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Gong Cha is ready to conquer Europe, the Middle East and Africa

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Gong Cha is ready to conquer Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Gong cha is looking to expand its footprint across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

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The only bubble tea franchise to make it onto the 2021 Franchise Times Top 400 List, Gong cha’s premium quality has shown once again that it is at the forefront of the bubble tea game.

Despite the pandemic, Gong cha recently celebrated the opening of its 1,500th store and almost 200 new stores just in 2021. Since opening its first store in Taiwan 15 years ago, Gong cha continues to expand its territories in prime locations with two of the more recent new openings being in London’s Covent Garden and Goodge Street.

“Gong cha recently celebrated the opening of its 1,500th store, and almost 200 new stores in 2021”

Einar Gustafsson, Gong cha CEO, Americas & Europe, describes the growing bubble tea market as “a compelling franchise investment opportunity – particularly loved by the younger demographic.” Gong cha is a leading, global player in the $2bn bubble tea business expected to hit $4.3bn worldwide by 2027. Here is why:

Brewing happiness

Gong cha is consistently ‘brewing happiness’ for its customers by providing top-quality products and service.

Teaching franchisees the exact temperature to brew the teas, to regularly prepare fresh tapioca pearls and the brand’s close attention to detail ensures that Gong cha bubble teas are superior to other bubble tea brands in the market.

But Gong cha doesn’t stop there. The brand offers more than 600 possible drink combinations and constantly creates new flavors, as well as regular seasonal menus – making sure that the thirst of each and every one of its large, diverse demographic is quenched with an exciting and customizable drink.

Gong cha’s streamlined operations and well-designed processes mean franchisees are guaranteed full support from the expert training team. U.S master franchisee Anchal Lamba, who has nearly 70 stores, has emphasized the importance of having the whole Gong cha team by her side. To ensure a high standard of service, franchisees are provided with detailed manuals and comprehensive instructions. In addition to this, Gong cha supply chains makes sure franchisees do not have to deal with any hassle in tracking down suppliers or sourcing ingredients.

Gong cha has a successful average gross revenue of over $898,370 for the top quartile in the U.S. Now, the brand is driven on expanding its footprint in key markets around the world – particularly in Europe, the Middle East, the U.S and Africa. Join the bona fide bubble tea sensation by becoming a Gong cha franchisee. Get in touch and start your exciting bubble tea journey today.

At a glance Gong cha

Established: 2006
Number of locations: Over 1,500
Location of units: 21 countries
Contact: EMEA – James Sollars, james.sollars@gong-cha.com
U.S.A. – Einar Gustafsson, einar.gustafsson@gongcha.com

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