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Take the next step with Accurate Franchising

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Take the next step with Accurate Franchising

You’ve built a successful brand. Now what?

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Congratulations – the time and energy you put into building a strong business was worth it. Now, it’s time for you to expand with a smaller amount of time and energy! Set yourself apart from other business owners and consider the smart, cost-effective benefits of franchising.

Share the workload and build up your brand! Converting your business into a franchise creates a strategic partnership in which you, the franchisor, train and support your owners. In turn, the franchisees elevate your brand and work hard within your system.

This vested interest means an ongoing revenue, for you, through continual royalties and sales.

Essentially, you are selling an owner-operator the right to use your logos, products, trademarks and name in order to gain some real financial benefits.

As a small business owner or an established franchisor looking to grow, Accurate Franchising Inc. (AFI) has the resources to help your brand thrive. With over 35 years of firsthand experience, the AFI team holds an intimate understanding of what a franchisor needs to be successful.

An affiliate of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of brands, AFI uses an intrinsic view of developing, growing and supporting companies on a regular basis. As the team works to help your brand thrive, they introduce you to services the UFG affiliates can provide to help keep those franchise brands strong. Franchising is all about networking and support!

Accurate Franchising Inc. uses a comprehensive, five-step proposal to aid in building a strong franchise concept, increasing growth and sales, and in providing an ongoing franchisee support that will last. These resources are tailored to fit the business model and needs of your brand – whether a new or an established franchise.

AFI’S five steps to franchise success

  1. Strategic business planning: A competitive advantage means growth. AFI helps you find the competitive advantage of your business through intensive research and reviews. The team also assists in franchise economics and will even invite you to the company headquarters to better build a comprehensive plan for scaling your business
  2. Legal documentation: In order for your franchisees to launch and maintain a successful business, they will need the legal details to be finalized. AFI ensures a customized franchise disclosure document, franchise agreement and complete state registrations for their success
  3. Operations services: Every successful franchise has set guidelines, or an operations manual, to follow. The AFI team will implement a manual catered to your business, in addition to on-site analysis and consulting. A strong franchise system made of these tools and programs will attract potential investors
  4. Marketing services: Great franchises are built on distinctive characteristics that set their service and support apart from competition. AFI will assist in your marketing plan to further your brand identity and guide your focus. The team also creates franchise collateral for you to market your business and gain potential franchisees
  1. Post-development sales and marketing: Every franchise needs to generate leads and follow sales to thrive. AFI offers several programs in which its team aids in lead generation, sales reporting, franchise development and so much more! Your business will be set for success in its hands. AFI consultants will help you improve every aspect of your brand, from building an infrastructure to creating an effective sales strategy. The five steps above will take your business to the next level.

What’s next for your franchise brand?

Your franchise legacy does not end with its development; it begins with it.

From here, Accurate Franchising Inc. can assist your brand in expanding both domestically and internationally.

There is no limit! Through affiliate World Franchisors, AFI can help seek master license partners in key global markets and will even grant you access to their CRM for the ongoing management of your sales leads.

You will not be left alone. AFI provides ongoing franchisor support and consulting programs tailored to your needs as a franchisor.

Real estate needs? AFI assists in site selection, lease negotiation and build-out construction. Franchisee support? The team will give you the tools for success regarding internal staffing, programs and training.

When a franchisee is content with their business, AFI’s seasoned sales team can assist with franchise resales. They will help gain the needed local efforts and sales support to promote your brand’s resale opportunities. When you are content with the span of your franchise brand, AFI’s affiliate Xsella Acquisitions can seek a buyer for you! Your business will have support on every front.

“It has been an amazing run for AFI. We have assisted hundreds of brands in getting launched in their franchise journey,” said Tipton Shonkwiler, CFE and president of AFI.

“We have worked multiple sectors and industries along the way, including restaurant, health, medical, retail, food and business service concepts. We have a streamlined and strategic approach to developing our clients’ brands into business-format franchise models.”

Connect with AFI’S services

Accurate Franchising Inc. is servicing in an area near you! The team plans on growing its brand presence in the U.S. and Canada over the balance of 2022, while expanding its reach to Australia and Asia! Its services are now up and running in Europe with offices in Paris and London. To be updated on these milestones, follow AFI on all major social media platforms.

To see if your business is right for franchising, check out AFI’s free feasibility study on AccurateFranchising. com. If you are interested in expanding your business and increasing your profits with more support than opening additional corporate locations, contact the Accurate Franchising Inc. team. With a significantly smaller investment from you, your business can grow in multiple markets and even internationally!

At a Glance Accurate Franchising

Year established: 1987
Contact: Tipton Shonkwiler, CFE, tiptons@accuratefranchising.com

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