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Friday 3rd February, 2023

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5 education franchises worth your investment


5 education franchises worth your investment

Education is evidently flourishing – here are some stand-out concepts in this dense and dynamic sector

Education is evidently flourishing – here are some stand-out concepts in this dense and dynamic sector

For philanthropic entrepreneurs, helping children learn through a proven education franchise concept is a no-brainer. Not only is this a sector where high financial returns are entirely possible, but the societal benefits of outstanding tutoring are clear.

But it’s not quite that simple: education comes in many forms, and a premises-based franchise boasts unique benefits, such as a community atmosphere and specialized facilities, that an in-home tutoring network might lack – and vice versa.

So if you’re scratching your head trying to work out which business would be best for you, let us help with these five brands that are building the franchisees of tomorrow.

School of Rock

With over 220 franchised units in many countries around the globe, it’s impossible to ignore this iconic music school.

Students are taught by professional musicians in a hands-on environment, combining structured one-on-one lessons with collaborative group rehearsals; culminating in a live performance in front of cheering crowds in real venues.

“Our global scale now provides enormous benefits, including best practice sharing, global events, partnerships and favorable pricing on products and services,” says Rob Price, CEO. “We are working hard to ensure that our community members feel the same connection to the brand, our purpose, and each other regardless of their latitude and longitude.”

Not only do School of Rock students receive a musical education; they’re instilled with life and social skills to help them thrive as they grow. Innovative, exciting, and fun, this is a worthwhile investment. franchising.schoolofrock.com

MagiKats Tuition Centres

“We have a range of styles and take a multi-sensory approach to learning,” says Sarah Marsh, director of operations for MagiKats. “There’s no standard one-size-fits-all approach in MagiKats. It’s entirely bespoke learning.”

Starting in the U.K. in 2005, and with locations in the Middle East and Australia, the MagiKats name is synonymous with traditional, effective education. Students are placed into groups with a maximum of six children, and work with a mentor to hone their math and English skills. But parents will see much more than just academic development.

“The human element is always preferable,” says Marsh. “Our students interact with one another; we look to develop study skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, and thinking skills.”

The MagiKats method is designed to assist children from five to 17 years old, and a fixed location is optional for franchisees looking to make their mark in the education space: “Increasingly, a lot of our franchisees go into permanent premises. But we don’t require one or the other of our franchisees; it’s very much area dependant.” educationalfranchise.co.uk


This coding-centric school launched in Moscow in 2016, and now has over 150,000 students at its 400 schools worldwide, and many franchise partnerships.

By utilizing a gamified curriculum, Algorithmics teaches students about the coding essentials that will prepare them for the careers of tomorrow. 24/7 access to class materials via an online platform and project-based learning keeps students engaged wherever they are, and the concept covers more than just code; math, physics, and chemistry are taught in conjunction with programming for a holistic learning experience.

Their appeal? “We have a socially positive business,” says Andrey Lobanov, CEO. “Our franchisees make a positive social impact. They feel like they are doing something noble, and can improve the educational system in general.” alg.academy

Young Rembrandts

Instilling kids with the confidence that if they can think it, they can draw it, Young Rembrandts is the perfect concept for creative franchisees with an artistic flair.

Aimed at children aged three to 12 years old, the brand currently has over 100 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada – with a steady expansion overseas. Franchisees can operate their business entirely from home, and the lessons themselves take place in schools and community centers, taking advantage of the strong Young Rembrandts name.

“Our franchisees provide registration services, manage all classes, and provide teachers and supplies,” says Bette Fetter, CEO. “It’s a hassle-free program for schools to offer and parents to benefit! youngrembrandtsfranchise.com


An undeniable titan of the education sector, Mathnasium launched in 2002 and now has more than 1,000 locations worldwide. Domestically, the brand’s goal is to help the 50 million elementary and secondary school students in the U.S. who score below “proficient” in math. However, while the namesake, math isn’t the only subject on offer; most centers operate a curriculum of up to 20 subjects, spanning 12 different levels to engage students of all abilities.

Incorporating the tried-and-tested Mathnasium Method, created by teaching and consulting expert Larry Martinek, Mathnasium is based on a long history of knowledge and success. Franchisees will benefit from the brand’s bespoke business management software system, which provides a vital toolkit for success, as well as access to the Mathnasium specialist curriculum, which is currently over 22,000 pages of honed methodology. mathnasium.com/franchise

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