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The breakthrough brand revolutionizing non-surgical care

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The breakthrough brand revolutionizing non-surgical care

QC Kinetix has taken advantage of incredible leaps in non-interventional medical care to help suffering patients

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QC Kinetix is the revolutionary brand behind the growth of non-invasive, regenerative medicine. The recently founded brand is ready to expand and bring its incredible offering to potential franchisees the world over. Founded by Tyler Vail, MMS, PA-C, Justin Crowell, and Richard S. Schaffer, Jr., MD, and helmed by CEO Scott Hoots, the quartet has decades of combined experience within the medical industry, whether it’s working as a physician with sports teams or leading an operations department.

How do QC Kinetix’s treatments work, and what do they do?

A lifetime of manual work, or involvement in sports can lead to painful and restrictive musculoskeletal and joint issues. Conventional medical treatment can often involve surgical intervention and the prescription of drugs.

QC Kinetix treats patients with regenerative medicine, as described by chief medical officer, Richard S. Schaffer, Jr., MD: “Regenerative medicine is a science-based and interdisciplinary approach to healing that involves the use of the body’s own cells, plasma, platelet-derived growth factors, and tissues, to repair and restore healthy function to tissues and physiological systems.

“The fundamental principle behind regenerative medicine is to hyper-concentrate the very best healing and reparative factors that one’s body already has and then put that concentrate into injured, damaged, or poorly functioning areas in ways the body could never naturally do.”

Many patients do not want to take drugs or go under the knife, and QC Kinetix provides a solution that incorporates neither, helping to provide pain-relief long-term and improve overall quality of life.

Why franchise with QC Kinetix?

The regenerative medicine market is predicted to be worth $48.97bn by 2025, and QC Kinetix will stand at the fore of the industry as its popularity grows. The brand is on the hunt for both unit and master franchisees who can lead the brand’s growth in foreign markets.

Franchisees can rest assured with QC Kinetix knowing the brand is led by medical experts who have experience in the field, and have proven the concept in over 100 locations across the U.S. This growing, cutting-edge area of medicine is finding increased demand.

  • Best in-class leadership team with extensive industry-specific experience
  • Comprehensive training program online and at the brand headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • An onboarding manager to support the process
  • Easy-to-use and effective software systems to manage locations.

Potential master franchisees’ inquiries are welcomed too, as the brand seeks highly experienced leaders and entrepreneurs to trailblaze a path for QC Kinetix in their home market. Master candidates must have access to capital and an already existing business infrastructure as proof of competency and to support the brand’s growth in the chosen market.

The brand is backed by the likes of Emmitt Smith, the legendary former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, so give the team a call today and see what they can do for you.

At a Glance QC Kinetix

Year established: 2017
Number of franchised outlets: 150
Location of units: U.S.A.
Investment range: $110,000 – $250,000 per unit
Minimum required capital: $2m for country master franchise
Contact: William Edwards, senior international representative,

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