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GoliathTech Inc.

GoliathTech Inc.

Currently recruiting

Goliath Tech is a leading manufacturer, designer, engineer and distributer of helical foundations

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No. of franchised outlets
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North America
Investment range
£120,000 - £200,000
Franchise fee
Available territories

Company Bio

GoliathTech Inc. is a manufacturer and leader in the engineering, design, manufacture, and distribution of helical (screw) piles foundations. Implementation of the products extends to the field of construction via home foundations, underpinning (foundation repair,) signage, decks, railway infrastructure, agricultural infrastructure, solar and so on. GoliathTech franchisees benefit from unequaled quality products and services

How does Goliath Tech’s franchise model work?

No royalties. The initial five-year franchise agreement can be renewed every five years at 25 per cent of the then franchise fee. Protected territory included.

What kind of franchisee is GoliathTech looking for?

Franchisees must have business management experience. They must also have the financial capacity to cover the initial franchise fee (£49,500), purchase the starter kit (+- £15,000) as well as, a mini-excavator or skid steer, a pick-up truck or box van and a trailer.

They must also be able to cover the cost of their first 2 or 3 orders. No large inventory is required, and this business can be run with minimal office space, in some cases, home offices. The franchisee is considered open for business when they have met the following:

  • Paid franchisee fee and starter-kit in full
  • Received rhe starter-kit
  • Have a machine, truck or box van and a trailer branded with GoliathTech logos
  • Completed the GoliathTech training & certification
  • Received the first order.

What kind of training and support does GoliathTech offer its franchisees?

Low investment and no royalties

  • Franchise fee: £49,500, includes a protected territory, complete training, branded clothes & marketing tools, visual for the franchisee’s truck or box van and excavator, access to the in-house engineering team
  • Equipment approximately £15,000: includes a starter-kit (hydraulic head and all tools required to install piles).

(The excavation equipment or vehicles are not included)

Easy start-up

  • This business can be managed by one person only. Complete training and certification in 2 days at GoliathTech’s manufacturing site. All franchisee’s need to get started is a pick-up truck or box van, a trailer, a mini excavator, a starter-kit and training! No complicated inventory requirements, flexible products & programs to meet every franchisee’s unique needs.

Protected territory

  • Approximately 250,000 households and/or businesses per territory. No other GoliathTech franchisee is allowed to install in the assigned territory, so the franchisees don’t compete with one another.

Complete training

  • Sales training: 8 hours in classroom
  • Product & installation training: 8 hours in classroom and 8 hours in the field
  • Long-term ongoing technical support.

Marketing support

  • The marketing fund is used to maximize recognition of the brand and for producing marketing materials and advertising programs; and supporting public relations, market research and other advertising, promotion and marketing activities that will benefit all of the brand’s franchisees.

What does the franchisee get in return?

  1. Becoming a GoliathTech franchisee allows you to offer an unequaled quality of products, that are supported by multiple patents that meet and surpass building codes.
  2. GoliathTech ranks in the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Franchise 500 every year and was recently awarded the 2021 Franchisees’ Choice Designation by the CFA. The brand also has one award for Top 10 Best Investments versus return on your money by Entrepreneur Magazine.
  3. When franchisees join the GoliathTech family, the brand provides the technology, tools, and expertise of the GoliathTech brand, as well as ongoing support.
  4. GoliathTech provides training, sales and marketing support to help its franchisees grow the business using its products. With easy extremely fast start-up – superior installation – territory exclusivity, GoliathTech is a smart business investment!
  5. Low investment and high ROI.

GoliathTech provides the best helical piles on the market installed by experts. It uses cutting-edge equipment to guarantee optimal anchoring of each pile.

Steadfast. Reliable. Precise. Economical. These are the foundations of the GoliathTech brand promise.

When franchisees join the GoliathTech family, the brand provides all the technology, tools and expertise of the GoliathTech brand, as well as ongoing support. GoliathTech provides training, sales and marketing support to help franchisees grow the business using the brand’s product.

