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Wednesday 7th December, 2022

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Out of office
Out of office


Out of office

Need some advice, motivation or feel stuck in your career? Consider this your monthly pick-me-up dose of business inspiration

The influencer we follow for all things franchise

Lou Gervasi

Lou is a figure a majority of the franchising world will have interacted with in one way or another. His enthusiasm for franchising is infectious. Whether it’s on your social media timeline, or in person at the IFA Annual Convention, you can expect to see Lou with a big smile on his face, chatting with attendees. But his commitment to franchising is more than skin deep. Lou currently works for the Canadian Franchising Association (CFA) as the senior manager of development and member relationships. He knows how to bring people together, and started over 12 years ago with the CFA.

Nowadays, you can find Lou at the Canadian Franchising Association’s many events as well as a few select shows and conferences around the world. If you see him, make sure to say hello!


The podcast we tune into for fitness inspiration

Fitness franchise podcast

The Fitness Franchise Podcast is hosted by Bryce Henson — and a figure who is no stranger to the Global Franchise magazine and podcast, Bryce is the CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp.

It’s clear to see this podcast is a labor of love for the hosts, who don’t simply make a living from fitness but derive a sense of meaning from it. While the show’s description states that the podcast is ideal for anyone looking to start their own fitness business, the hosts also enjoy speaking to experts in the field to learn about non-business-related issues.

The podcast launched in April 2021 and episode length ranges from around 40 minutes to one hour, giving audiences ample to listen to and learn from. From building the overall system to firing employees, this podcast covers it all.

Must-listen episode: Episode 4 – From 100k in debt to an eight figure earner

The podcast we tune into to find a franchise fit

Franchise hounds

Franchise Hounds is hosted by Greg Macchia, a certified franchise executive (CFE) and franchise consultant. Like many of his podcasting counterparts, the idea for the show came during the pandemic when Greg drafted in the help of his son to help edit every episode!

While this podcast does deliver topic-focused episodes, it’s geared towards giving franchisors the chance to honestly and openly discuss the franchise opportunity. Greg has hosted episodes on how to fund a franchise investment and has even spoken with successful authors who’ve penned books on franchising.

The podcast complements Greg’s role as a ‘franchise matchmaker’, who looks to combine the franchisee with the appropriate franchise brand. Episodes are at around 38 minutes.

Must-listen episode: Episode 4 – Why veterans are a great fit for franchising with Matt Wiggins from VetFran


The book we read to delve deep into the world of Starbucks

Onward: How Starbucks Fought For Its Life Without Losing Its Soul by Howard Schultz

Sometimes, lessons are best learned from others’ experiences, and not as a list of techniques to trial or follow. Howard Schultz is the epitome of a doer and somebody who keeps moving forward despite setbacks.

Schultz had experience with Starbucks and worked for the brand for three years, between 1982 and 1985. He left to start his own businesses and to varying success; he even bought a retail brand from Starbucks a few years later. He re-joined in 2008 in an attempt to right the ship that many claimed was off-course. This book provides an insight into how a behemoth was turned around by a committed leader who cared both for the business, and its consumers. Schultz’s story is inspirational and should serve to show that leaders ‘winning the right way’ is just as important as winning.

The book we read to navigate a billion-pound family empire

Around the Corner to Around the World: A Dozen Lessons I Learned Running by Robert Rosenberg

While general business best-sellers provide franchisors with a degree of insight, there’s nothing like hearing from a former, successful, global franchisor.

Dunkin’ is a highly recognizable American brand loved for its delightful range of donuts. Former CEO, Robert Rosenberg, grew the donut and coffee brand from $10m in sales to $2bn during his thirty-five-year tenure. In this fascinating book, Robert, who is also the son of founder, William Rosenberg, offers his insights adapted to the franchising industry. His unique perspective is a must-read for franchisors and franchisees alike to get an idea of the challenges they may face one day, and how to grow a small business into a global giant.

The book we read to make the first three months in business count

First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels by Michael Watkins

Michael Watkins’ best-seller is one of the best in the field and is directly focused on how to make sure the first 90 days – whether that’s for an employee, CEO of department – go smoothly and successfully. The first 90 days in a new role can be critical and set the tone for years to come, therefore it’s important to nail them and reach what Watkins describes as the “breakeven point”, whereby the organization needs the individual as much as the individual needs the organization.

As the co-founder of Genesis Advisors, Watkins is well-placed to deliver this advice. His company specializes in providing coaching and workshops to Fortune 500 companies, giving him a unique vantage point from which to outline how to tackle the first 90 days.

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