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Multi-Unit Month webinar: Succession and Leadership

We hosted the fourth and final webinar of Multi-Unit Month 2022 on the topics of succession and leadership in multi-unit…

46:40 Multi-Unit Month

Multi-Unit Month webinar: Diversity in Franchising

Farrah Rose hosted the third webinar of Multi-Unit Month, and our guests spoke all about the state of diversity in…

30:55 Multi-Unit Month

Multi-Unit Month webinar: Living In a Post-Pandemic World

We hosted the second webinar of Multi-Unit Month this week, and our guests spoke about how the pandemic changed the…

1:01:18 Multi-Unit Month

Multi-Unit Month webinar: The Power of Positive Culture

Join us for Multi-Unit Month's first webinar on all things culture and multi-unit franchising! In this webinar, our guests speak…

52:47 Multi-Unit Month

Multi-Unit Month: Females in franchising

Franchising is notable as one of the most inclusive industries there is, and this session highlights that by showcasing three…

40:38 Multi-Unit Month

Multi-Unit Month webinar: Project Takeover

We close out the month with a look at Project Takeover: how multi-unit franchisees have managed to acquire underperforming branches…

36.23 Multi-Unit Month

Multi-Unit Month webinar: How to build a strong workforce to allow you to work on your own portfolio

Join us for this exciting talk with multi-unit franchise and industry experts on how to recruit sensibly and build a…

47.16 Multi-Unit Month

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