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Reinforce your franchise development

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Reinforce your franchise development

Jamie Izaks, president of All Points Public Relations, provides key advice on how to improve your franchise lead generation strategy

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With a looming recession and relentless global pressures, 2023 is shaping up to be a year like no other for franchise development marketing. Jamie Izaks, president of All Points Public Relations, shares what to keep in mind when generating leads.

Customize your lead journey

If you’re using the same messaging and design strategy for a sophisticated multiunit operator and an eager solopreneur, it’s time to re-evaluate your lead journey.

The best way to implement a varied engagement strategy for your growing lead pipeline is by designing a personalized journey. Every lead journey can be created with messages from different target channels. From running a customized Google ads strategy to driving leads to a unique landing page and with targeted email campaigns, these unique journeys provide multiple triggers for driving engagement.

There is no map written in stone for lead generation. After establishing a robust collection of lead profiles, think about incorporating varied messaging to target leads geographically or demographically. Boost social media posts, adjust keywords, or target specific media outlets through PR. These effective tactics can be part of an integrated strategy to focus on your ideal candidates, convert more leads and drive growth.

Peace between sales and marketing

Agile marketing is a tactical approach that involves cross-functional teams to achieve one common goal. Traditionally, sales and marketing teams work on opposite ends of the funnel, where marketing may focus on ongoing lead generation and sales concentrate on closing deals. Unfortunately, this lack of communication can lead to promising candidates being lost.

It’s crucial for both teams to be aligned throughout the entire journey. If sales are wasting time talking to bad leads, the information should be relayed to the marketing team to adjust their tactics and messaging. Since All Points PR launched our franchise sales department earlier this year, we’ve noticed a positive correlation between our integrated efforts and sales processes, as feedback is immediately shared to adjust messaging, imagery or keyword targeting to effectively target the lead persona.

When sales and marketing work together, it can profoundly affect your lead generation, producing a more qualified pipeline to close more franchise deals. Time and money are limited resources in franchise development lead generation – analyzing both factors in your strategy pays off.

Testimonials pack a punch

Quality content reigns supreme. To drive leads, start with curating well-crafted content to distinguish your brand from competitors and compel leads to close deals. Employ dynamic content such as virtual webinars with a dedicated email strategy, sending swag boxes to hot leads or utilizing franchisee testimonials across campaigns to validate the business model and the team that supports it.

With a customized lead journey, aligned teams and focused content that validates the franchise investment, you can set your goals for growth with confidence.

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