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The car champions wrapped for success

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The car champions wrapped for success

WrapChamp, a unique vehicle wrapping concept in a booming market, has taken Sweden and Norway by storm, and is gearing up for expansion across Europe

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Having identified an exciting gap in the market for vehicle vinyl décor, brothers Samuel, Rickard and Pontus Eriksson founded WrapChamp, a US-inspired vehicle wrapping concept now operating in Sweden and Norway.

The three founders have successfully run franchise operations since 2011, including Skyltstället, Sweden’s largest franchise chain in the sign industry, and have solid experience in building winning models.

As a testament to their expertise, WrapChamp has grown by more than one new studio per month since launching in 2021, with 19 franchises in Sweden and three studios in Norway. With a goal of being present in 10 countries in Europe within 10 years, WrapChamp is determined to give vehicle owners better accessibility and vehicle decoration service, all while maintaining top-notch quality.

The extensive portfolio of services

WrapChamp provides an end-to-end service from design to finished wrapping for all kinds of vehicles, including corporate and private cars, lorries, trailers and boats.

The entire customer process is carried out in a studio, which is designed to occupy a floor space of around 125 sq m, with space for working with at least one vehicle at a time. Based on the customer’s requirements, WrapChamp technicians suggest a wrapping design and total price, followed by foliage production on-site, with materials either from stock or on order. The vehicle is then brought to the studio for the foliage to be applied, with clients being able to choose from:

  • Business wrap – logos and different messages on vehicles
  • Detail wrap – to “pimp out” the vehicle a little
  • Full wrap – for both companies and private customers who want to look a little extra or do a clean color change on their vehicle
  • Sunwrap – solar film for a nicer climate or just a more stylish vehicle
  • Protective wrap – transparent film that protects the car’s paintwork against scratches
  • Fleet wrap

Tapping into a rich market

WrapChamp’s customer base is made up of both companies and private customers, which makes it a lucrative business opportunity.

“Europe’s automotive wrap films market was $1,37 billion in 2021 and is predicted to be $7,94 billion in 2030 according to GVR Grand View Research,” explained Samuel. “We also see that the overall automotive industry is moving in a direction to reduce or in the future completely stop painting cars.

“Most electric cars today are only delivered in a few colors. In the near future, it is likely that you will visit a car dealer and there will only be white cars in the hall. “As the car industry is cutting back on painting cars, there are fewer and fewer color choices to make on a new car today. This means that many customers choose to foil their car instead in the desired color.”

To meet this demand and ensure the highest levels of quality, each WrapChamp studio has top-of-the-line machines that are continuously replaced. The brand uses the best materials in the industry from suppliers like Hexis, Oracal and 3M, with printers and cutting machines from manufacturers like Mimaki.

An opportunity for master franchisees

WrapChamp is determined to change the industry and make a difference, so it won’t stop until present in all countries in Europe in the next few years. The brand is looking for keen individuals who want to run a local studio as a franchisee or someone who wants to run an entire country as a master franchise.

“As a master, you must run your own pilot unit, recruit franchisees, manage certain marketing, look after or help the franchisee with his finances and manage contact with local suppliers,” said Samuel. “ As a franchisee within WrapChamp, you can run your own business with something you love, but the chain takes care of everything administratively.

“In Norway, we have a master franchisee that grows with local franchisees there. We want to develop that model in several countries. We are looking for sociable, handy people interested in cars. We teach the rest within the concept.”

Support every step of the way

To ensure maximum success for its franchise partners, WrapChamp provides both initial and recurring training in a comprehensive training program. Prior to opening your studio, you will undergo one week of basic training at the head office in Sweden, with short daily video meetings and longer weekly catch-ups held thereafter.

A joint conference is also held once a year, which is a great chance for WrapChamp franchisees to meet and exchange invaluable experience. The head office in Sweden is available to assist with all types of requests continuously, with technical support also being handled via the master franchisee in each country.

The proof is in the numbers

The market potential for car wrapping services is enormous, which means a WrapChamp franchisee can break even within six to nine months. Then you must be able to run your business with full and reasonable salary withdrawals and bear all costs of the business.

The entry fee is only €5,000 and this must be refundable in the second year of operation.

“15 units in Sweden between April and December 2021 was a crazy start to the business,” explained Samuel. “Our franchisees reach profitability quickly, which is a good proof of an efficient organization. The fact that we already established ourselves outside of Sweden in the second year of operation and with a master franchisee is also something we are proud of.

“As owners, we have worked with franchises since 2011 and built Sweden’s largest chain in signs – it has been an important and good experience before the launch of WrapChamp!”

At a glance

Year established: 2021
Number of franchised outlets: 20
Location of units: 20
Investment range: €60,000 financeable
Minimum required capital: €10,000

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