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As a prominent leader in the multi-billion pound industry of private tutoring, Tutor Doctor is experiencing one of the fastest growing international expansions of any educational company in the history of franchising.

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
Present in 15 countries
Location of units
Investment range
£33,000 - £87,700
Franchise fee
£33,000 - £67,700
Available territories
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Latin America.

Company Bio

Tutor Doctor was founded in 2000 under the principle that everyone can learn, but not in the same way. Learning centers were not providing what students needed since a classroom environment is what they were struggling with in the first place. Tailored one-to-one education is what they needed to succeed.

Tutor Doctor started offering franchise opportunities in 2003, and after rapid expansion in Canada, the brand opened its first franchise in the USA in 2007 followed by the first U.K. franchise in 2008. Tutor Doctor currently has 162 franchised territories in the UK and 724 in 16 countries.

With over 720 territories in 16 countries, Tutor Doctor is one of the fastest-growing education franchises in the industry. Franchisees can work from home to fit with their lifestyle and feel good about making a difference in the lives of children as they help them succeed.

How does the Tutor Doctor franchise model work?

Tutor Doctor has helped over 300,000 students’ lives with its trusted in-home tutors and while other supplemental education brands are creating curriculums, Tutor Doctor is making learning personal with its tutoring service. The tutoring franchise uses one-to-one tutoring sessions help students in their homes or online, based on educational strategies of each child’s unique set of challenges and assignments.

This ensures that every student is receiving the exact type of attention and help that they need. Whether students are struggling in school or want to get ahead and maintain a competitive advantage, tutors provide personalized coaching.

Tutor Doctor franchise owners enjoy flexibility in their lifestyle, have full control over their work schedule and enjoy the fulfilment of owning a business that makes a difference in the lives of families in their communities. By following the home-based business model, Tutor Doctor franchisees build a team of tutors and a strong customer base with no ongoing overhead costs.

A unique business model, combined with growing demand in the supplemental education industry as a whole, makes it a strong investment opportunity for franchisees. Since the business model isn’t curriculum base, there is no limitation as to where a center can open up because students across the globe are all working on their own homework with different pain points that require help.

What kind of franchisees is Tutor Doctor looking for?

Tutor Doctor is looking for a specific kind of franchisee, as it aims to bring those feelings of confidence and high self-esteem to more students across the world. Owners who find the most success with the brand have a strong desire to build and grow a business. They also want to make a difference in the lives of students and feel passionate about Tutor Doctor’s mission: To change the trajectory of students’ lives.

83 per cent of Tutor Doctor Franchisees come from backgrounds other than education!

In fact, 25 per cent of Tutor Doctor’s franchise community has a background in financial services, IT, manufacturing, and healthcare. From housewives to leaders in their industries (eg. ex-president of Boeing), Tutor Doctor franchisees have three common desires:

  1. To own a business that offers flexibility and control over their lifestyle
  2. To feel passionate about they do
  3. To have control over their income
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What kind of support can Tutor Doctor franchisees expect?

The Tutor Doctor Franchise Launch Support Program (LSP) is designed to provide intensive remote and in-field support to facilitate immediate growth of a new franchised business over its first year of operation.

Everything starts with a welcome call with the training team, and franchisees get a business coach assigned to work with them during the first year of operations as a part of the initial training program.

Tutor Doctor University has an online self-paced component that lasts around six weeks; the content is designed to provide the knowledge background and business setup deliverables to get a franchisee started (road to home office training. Once the franchisee is ready to attend home office training, they will be introduced to the training class and attend a 10-day training with the home office team. After training, they will have bi-weekly coaching sessions during the first year.

After that, franchisees have the option to keep working with their coach and will have access to additional specialized support to support business growth.

Why should entrepreneurs go with Tutor Doctor?

Tutor Doctor franchises have access to the most cutting edge business practices and technology and will be supported by a world-class team, including:

  • Initial training: hundreds of hours of in-class and online training
  • Ongoing support – a team of dedicated Tutor Doctor personnel will help you build the business of your dreams
  • Marketing support – proven lead generation strategies that make the phone ring and quickly establish Tutor Doctor within your local community
  • CRM System – a proprietary internet-based software designed specifically for you to be able to run your Tutor Doctor franchise from your home

The agreement has a five-year term, and it is renewable.

Is TutorDoctor targeting any areas for expansion?

The brand is in 16 countries, and the development focus is in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and Latin America.

What kind of demand is there for Tutor Doctor’s services?

Over the past year, students around the world were thrown into distance learning – parents became teachers, all while trying to work from home, and schools switched to Zoom classrooms overnight. School disruptions have affected so many students in many different ways. And while students have shown so much resilience, there is an education crisis that will have a ripple effect for years to come – impacting students’ academic gains, well-being, and economic prospects. In fact, the Sutton trust estimates a net loss of £1.5 billion for just one year group in England due to school closures.

The global private tutoring market is projected to reach $200 billion by 2026 – this is no surprise as more and more parents turn to tutoring to supplement their kids’ education. With strong plans for growth, Tutor Doctor plans to open 775 units by the end of the year.

With no evident market leader, extremely high fragmentation, explosive growth and recession resistance built-in, the tutoring market in the UK, as a business opportunity, is positioned for massive success, but only if planned professionally and with scalability.

Listen to our podcast with Frank Milner, the president of Tutor Doctor.

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