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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Currently recruiting

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, the world’s largest and fastest-growing barbecue franchise was founded in 1941 by Travis Dickey. Dickey’s is proud to be the world’s largest barbecue franchise, with over 550 locations to its name.

At a glance

No. of franchised outlets
Location of units
Investment range
$500,000 - $2.5m
Franchise fee
Negotiable, U.S. fee is approximately $20,000
Available territories
Asia, Oceania, South America (excluding Brazil), Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico & Central America and the Indian sub-continent

Company Bio

Today, Dickey’s locations across the nation and expanding international franchisee network, serve guests Legit. Texas. Barbecue.™ The Dallas-based family-run barbecue franchise offers several slow-smoked meats and wholesome sides. Dickey’s is proud to be the world’s largest barbecue franchise, with over 550 locations to its name.

With 80 years of experience and over 500 locations, Dickey’s franchise opportunity offers a proven economic model and menu that provides flexibility to adapt to local needs. The barbecue chain’s product is straightforward and easily replicated as the largest barbecue concept.. With a high-performing and experienced international team dedicated to supporting international franchisees in development, operations, training, culinary, supply chain and marketing, Dickey’s main goal is to provide ongoing assistance and expertise to ensure a successful opening, development, and day-to-day operations.

The barbecue pit franchise has opened a number of overseas locations too, in countries like Abu Dhabi and Japan, proving the viability of this staple of American cuisine to be universally enjoyable. Serving millions of guests, Dickey’s true, Texas-style barbecue is a proven concept that has found footing in a number of different regions with different tastes.

2020 awards and recognitions:

  • 2020 Franchise Times Top 200 List
  • Entrepreneur Top Food Franchisees of 2020
  • NRN Top 200 Restaurants in the US (based on systemwide sales)
  • FastCasual.com Top 100 Movers & Shakers
  • EzCater 2020 Top Caterers in Dallas
  • NRN 2020 50 Most Influential Women in Foodservice – Dickey’s Restaurants CEO Laura R. Dickey
  • NRN 2020 Most Influential CEOs in the country

How does the franchise model work?

Dickey’s offers flexible business models that can be adapted to different real estate locations, market trends and needs:

Traditional: 1,500 – 2,000 sq. feet

Non-traditional: 500 – 800 sq. feet

Delivery / carryout: 500 – 800 sq. feet

Ghost kitchen: 85 – 200 sq. feet

What kind of franchisee is Dickey’s Barbecue Pit looking for?

Dickey’s international development agreements are either master agreements or regional agreements. Once a master franchisee agreement, or regional is signed, Dickey’s will require franchisees to build multiple barbecue restaurants in a defined geographic location within a 10-year development schedule. A minimum number of restaurants is a collaborative effort between the prospect and Dickey’s, and always considers the prospect’s understanding of the local environment and conditions.

Dickey’s preferred partner must be energetic, gritty, flexible, determined, committed to timelines, and brings a level of experience to the relationship. Additionally, a well-capitalized, multi-unit operator who is currently operating restaurants and or retail convenience or large box branded pharmacies will migrate to the top of the lists.

Dickey’s will require a minimum of $500,000 USD in net worth for each restaurant to be built, along with substantial cash assets for initial restaurant construction. It is of importance to have sufficient liquid capital to manage the start-up costs associated with bringing this brand to the country.

The ideal master or regional developer Must be open, honest, humble and driven to meet both personal and development timelines.

Grit, determination, loyalty, directness, transparency are an absolute must to work well with Dickey’s.

Will show commitment to a pre-determined development schedule annually.

Understand how to work with an American franchisor and its reliability on timeliness, accuracy and commitments.

Able to climb a steep learning curve surrounding the culture of Legit. Texas. Barbecue, the brand’s 80-year history and authentic, Texas-style barbecue.

Experience in at-store operations, e-marketing, collaboration with delivery aggregators, site selection, lease negotiation, supply chain, quality assurance, forecasting, and finance.

Provide a business plan and evidence of infrastructure prior to the execution of the agreement.

Not a brand collector but display a recent understanding of multi-unit management over the last five years.

The individuals that flourish in the business are driven with a ‘no regrets, respectable approach to collaboration’. If one is seeking out a partner that will act as their boss, versus their guide or their equal, then this is not the right concept. Both share equal responsibility for the success of the relationship.

Training and support offered by Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s offers a plethora of real-time on-going learning on a daily basis through its innovative approach with Shift Management TV which is produced daily and broadcast to the global network in an effort to drive continuous learning daily and by topic.

Barbecue University Online – Allows for asynchronous learning 24/7 and covers every attribute of successfully owning and operating a Dickey’s restaurant. This self-based course is required prior to entering owner’s class.

Owners Class – Pit Boss Certification – This three-week, hands-on course encompasses both classroom and at-store time. It is a pass, fail course with long hours required to complete both the in-store and classroom assignments.

Prior to being selected as a Dickey’s owner, it is required to attend a virtual discovery day. This time is meant to allow you access to key individuals in the company, a time for you to interview the leadership team. In essence a time for you to determine if you would want to work with the brand, as it will also use this time to determine if you have what it takes to make the cut.

What locations or territories is Dickey’s Barbecue Pit looking to operate in?

The business is looking at Asia, Oceania, South America (Excluding Brazil), Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico & Central America and the Indian sub-continent.

What are the franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

The master term is 20 years with 2- to 10-year renewals.

Why is a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit franchise a good investment?

Dickey’s a fine investment because it has had the grit to weather many storms in its 80-year history. It is quick to make decisions and the VP of international development makes all decisions regarding the partnership. Landlords like it because Dickey’s is unique, its build-out costs are less and sales are up to three times build-out costs. Barbecue is absolutely on point and meat consumption is wildly popular and consumed across the globe. Dickey’s has experience managing franchises, growing the existing network, and a responsible ROI.

How in demand is Dickey’s product?

Barbecue has a strong tailwind to it at this time and few are able to execute it daily and responsibly. It is a blue-ocean space and the simplicity of its 1,500 sq. ft. space, with a proven operating system, will lead to success when properly executed.

Listen to our podcast with Laura Rea Dickey, the CEO of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

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