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Havaianas is a global lifestyle brand found around the world that is constantly reinventing itself, but has its roots in the original flip-flop from 1962

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
150 (EMEA) 870 (International)
Location of units
U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Balkans, Morocco, Algeria, Israel, U.A.E., Nigeria, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, India
Investment range
€70,000 - €100,000
Franchise fee
1 per cent of turnover
Available territories
Northern and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Africa and India

Company Bio

Havaianas is the world’s leading fashion flip-flop brand. Established in Brazil in 1962, and now present in all key global markets, Havaianas is expanding at a rapid rate.

Today, Havaianas is a global lifestyle brand, and its products can be found in thousands of points of sale around the world, and yet the brand retains its proud Brazilian roots.

Havaianas is credited with creating the original rubber flip flop, having filed a patent for this now ubiquitous design back in 1966. At that time, the brand primarily sold a white-soled flip flop with a blue colored strap; a design that is just as recognizable today as it was over sixty years ago.

In the 1990s, Havaianas started noticing a trend that would become instrumental in the future of its design direction. Brazilian beach-goers were turning their white soles downward and reversing the straps of their Havaianas flip flops, thus creating a colorful shoe that was as striking as it was comfortable. As such, the Havaianas Top was born – a range that now features 20 different colors, worn by millions of customers around the world.

It’s this sense of community and innovation that has driven the brand over its many years of success, and is It’s this sense of community and innovation that has driven the brand over its many years of success, and is what Havaianas is looking for in franchise partners who will further expand its portfolio into exciting new markets worldwide.

What is Havaianas?

The Havaianas name is closely associated with premium, comfortable footwear, but the brand has branched out over the years to include an entire range of beloved fashion products, that its customers wear in a variety of settings.

Throughout the 2000s, for example, Havaianas launched a variety of new shoes and accessories, and in 2014, the brand stepped into a new world with the launch of its casual clothing line. All throughout this period, Havaianas worked with artists, designers, and other beloved fashion brands on a whole host of exciting collaborations that opened up Havaianas to an entirely new audience.

But through all of this evolution and growth, its core product – the iconic rubber flip flop – has endured. In fact, 94 per cent of Brazilians either own, or have owned a pair of Havaianas themselves. This is because the Havaianas name is open, democratic, and 100 per cent welcoming. Everybody wears them, and in their own style! 

How does the Havaianas franchise model work?

  • Both kiosk and inline unit formats are available and can come with self-serve systems in both formats. Alpargatas will be on hand to help with model selection, visual planograms and replenishments 
  • Franchisees will purchase their stock from the brand wholesale, and enjoy a discount as a part of the Havaianas franchise system 
  • Franchisees will be provided with local market data to ensure the most commercial assortment and arrangement of products 
  • Fixtures and fittings are to be purchased by franchise partners from Havaianas approved manufacturers 
  • Alpargatas will provide I.T. systems in markets where the I.T. partner has a license, but I.T. and transactional equipment is to be purchased by the franchise partner.

What kind of franchisee is Havaianas looking for?

Havaianas is known for its eclectic mix of eye-catching products, but the brand itself is interested in much more than offering just a storefront. It’s looking to become a lifestyle brand; a mainstay in its customers’ lives that encompasses everything that they look for in their clothing and accessories. As such, the business is built on six fundamental beliefs:   

  • Energy: All products exude joy, color, and freedom  
  • Design: Havaianas is an intelligent combination of form and function
  • Style: Products that can serve as a basis to express individual style  
  • Comfort: Products that are pleasant to wear and generate a sense of wellbeing  
  • Value: All Havaianas products last a long time, and represent excellent value for money  
  • Universality: The brand is for all, and as inclusive as can be.

Naturally, Havaianas is looking for franchise partners that embody the six beliefs, and can adeptly represent the brand within their respective market. The brand requires individuals with a strong understanding and love of the brand. Havaianas has a unique profile, and it takes an entrepreneur who can understand and align with the brand’s corporate culture to truly succeed.

Experience counts for a lot in retail. Previous experience of having owned and operated a retail store and merchandising experience shows that a franchisee has the capability of successfully operating a retail location.

Havaianas franchisees aren’t satisfied with one or two locations, the most ambitious and successful have plans to grow the brand across their region or country.

Both property and real estate are important aspects of a Havaianas franchise. Selecting sites that are both unique and enjoy good footfall is essential, therefore the brand is on the lookout for franchisees who have strong contacts in their local property market.

What kind of training does Havaianas offer its franchisees?

Brand training

  • Brand history
  • Story telling
  • Features and benefits
  • System training
  • Managing minimums
  • Sales analysis.

The The Havaianas brand is one that works best with understanding and familiarity. That’s why it’s has committed so strongly to educating its incoming franchisees on the brand’s history and its unique image. Havaianas’ bespoke system allows franchisees to easily manage stock, orders, sales and replenishment.

Havaianas franchisees can enter into the system with the confidence that the franchisor is completely committed to their education and success.

Merch training

  • Order training
  • Product training
  • Product sell out trends.

With Havaianas products, it’s important to understand how stock needs to be presented, and what products are in season and trending.

The Havaianas team will equip every new franchisee with the knowledge of its offerings and which products are in-season. 

Customer journey training

  • User experience optimization

The customer journey is one of the most important aspects of the purchasing process. Properly managing every step of the journey increases the likelihood of converting interest into sales.

That’s why Havaianas’ franchisees are also encouraged to be trained in store to learn about the customer’s journey through the physical location, the expectations and where to focus efforts.

Annual retail meeting

Sharing knowledge is a key aspect of success in the Havaianas system. The annual retail meeting gives franchisees the chance to refresh their brand knowledge, and head back to their countries with the new year’s strategy and marketing material.

HHavaianas franchisees can also spend some time with fellow franchisees to share best practices and pain points, as well as speak to key figures in the Havaianas organization.

Why should entrepreneurs go with Havaianas?

From the beaches of Brazil to the bustling city life of London or Paris, Havaianas is perfectly suited for a wide variety of retail spaces. In the U.K., for example, Havaianas kiosks can be found in airports and shopping centres, as well as stand-alone retail units that attract customers with colorful designs and reliable quality. 

Much like the consumer-driven origins of many of Havaianas’ iconic products, its franchise opportunity is led by the passion and ambition of a franchisee. Havaianas flip flops, sunglasses, and accessories are proven to appeal to customers all over the globe, so no matter what kind of investment a franchisee makes, they can rest assured that their respective locations are built on a legacy lasting more than 50 years. 

A partner can expect to earn a 10 per cent return on investment based on agreed profit and loss.

Why is now the right time to open a Havaianas franchise?

The Havaianas brand has built up 56 years of goodwill as a retailer that understands what its customers want, all over the world. It also understands what its franchisees want, which is why Havaianas is perfect for enthusiastic and experienced business people and entrepreneurs.

The brand’s recognizability increases with every summer, as the brand becomes more and more strongly associated with the sunniest time of the year. It helps to keep business flowing during peak months, and save lease/rental costs during the quieter parts of the year.

What areas is Havaianas targetting?

Northern and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Africa and India

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