“Reshift has developed proprietary processes and technology designed to leverage the strengths of franchise organizations” | Global Franchise
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“Reshift has developed proprietary processes and technology designed to leverage the strengths of franchise organizations”

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“Reshift has developed proprietary processes and technology designed to leverage the strengths of franchise organizations”

Reshift Media named world’s best franchise marketing firm at the 2023 Global Franchise Awards

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When Reshift Media was founded in 2012 in Toronto, Canada, the company had no clients, but it had a team of six smart and dedicated people, a strong business plan, and the vision to be the leading digital marketing and technology company for franchise organizations.

Fast forward 10 years and the award-winning company boasts a roster of more than 200 clients in 22 countries and a team of 40 digital marketing, design and development professionals. Although the company remains headquartered in Canada, most of its business is international, servicing clients in the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and a number of other countries.

“We find that our international footprint is a major benefit to our clients,” says Kirk Allen, COO and co-founder of Reshift Media. “It allows us to test ideas and share learnings with our clients to help them capitalize on leading-edge trends and best practices from around the world.”

The company has made it its mission to relentlessly innovate to develop digital marketing strategies, processes and technology custom-tailored to the specific needs of franchise organizations. Reshift covers all aspects of digital marketing, including:

  • Digital analysis and strategy
  • Website/app design and development
  • Digital display and video advertising
  • Social media advertising and community management
  • SEO and search advertising

Through the company’s work with hundreds of franchise systems, Reshift has developed proprietary processes and technology designed to leverage the strengths of franchise organizations so that its clients are able to achieve superior digital marketing results for less cost.

Marketing technology built for franchises

In addition to Reshift Media’s industry-leading marketing services, the company is behind the popular Brand Amplifier suite of products that allows franchise organizations to create locally relevant social content and advertising at scale.

Through its work with franchise companies, Reshift could see that franchise organizations needed a better way to populate social media content across their network. Facebook, Instagram and other social networks simply aren’t designed to support the franchise business model. To solve this issue, the company worked with its franchise clients and Facebook to create the Social Brand Amplifier marketing platform. Through this software, franchise companies are able to create, localize and publish content to social pages at scale to increase local engagement and brand awareness. Franchise systems using the platform typically see a 200 – 500 per cent increase in engagement, with no increase in management effort. The Social Brand Amplifier was an instant hit, and before too long, Facebook approached Reshift to ask if they could do the same thing for advertising, which led to the creation of the very popular Brand Amplifier franchise advertising platform.

The Brand Amplifier enables franchise companies to create Facebook, Instagram and Google ads and syndicate them across dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations. Local franchisees can log into the platform, choose from a set of pre-built campaigns and fund the ads with their own credit card. The software automatically targets advertising to local geographies and programmatically inserts localized information such as city, neighborhood, or pricing to increase relevance and performance. Franchise systems that use the Brand Amplifier routinely see a 500 per cent or more increase in advertising performance.

More than marketing

Beyond developing leading-edge solutions for its clients, Reshift is proud to be a member of, and an advocate for, the franchise community. The company is an active member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA). Several members of the Reshift team volunteer their time to assist franchise associations and sit on a variety of committees.

Reshift is a vocal advocate for franchising and has participated in several initiatives, including the CFA’s franchise awareness events where leading Canadian franchisors and suppliers meet with government officials to educate them on franchising and to advocate on behalf of the franchise community when it comes to regulations and support.

The company enjoys sharing its expertise and giving back to the franchising community. Reshift team members are often invited to speak at franchise conferences, and the company has hosted more than 100 free webinars and in-person sessions where they share digital marketing best practices. The company also produces a number of free whitepapers and reports, including a very popular annual franchise digital trends report.

Continual growth

Fresh off their win at the 2023 Global Franchise Awards, the Reshift Media team has ambitious plans for 2023. The company is continuing to expand its services and has several new franchise-specific software products already in development. Steve Buors, Reshift Media CEO and co-founder, says: “We expect 2023 will be our best year yet, both in terms of our growth and the new innovations we are bringing to market.”

Among other projects, Reshift has a new franchise development software platform in the works which will provide industry-leading reporting functionality, and the company is revamping its Brand Amplifier suite of products under a new exciting brand called Localfy.

At a glance

Reshift Media is an award-winning digital marketing firm that provides leading-edge software, social media, search and website/mobile development services to franchise organizations.

Year Established: 2012

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