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Thursday 22nd February, 2024

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Accurate Franchising will help take your business to the next level


Accurate Franchising will help take your business to the next level

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is primed to grow your brand

Accurate Franchising, Inc. is primed to grow your brand.

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Whether you are an established franchise looking to grow, or a small business looking to franchise your brand, Accurate Franchising, Inc. (AFI) can provide you with the tools to achieve these goals.

As an affiliate of the United Franchise Group (UFG) led by founder and CEO, Ray Titus, AFI has over three decades of experience in the franchise industry. Backed by a franchising powerhouse, what sets AFI apart from other consultants is that AFI is the only franchise development consulting firm that also operates its own franchise brands.

Its first-hand experience with franchising gives the business an intimate understanding of what a franchisor needs to succeed and create a network of happy franchisees. With an established global presence in Sydney, London, Dubai and Toronto, AFI consultants have worked with over 300 franchise brands worldwide and have provided outstanding support in their franchising journey.

AFI provides a wide range of services to help your business achieve its franchising goals. Its experts will tailor each business plan to match your desired level of success. A sampling of the services provided by AFI include:

  • Franchise development
  • Lead generation
  • Sales support – domestic and global
  • Real estate assistance
  • International expansion
  • Franchise development website
  • Resale program
  • Franchise disclosure document/franchise agreements
  • Ongoing franchise sales and marketing programs


If you’ve ever thought that your business could be successful as a franchise, the following questions have probably crossed your mind: What are the costs involved? How long will the process take? Does it even make sense to franchise the concept?

Fortunately, an experienced and reputable franchise consultant like AFI can help you answer those questions. As an AFI client, you should expect to go through the following five steps when converting a business to a franchise brand:

+ Complete a franchise feasibility study: If you think this is going to be an easy process, think again. Converting an independently owned business into a successful franchise operation is a labor-intensive process. It’s well worth the effort for a franchise-ready business, but wasted time if you’re trying to grow a business that just won’t work as a franchise model. AFI will review a series of questions with you about your business to determine what sets you apart and can it be duplicated. The answers will help AFI determine whether it’s the right time to convert your business to a franchise or not

+ Build your infrastructure: Franchise infrastructure includes everything your franchisees will need to open and operate a successful business, including a franchise disclosure document, franchise agreement, operations manuals, brand policies, training and support, and more. Together, these resources make up your franchise system – the tools and programs that make your idea attractive to potential investors

+ Define your brand: Great franchises begin with great brands, and great brands are based on unique attributes that distinguish your product or services from those of your competitors. AFI can help you position your brand based on features that make your offer stand out from others in the industry. Once that’s done, we’ll help you create or upgrade your website and other marketing materials to communicate your brand message to both potential franchisees and their customers

“When you work with AFI franchising professionals, you will benefit from our expert eye as we assess your business and develop a customized plan with the franchise consultation services your business needs” Tipton Shonkwiler, president of AFI

+ Devise an effective sales plan: When your franchise system and your brand message is in place, you’ll want to introduce it to people who are most likely to get excited about your offer and convert it to a sale. AFI uses proven lead-generating strategies to find qualified candidates who will give your franchise opportunity serious consideration

+ Don’t forget about financing: Don’t forget that you’ll need sound financing to convert a business to a franchise, or to expand an existing franchise. You’ll need a business plan to show prospective investors how you will use their money to provide a fair return, and you may also need access to reliable funding sources. AFI helps its clients craft clear, comprehensive business plans that can be presented to private investors or to our qualified financing partners

When the above steps are followed and the right owners are trained, set up, supported, and motivated, great things can happen for them and the franchisor.


AFI’s expertise doesn’t stop at converting businesses to franchises. If you’re thinking “I want to grow my franchise,” then AFI provides a wide variety of services to clients who are already successful franchisors. Whether a franchisor is looking to up the ante on existing sales techniques, enhance marketing strategy, break into international markets, or explore resale options, AFI consultants can help you improve every part of your business.


Are you an established franchise that doesn’t need to grow domestically but is looking to expand internationally? International expansion can be an exciting and rewarding next step. World Franchisor, AFI’s international consulting division, can help take your brand global.

Over the years, AFI has helped many clients identify global growth opportunities based on sound criteria including population, culture, and local tastes. Its team of international franchise consulting professionals can launch worldwide expansion programs, as well as plan and deliver a master license agreement to expand their brands across the globe.


Established: 1987

Contact: Tipton Shonkwiler,

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