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Multi-unit franchising deals in 2021


Multi-unit franchising deals in 2021

The world of franchising has performed well in 2021 despite lockdowns and supply issues, and franchisors have continued fueling the growth of their brands with multi-unit deals

While many of the COVID-19 issues related to 2020 carried into 2021, they were hugely mitigated by the rollout of vaccines across the world. It allowed some normality to come back and the resumption of business as usual, to an extent. Any brand that could, resumed business activities as soon as local laws allowed it, which included franchise development. 

Multi-unit development is a strong method of growth. it pinpoints a number of locations with expected dates, giving a proficient franchisee the ability to develop and successfully run a number of locations to build their portfolio. 

Here are some of the largest and most notable multi-unit franchise deals signed in 2021. 

Club Pilates

The U.S.’s largest boutique pilates brand, Club Pilates, has signed a multi-unit deal with the experienced entrepreneur and existing franchise owner, David Schuck. Through this deal, Schuck will develop 13 units along with licenses to open a further 16, making this one of the brand’s largest deals with a franchisee in its history. 

Potential number of units: 29 

Read more about Club Pilate’s multi-unit franchise deal here 


Partners Jim Bennett and Rusty Skalla from Peachtree Development & Investments have significant experience in single-tenant commercial spaces, and especially in the restaurant industry. They have signed a deal to open the first Dickeys Georgia location in Evans, with a further 11 units in the pipeline across Georgia and South Carolina. 

Potential number of units: 48 

Read more about Dickey’s multi-unit franchise deal here 


IWG, the flexible workspace provider and owner of Regus and Spaces, has signed three new franchise cluster agreements to bring a total of 15 new locations to London over the coming years. Signed with WG1 Offices Limited, Pluto Workspace, and Seedspace, the deals will address the demand for flexible workspace in the U.K. capital.

Potential number of units: 15 

Read more about IWG’s multi-unit franchise deal here 

Blaze Pizza

The fast-casual pizza concept, Blaze Pizza, has signed several multi-unit deals that will see 16 new Blaze sites open in Texas, Florida, and Tennesse in the coming years. The specific markets that Blaze Pizza plans to expand within include Austin, Texas; Panama City, Florida; and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Texas growth is spearheaded by multi-unit operator and CEO of Carpo Pizza Enterprises Kelsey Irvine, who will open 10 new locations in the greater Austin area. 

Potential number of units: 16 

Read more about Blaze Pizza’s multi-unit franchise deal here 

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop has signed a deal with local New York City-based franchisees, Michael Sheinman and Nick Sampogna, who will develop at least six units in the Brooklyn area. The brand, founded by restauranteur Stratis Morfogen, has already opened its flagship location in New York’s East Village. The brand has also signed multi-unit franchise deals in Austin and Georgia, with five units per state. 

Potential number of units: 15 

Read more about Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s multi-unit franchise New YorkTexas and Georgia deals  

Taco John’s

Taco John’s has signed the biggest franchise agreement in its history with Meritage Hospitality Group, which is the largest Wendy’s franchisee group. As per the agreement, Meritage will develop 50 new Taco John’s locations by March 2026, and have the option to build a further 150 restaurants. This should come as no surprise as Taco John’s earlier in the year stated its intentions to expand its presence across key markets in the U.S. 

Potential number of units: 200 

Read more about Taco John’s multi-unit franchise deal here 


Scenthound has announced the signing of three new multi-unit agreements in the state of Texas, focusing on Austin, Dallas and Houston. The brand plans to create 15 new locations with these agreements. Over the course of the last year, Scenthound has signed with a number of franchisees, with 100 either operating or in development across key markets like Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee and Virginia. 

Potential number of units: 15 

Read more about Scenthound’s multi-unit franchise deal here 


Hoots, the fast-casual concept owned by the same parent company as Hooters, HOA Brands, has announced an agreement to bring 18 Hoots locations to southern California over the next five years in the Los Angeles and Orange County Area. The first location forecast to open will be in Orange Country, headed up by experienced entrepreneur, Reza Medali. 

Potential number of units: 18 

Read more about Hoot’s multi-unit franchise deal here 

Little Kitchen Academy

Little Kitchen Academy alongside its Ontario development partner, Caroline Irving, will help the brand expand to 50 locations in Ontario by 2025. This builds on the brand’s strong presence in the region with its Oakville location up and running since July 2021 and four more planned to open in 2022. Irving will open five locations of her own in the region while supporting new franchisees. 

Potential number of units: 50 

Read more about Little Kitchen Academy’s multi-unit franchise deal here 

Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness has announced the signing of the largest development agreement in its history with Fitness Para Todos, S. de. R.L. de C.V. (“FPT”) to develop at least 80 locations in the next five years. Currently, there are five locations in Mexico, all in the Monterrey area. 

Potential number of units: 80 

Read more about Planet Fitness’ multi-unit franchise deal here 

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