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“Through the power of creative digital design, the All Points team builds brand communities”

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“Through the power of creative digital design, the All Points team builds brand communities”

All Points PR delivers powerful and integrated public relations with a fresh point of view to franchisors

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For ambitious franchisors looking to increase store revenues and enhance brand awareness while also promoting the brand’s franchise opportunity, your public relations strategy needs to be more than just a one-trick pony. An integrated public relations strategy is at the core of a highly effective lead generation, with creative content aligned across earned, paid and owned media channels.

Integrating the chief components of the public relations mix – media relations, content marketing, social media and digital marketing– will augment your brand’s intended goals: getting your message in front of your ideal franchise prospect or customer and solidifying a call to action that will increase the likelihood of you closing the deal or generating revenue.

That’s where All Points Public Relations comes in. Founded in 2011, All Points Public Relations has quickly ascended to the top of the franchise industry’s competitive PR set. The agency’s expertise in the well-defined franchising niche comes from a tireless commitment to staying at the leading edge of integrated PR strategies with brands that vary from well-known, national concepts to emerging franchise systems and innovative start-ups.

Given the agency’s deep understanding of the franchise industry and integrated approach, All Points PR brings a fresh point of view to your franchise development and consumer public relations strategy. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s integrated approach.

Building your brand and reputation

One of the best ways to draw in franchise leads and customers is to communicate brand differentiators and present authority figures to validate the experience. All media placements – whether it’s local, regional or national print or online press, television or radio segments – work toward the goal of explaining your brand differentiators and values to your ideal customer or lead.

Living by the motto of persistence, the All Points team is tireless in its efforts to generate publicity for its clients. From national franchise development and brand-building media coverage to community grassroots campaigns that drive local store revenues, the team hits the target to create the buzz that a client commands.

Organic social media and digital marketing pack a punch

Consistently producing quality content across organic social and paid digital marketing tactics creates an online portfolio for potential leads and customers. Through the power of creative digital design, the All Points team builds brand communities and showcases inspiring content with custom imagery, video and strategic distribution planning.

All Points PR’s fully integrated approach leverages organic social channels and paid amplification to reach each client’s target audience, with a special focus on proven lead-generation tactics. Using a combination of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn advertising, the agency monitors keywords with weekly updates to maximize ad performance and lead generation.

Nurture leads through the pipeline with content marketing

In conjunction with media relations and social media efforts, content marketing channels are a fantastic way to take advantage of today’s cost-effective multimedia opportunities to drive brand awareness, nurture franchise leads in the pipeline and SEO.

From strategy development to content creation, All Points PR generates a multifaceted digital footprint with search-engine-optimized website content, full-service email campaigns and executive long-form articles. The company further enhances its clients’ online credibility and visibility while engaging franchise leads and customers to move along the sales journey toward the purchase of franchise investments, products and services.

Unite the franchise sales and marketing mix

Traditionally, the sales and marketing teams work on opposite ends of the sales funnel, but in today’s digital landscape, it’s more crucial than ever for both teams to be integrated and aligned throughout the entire lead journey. When All Points launched its new lead qualifying department last year, it set out to close that gap by using feedback from the sales process to guide marketing decisions.

Bringing the lead qualifying process ‘in-house’, All Points is able to make immediate adjustments to messaging and vertical targeting based on feedback from the leads themselves. The team’s knowledge from more than a decade of lead generation provides a solid foundation to streamline the franchise sales process, to ensure that all marketing dollars are spent as efficiently as possible. As the dedicated lead qualifier for clients, the team manages the initial stages of the vetting process and facilitates the progress of leads within the development pipeline.

You can’t buy credibility, but you can earn it with integrated PR

An integrated PR strategy has the power to shift your franchise development and brand awareness into high gear. Get to your growth goals with a public relations approach that includes media relations, social media and content marketing all functioning in concert together. It will help you develop your lead flow and complete the conversions your franchise concept commands.

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All Points Public Relations designs customized integrated PR strategies that address what matters most to ambitious franchise brands

Year established: 2011

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