For more than 15 years, the brand has combined strength with the know-how to offer the best piling solutions in North America. GoliathTech’s product innovation enables its franchisees to diversify their service offering, expand their business opportunities and grow their profitability.

Easy start-up

  • Be in operation quickly
  • No complicated inventory requirements
  • Flexible products and programs to meet any unique needs.

Training and support

  • Certification program to become a GoliathTech installer
  • Ongoing sales and installation support
  • Engineering assistance.

Marketing support

  • Association with a quality, respected brand
  • National advertising program
  • Website branding opportunities
  • Cooperative program.

Superior installation

  • Specialized equipment for installation of helical screw piles
  • Can adapt current excavators
  • No damage to landscape or structures
  • Ideal for restricted spaces
  • Any season operation
  • Removable and reusable system.

Why should entrepreneurs go with GoliathTech?

Now is the time to start a GoliathTech business! This is an advantageous alternative to driven piles or formed cement piles and is less expensive than most concrete foundations. Opt for a simple and rapid installation, without excavating. Resembling a large screw, helical (screw) piles foundations are installed deep into the ground, beneath the ground frost line to solidly support the structure above the helical piles.

  • Little to no damage to the landscape
  • Perfectly levelled structures
  • No delays between the end of the installation and the beginning of work
  • No cement curing times
  • Ideal for restricted space
  • Installation no matter the season (rain or sun or snow)
  • Removable and reusable.

From design to installation, GoliathTech combines engineering and innovation to guarantee a solid foundation for a wide range of construction projects. Its screw piles surpass the highest industry standards. The helical GoliathTech screw piles are installed deep beneath the ground freezing level, to solidly support the structure of clients’ projects — additions, decks, gazebos, sunrooms and much more.

Better than traditional concrete pillars formed using tubes, screw piles install easily and quickly with no excavation or cure time required. And, because they are less expensive than concrete solutions, partnering with GoliathTech is a smart business investment.

The inside of GoliathTech piles is filled with polyurethane to prevent ice accumulation inside the pile (piles with a diameter over 6 5/8″ do not contain polyurethane). The 60Ksi steel piles are fully galvanized to protect the tubes as well as the heads and helixes against physical deterioration (piles 4 1/2″ and larger use 55Ksi steel).

GoliathTech offers a vast array of tubes and helices according to the weight to be supported and the type of soil. Each GoliathTech product is thus perfectly suited to each project.

Very few other franchise opportunities today provide the tools and resources to quickly build a sustainable venture. One that fits franchisees’ business perfectly and offers a unique, profitable product.

GoliathTech currently has over operational 185 units across North America. In 2022 it will be opening 20 new franchised locations in the U.K and has also opened franchise locations in the Caribbean.

Financial information

Minimum investment required is £120,00, inclusive of the franchise fee, the starter-kit and the first order. The franchisee must own a pick-up truck or box van, mini-excavator and a trailer.

Multi-unit owners are welcome! The additional adjacent territories are sold at 75 per cent of the initial franchise cost.

GoliathTech Inc. – The story behind the brand

What exactly are helical piles?

A helical pile (or screw pile) is basically a large screw that we install in the ground below the frost line, with either an excavator or a skid steer that has a designated hydraulic motor attached.

A screw pile has three distinct parts: The tube, the helix, and the attachment or pile head. Although, for the capacity numbers—such as tension and compression—of a helical pile to be reliable, it must have a true helix design.

Why are helical piles so versatile?

Helical piles are often the first choice for builders and construction project planners as they install quickly with no excavation required. GoliathTech offers anchoring solutions to support the heaviest loads, soil types and environmental stressors.

Check out the rest of GoliathTech Inc’s informative and educational videos here

Terms and conditions

The franchise term can be renewed for another 5-year term at 25 per cent of the then initial franchise fee. The franchisee must be in full compliance with the franchise agreement and all invoices must be paid in full.

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