven decisions to scale.

For a franchisor, this means that with a competitive initial investment, franchisors can set up a network of establishments and benefit from economies of scale, efficient business models and technology to get a sustainable and profitable business.

Why invest in Mr Jeff?

• 78 per cent of people think washing and ironing is one of the most hated chores.

• A growing sector worldwide – 34 per cent increase in online orders globally.

• A market worth over $181.4bn

Why invest in Beauty Jeff?

• A market worth over $575bn.

• High user recurrence in the industry – visit twice monthly at least.

• 71 per cent of users are loyal.

Why invest in Fit Jeff?

• Fitness boutiques make up 42 per cent of the U.S. fitness market.

• High growth in boutique fitness: 100 per cent customer increase and 75 cent increase in revenue in 2018 in Spain.

Why invest in Relax Jeff?

• A market size with over $75bn.

• 36 per cent sector growth between 2017 and 2022.

Listen to our podcast with Eloi Gomez, the founder and CEO of Jeff.

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