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Accurate Franchising Inc.

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Accurate Franchising Inc. specializes in helping businesses expand through franchising with decades of experience

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Company Bio

As a franchise development company, Accurate Franchising, Inc. specializes in helping businesses expand through franchising.

AFI is the only franchise development consulting firm that owns and operates its own franchise brands. The AFI brand has over 35 years of first-hand experience with franchising different business models, giving the team an intimate understanding of what a franchisor needs to be successful. In addition, AFI has a close connection with its United Franchise Group affiliate brands. This connection can provide services through these brands, to keep both AFI clients and UFG franchises strong.

Accurate Franchising Inc. is proud to have successfully franchised over 350 brands in over 80 countries. The team has worked with many franchise models over the years, including food, retail, medical, restaurant, beauty, health and business service.

TThe AFI team has decades of experience helping companies determine if they are fit to become franchise businesses, as well as assisting with lead generation, executing agreements and so much more.

How does the Accurate Franchising Inc. business model work?

AFI’s consultation services are offered in five comprehensive phases — strategic business planning, legal documentation, operations services, marketing services and post-development sales and marketing. These phases ensure each franchisor has the tools and guidance they need to own and scale a successful franchise brand.

Accurate Franchising Inc. also offers a program for established franchise brands, to aid in their operations and international growth.

What kind of client is Accurate Franchising Inc. looking for?

To establish a successful franchise brand, Accurate Franchising Inc. looks for business concepts that meet the following requirements:

  • Proof of concept
  • Supportive team
  • Ongoing management
  • Potential international expansion
  • Back-office support
  • Investment capital
  • Established processes and procedures.

What kind of support does Accurate Franchising Inc. offer to its clients?

Accurate Franchising Inc. offers prospective clients an individualized franchise structure, complete with legal registrations, support systems and more.

After signing an AFI proposal agreement, the AFI team will help the new franchisor implement structures necessary to operate a successful brand. In preparation, the team will assemble a franchise disclosure document, franchise operations manual and franchise marketing collateral to aid in the sales of new franchise locations. AFI’s legal team will also file the appropriate state registrations for the franchisor to officially sell to prospective franchisees.

Upon signing into a sales and marketing program, Accurate Franchising Inc. will work intimately with new franchisor to generate sales leads. AFI continues to offer consulting aid during the entire process of franchising—before, during and after.

AFI is the ideal franchise consultant for growing businesses that are considering the franchise opportunity. Having worked with a wide range of companies, AFI’s varied experience makes it the ideal partner for a firm embarking on its journey to become a franchised business.

Why should franchisors go with Accurate Franchising Inc.?

Successfully scaling a business involves growing with either company-owned units or franchise units. While company-owned growth takes a lot of time and puts risk directly on the business owner, franchise growth creates a strategic partnership between the business owner and the franchisees. The time and risks are reduced significantly.

AAccurate Franchising Inc. offers a cost-effective solution to building and installing the systems needed to support companies through the franchising process. The team utilizes its industry insight, market knowledge and franchise experience to completely support new franchisors in the following—

  • Site selection: AFI’s services include franchise tenant representation, lease negotiations and working with both the franchisor and franchisee in site and market research
  • Market research: AFI’s research covers an intensive span of ideas, such as franchise competitor review, unique selling proposition, brand focus, mission statement and target audience focus
  • Leasing: The AFI team helps negotiate franchise leases, saving franchisees money and providing additional benefits to each property
  • Pre-opening: AFI provides new franchisors the knowledge to support their franchisees, including the on-boarding process, franchisee real estate, franchisee training school set-up, operational advisor training and more
  • Opening: After opening a new franchise location, the AFI team support the franchisor in providing ongoing franchisee support and training, as necessary
  • Ongoing marketing: AFI continues to provide franchise lead generation and offers additional marketing and design pieces, tailored to the franchisor’s business model
  • Ongoing franchise sales assistance: The AFI sales team will continue to assist in the lead generation and sales of the new franchisor’s location, as needed
  • Ongoing franchisor support programs: AFI offers additional programs to aid in the development, expansion and eventual exit strategy of the new franchisor’s brand.

How in demand is Accurate Franchising Inc.’s services?

Accurate Franchising Inc. is motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of the 21st century. There is a consistent demand for corporate growth, especially with the influx of start-up businesses coming out of the global pandemic.

The franchise industry allows companies to grow larger than they ever could have otherwise, and AFI’s experience and skilled teams are best placed to walk businesses through the franchise development process.

With AFI’s expertise in franchising, a potential franchisor can have any level of experience to work with the team on developing and scaling their concept. AFI is an opportunity to expand a passion project and invest in personal financial freedom.

The AFI team is continuing to see strong demand for AFI’s franchise consulting services throughout North America. AFI has experienced a year-over-year growth increase of 100 per cent for the past two consecutive years.

Is Accurate Franchising Inc. targeting any areas or territories?

Accurate Franchising Inc. has a goal to further expand brand presence in the U.S. and in Canada over the balance of 2022. AFI successfully launched its services in Australia beginning in the second quarter of this year, franchising its first Australian brand, Wings and Tins.

Looking into 2023, AFI will be launching in both Europe and Asia as the consulting company continues to build its global presence.

Financial information

AFI’s investment varies by the services a client’s brand needs. The team is able to provide and tailor a wide variety of consulting services—from brand development to ala carte services—to suit each individual concept.

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