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Monday 6th February, 2023

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How To Own Your Own Gold’s Gym

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How To Own Your Own Gold’s Gym

2018 promises to be a great year for the fitness industry – and market leader Gold’s Gym is looking for dynamic partners to assist in its ongoing global expansion

As the sun rises each day – from Amsterdam to London, Dallas to Dubai, and far-flung points around the globe – Gold’s Gym welcomes its members, ready to push for their personal best.

With every workout, Gold’s continues its long-held mission to transform lives. For 50+ years, industry-leading Gold’s Gym has strived to “help people achieve their potential through fitness.” And the company that pioneered the industry from its first location in the United States in 1965 is now redefining it with personalization and innovation on a global scale.

Gold’s has gladly been a part of millions of members’ fitness journeys – more than three million members around the world, to be exact. In 2017, 49 gyms opened globally. That makes 700+ gyms in 28 countries on six continents, including two of the largest Gold’s Gyms ever built – in Amman, Jordan and Alexandria, Egypt. And today, the iconic brand is looking fitter than ever with “The Power of Experience.”

“As the #1 fullservice fitness franchise in an $84 billion global fitness industry, Gold’s heads into 2018 on a quest to take its enthusiasm and passion for fitness to millions more, including growth into Europe and China”

Sky’s the limit for innovative fitness industry leader

“The fitness industry continues to
grow and post year-over-year record
health club membership,” says Ken
Phipps, Gold’s Gym director of global franchise development. As the #1 full-service fitness franchise in an $84 billion-dollar global fitness industry, Gold’s heads into 2018 on a quest to take its enthusiasm and passion for fitness to millions more, including growth into Europe and China.

Last year, Gold’s Gym further expanded its international footprint with 15 new gyms in India and seven new gyms in Japan. Saudi Arabia is set to double its market share from 10 to 21 gyms later this year.

An international agreement also was signed in Iraq, and plans to expand into Vietnam and Thailand are well under way.

“We had a great year,” says Phipps. “As more people worldwide have realized the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, they embrace our approach to fitness.” That includes celebrating milestones such as the 20th anniversary for the Gold’s Gym network in Egypt, once more reinforcing the brand’s longstanding leadership position on the international stage.

As Gold’s Gym reaches new markets, franchisees monitor their success not just by the return on investment but also by benefiting personally from the distinct silver lining of Gold’s mission: sharing healthier choices and lifestyles.

Texas franchisee Bryan Murphy sees transformation in his clients’ lives
every day as they embrace a healthy lifestyle with frequent visits to one of his six Houston-area Gold’s Gyms. “I am passionate about fighting obesity, particularly childhood obesity,” he says, “so growing additional gyms in my market is important for me in order to bring fitness and a healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible.”

“Each new country being considered for Gold’s Gym expansion is carefully researched.”

Global perks for franchisees, fitness devotees

For investors looking for a business with not only brand recognition but also a sense of purpose with a positive impact, Gold’s Gym has a proven formula to offer potential business partners. Multiple markets are still available worldwide, and international expansion comes with choosing skilled master franchisees who can champion the brand in countries around the world.

Master franchisees must have experience in growing multiple locations with their own company or as a franchisee with another brand in another country. Gold’s Gym carefully vets all potential master franchisees to increase the probability of franchise success.

Each new country being considered for Gold’s Gym expansion is carefully researched. Whether to consolidate prospective markets under one master franchisee or to divide areas into several territories is part of the initial process on the way to successfully opening new locations.

Gold’s Gym also offers the potential for a strong return on investment with market-leading, best-in-class service, a respected and well-known brand, a proven track record for growth over five decades, innovation in the industry and a knack for responding to members’ requests for new products and services. Members benefit from top-of-the-line fitness equipment, personal training, worldclass facilities, group exercise options and more.

In addition, Gold’s continually strives to respond to member demands and trends, such as the fitness app, GOLD’S AMP™.

Tech-savvy fitness aficionados can download GOLD’S AMP™, a personalized, digital personal trainer on an app available on Apple App Store and Google Play. Its custom music library with a wide range of available coach-led workouts makes exercise both enjoyable and easily available for those on the road.

GOLD’S 3D™ is the organization’s new, cutting-edge body scan that takes less than a minute to capture measurements, producing a 25-page Fitness Profile with personalized fitness goals.

GOLD’S STUDIO®, a recently launched training concept that includes GOLD’S FIT®, GOLD’S BURN™ and GOLD’S CYCLE™, which is the latest approach in making exercise both relevant and exciting. Last year, BOOTCAMP also was implemented at 150 gyms, with plans to expand exponentially this year.

“Functional training will continue to be an industry focus in 2018,” Phipps says. “As a commitment to our members, franchisees, and master franchisees, Gold’s constantly tries to evolve in how we approach both fitness and our business model.” If you have exceptional business acumen and experience and are enthusiastic about fitness, you may be ideal to be a master franchisee for Gold’s Gym in your country.

Potential candidates must have strong financial capability (net worth in excess of $1M).

Are you ready to begin your journey and transform your life? Join the legacy.

Name of franchise: Gold’s Gym

Established: 1965

Number of outlets: 701 [550 franchise / 151 corporate-owned]

Location of units: India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, UAE, Oman, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, Czech Republic, Armenia, Kuwait, Morocco, Jordan, Trinidad, Canada, Peru, Australia, UK, Mexico, Saipan, Netherlands, Qatar

Investment Range: $2.5M to $5M

Minimum required capital: $500,000+ liquid, $1M+ net worth

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