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Boost Juice’s thirst for success

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Boost Juice’s thirst for success

The secret recipe behind Boost Juice’s global appeal? A perfect blend of great taste, healthy ingredients, and a love for life

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From an early age, Boost Juice founder Janine Allis had two things on her mind: sport and travel. As a teenager, she dreamed of being a star netball player and went on to work as an assistant gym manager.

And a few years later, a desire to see the world led to Janine packing her bags to nanny in France, work aboard David Bowie’s yacht and take executive roles in Portugal and Singapore. Yet it was a simple observation on her travels around America in late 1999 that would change her life. She couldn’t help but notice that everyone stateside seemed to be enjoying healthy smoothies and fresh juices.

It was when Janine returned to her native Australia that she spotted a gap in the uninspiring and unhealthy fast-food market. So, at the turn of the millennium, she opened her first Boost Juice bar in Adelaide, Australia.

Fresh ingredients, fresh thinking

By using real fruit and vegetables to make delicious smoothies and juices – free from preservatives and artificial colours and flavourings – Janine and her husband Jeff developed a retail concept unlike anything Australia had seen before.

Boost had begun to take shape. And not only was the juice bar concept new, but the way Boost presented the brand was groundbreaking for retail in general.

Rather than simply focus on rational product benefits – healthy, great-tasting juices and smoothies – Janine was more interested in the holistic customer experience. She recognized that Boost was about more than great taste; it was about the positive energy of people who greeted you with a smile and called you by your first name; the bright store colors, uplifting music, and a love for life.

This energy and enthusiasm carries through to the brand’s ongoing commitment to product innovation, unique tactical marketing campaigns, and a Vibe Club loyalty program that treats patrons more like friends than customers.

An Aussie icon becomes a global brand

Within four years of opening its doors, Boost had expanded globally through master franchising and now has over 600 stores in 15 countries worldwide. The brand has just opened its first two stores in Bangkok, Thailand, and will be opening two new markets in Europe and the Middle East in the first half of 2022.

It may sound like a straightforward success story, but despite Boost being famous for its smoothies, there was nothing smooth about the journey. As with any successful business, it took years of sheer determination, extraordinary people and a can-do attitude to build one of Australia’s best-loved brands.

“We don’t believe in the word ‘try’ because that means I’ll give myself permission to not succeed. You don’t try, you just do it,” explains Janine.

A brand bursting with potential

As market leader in a high-growth category, Boost has all the ingredients for a successful franchise. Now more than ever, customers are seeing food and drink as medicine. Being able to offer a grab-and-go, nutritious, and refreshing option in under four minutes is highly desirable.

Boost is recognized the world over as a cool and aspirational juice and smoothie brand. It’s loved by everyone from A-list celebrities to millennials – and its iconic green cups are splashed all over Instagram. If customers are a brand’s greatest advocates, few are doing a better job at creating a supportive ‘community’ than Boost.

It is now the largest juice and smoothie brand in the Southern Hemisphere – and in the top five worldwide. With over 21 years’ experience in creating such hits as its All Berry Bang and Mango Magic smoothies, Boost now generates over AUD$320 million in annual sales.

Support for franchisees

Boost is proud of how far it has come. And it has exciting plans for the future that will be realized through world-class support to its franchisees. For example, Boost is making it easier for partners to expand into international markets through its Established Operation System – a digital platform that provides flexible store footprints and localised menus.

The brand also offers exclusive master franchise and development rights – granting full country, long-term rights to develop and sub-franchise Boost Juice Bars and manage local advertising.

Says Callum Mackay, head of international business: “Our number one focus during the pandemic has been to support our master partner network around the world each and every way we can – from fast turnaround marketing initiatives to creating region-specific smoothies that align with seasonality and sharing covid-safe best practice across our network.”

Emerging stronger than ever

In the early days, Janine Allis helped guide Boost through adversity by believing in the old adage: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. It’s an approach that has fared the brand well in these uncertain times.

“We quickly asked ourselves: How can we make the most of challenges thrown our way that will benefit Boost’s international network for years to come?” says Mackay. To answer this question, Boost conducted a full review of its international operations, which led to the implementation of a number of core projects that are helping the brand emerge from the pandemic in a much stronger position than when it began.

“Within four years of opening its doors, Boost had expanded globally through master franchising and now has over 600 stores in 15 countries worldwide”

According to Mackay: “Improvements in our global supply chains and design and development – plus our ability to adapt the brand to international markets – have allowed us to protect partner profitability and provide greater flexibility to our partners at a time when costs are rising across many industries and it counts to stand out.”

Janine Allis has never been one to stand still. In her younger days she took herself from Australia to conquer the big wide world. Little did she know that she would be repeating the journey with a global franchise – thanks to the creation of one of the world’s favorite juice and smoothie brands.

At a Glance Boost Juice

Year established: 2000
Number of locations: 600+
Location of units: Worldwide
Investment range: $250,000 – $500,000+
Franchise fee: $150,000 – $500,000

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