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Offer City Wide’s trusted facility solutions in your territory

North America

Offer City Wide’s trusted facility solutions in your territory

The City Wide brand has been in business since 1961, racking up decades of credibility. As one of the most trusted names in the world of facility solutions, success is almost guaranteed for its franchisees

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All entrepreneurs and business-minded people want to work for themselves, and especially with a concept that is both future and recession-proof. There aren’t too many models like that, but City Wide is one of them, and it’s going global.

With 61 years of service to facilities across the U.S. and Canada, City Wide has the experience and expertise to bring its services to buildings around the world.

Future and recession-proof

Many franchise concepts rely on people’s wants and desires, but City Wide serves people’s needs. Its facility solutions are the highest quality available across the world, but the dependence companies place on City Wide hasn’t led to complacency. The brand is continually improving its offering and services to offer further value to its clients.

City Wide isn’t a brand that will suffer disruption any time soon. While many products and services have shifted to an app, facility solutions require competent and qualified individuals to carry out the work.

With a certified team of motivated individuals, City Wide has the talent on hand to serve any facility, and complete any job in any market around the world due to the universality of facility management.

Join a trusted brand family

City Wide is trusted across Canada and the U.S. The franchise brand has been in business since 1961, providing over six decades of consistent, high-quality service. Ever since City Wide’s humble origins in Kansas City, City Wide has grown at a sustainable rate, and now manages over 400 million square feet every night.

Today, CEO Jeff Oddo leads City Wide and the charge to become an international organization. The translatable concept is searching for qualified master franchisees in global markets who can realize the brand’s true potential in their territories.

The brand’s clients choose City Wide because of its access to vast resources, expertise, vendor selection and account management. It creates a stress-free arrangement for the client, something that isn’t entirely common in facility management.

Establish City Wide in your country

City Wide has major ambitions to become a leading provider of facility services worldwide. The brand wants to bring its best practices to every corner of the globe, and relieve facility managers of the stress of dealing with multiple solution providers.

The franchise brand has established itself as number one in North America, and wants to do the same in other parts of the world. Many countries do not have brands that offer every single service a facility requires under a single account, and do not have the years of experience that City Wide do.

Franchisees can expect support in every area of the business, from office leasing to SEO. The brand also runs City Wide University, which serves as a learning platform. A business performance coach will provide specialized guidance in the first weeks of operating to ease the franchisee into its new businesses.

City Wide is a trusted, recession and disruption-proof brand. Successfully claiming master franchise rights to City Wide could be the beginning of a business empire.

At a Glance City Wide

Established: 1961 (franchising since 2001)
Number of franchised outlets: 75
Location of units: USA & Canada
Investment range: $300,000 to $500,000+
Minimum required capital: Varies by location
Contact: Emma Crossley +1 9139618971

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