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Sunday 4th June, 2023

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Franchise watch: Helen Doron Educational Group shares the secrets to building an enduring, global franchise community


Franchise watch: Helen Doron Educational Group shares the secrets to building an enduring, global franchise community

More than a business. A way of life

More than a business. A way of life.

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When franchisees join the Helen Doron Educational Group network, they aren’t just signing up with a run-of-the-mill franchisor. They’re becoming part of an international family of pedagogic experts and professionals, and joining a brand based on 35 years of experience in successful, forward-thinking educational franchising.

And now, through a new video series of tips and tools for franchisors and franchisees, the leading education brand is sharing the secrets that have allowed it to build a global community.

“The franchisee and the franchisor have a very strong and important bond,” says Helen Doron, founder and CEO. “They’re helping each other, they’re supporting each other, and they’re giving each other ideas. You have unity in the way that they work. Somebody who buys an educational franchise doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel. The actual business side, the financial side and the organizational side – everything’s ready for them with the Helen Doron Educational Group.”

For entrepreneurs coming to the education space for the first time, it may seem like one could simply launch a new business and find success in no time. This is especially true if you look to a brand like Helen Doron Educational Group for inspiration, but this surface-level approach doesn’t take into consideration the years of development and expertise that support every single decision that the brand makes.

“We’re in our business possibly more than we are in our homes, so we better do what we love”

Because of this, it’s very difficult for a new investor to emulate the sophistication and maturity of Helen Doron’s end product. By joining the franchise network, however, investors can replicate the systems that have delighted customers for over three decades.

“It takes a long time to build up a business and specifically an educational business until you get it right,” says Anne Gordon, vice president of customer business development. “You’re looking for somebody who can offer you a top product because then your time to market is going to be so much quicker than trying to go on your own. In the case of an educational franchise such as Helen Doron, we have really excellent guidelines on how to run your business and how your teachers conduct lessons. We have very strict ongoing training of our teachers, and ongoing training programs for the master franchisees and the learning center franchisees as to how they will run his business and what is expected of them.”


Franchisees coming to Helen Doron Educational Group will encounter three potential investment opportunities; each of which has been developed and honed over a number of years to make it as effective and rewarding as possible.

“The franchises we offer are Helen Doron Kindergarten, Helen Doron English, and MathRiders,” says Doron. “They have their own unique methodology with their own unique materials for learning and all of them are full of music. All of them are full of fun, and all of them are especially created to develop the child’s growing brain. Students who reach late teens or early twenties often come back and tell us what a wonderful learning experience it was, and how that learning experience accompanied them throughout whatever they were doing with their lives.”

This positive feedback is echoed by the brand’s growing network of franchisees, as Helen Doron Educational Group prioritizes ongoing support for its network; it recognizes that bringing out the best in its people is a surefire path to consistent, replicable success.

“One of the advantages that we have in the training program at Helen Doron is that we are constantly analyzing the status of the business in the field, so we get information from the franchisees,” says Diego Bronstein, business training manager. “We know what’s happening out there. We know what the franchisees are going through and sometimes we’re able to build very quick training programs that adjust to the reality of their operations that enables us to create tailor-made training for the franchisees.”

Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach, this training is always focused on the human element of the business. This works because franchisees take information on board when it connects to them on a fundamental level, which in turn leads to a superior execution of operations.

What this also achieves is a continually strengthening sense of brand credibility. As well as justifying the investment of current franchisees, this also achieves organic, word-of-mouth marketing which leads to increased franchisee inquiries.

“When you become part of a brand that has built a reputation over the years and has built credibility, that represents money in terms of your investment because it takes years to acquire this reputation and this credibility in the market,” continues Bronstein. “Once you gain that reputation and you become part of that franchise, then you can find customers that are really ready and willing to spend money on your products and services.”


As well as the drive and capability to expand their own portfolio, Helen Doron is looking for franchisees that possess huge amounts of passion for this industry. While profit should certainly be a concern for any investment, it’s passion that will allow an investor to really make the most of their franchising journey.

“Someone going into an education franchise is doing it because they care about education because this is what’s closest to their heart,” says Doron. “We’re in our business possibly more than we are in our homes, so we better do what we love or we’re going to have a wellbeing problem. Franchising can not only reach out to children in remote places, but it can also help children get a very good education. You need to love what you do because you want to make your mark on this world. We have a slogan that we created out of what our franchisees were telling us: More than a business. A way of life.”

Visit this link to view the full Franchise Talks video series, created by Helen Doron Educational Group.


Established: 1985

Number of franchised outlets: Over 1,100

Locations of units: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam

Investment range: €150,000 – €250,000

Minimum required capital: €200,000


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