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Propelled Brands announces Andrea Hohermuth as president for FASTSIGNS International


Propelled Brands announces Andrea Hohermuth as president for FASTSIGNS International

Due to growth the franchise has announced a new president to be solely devoted to expanding the FASTSIGNS brand

Propelled Brands welcomes Andrea Hohermuth as the new president for its premier franchise brand, FASTSIGNS International.

With over 20 years of experience, Andrea has knowledge in franchising, technology, operations, and leadership, and has been integral to the modernization of multiple companies. Utilizing strategic vision and design to deliver on large-scale initiatives, she has a proven track record of overseeing departments and leading teams through transition and growth.

Prior to FASTSIGNS, Andrea held the role of chief operating officer of Threshold Brands, a multi-brand franchisor in the home services industry, for which she was instrumental in structuring. She also served as the senior vice president of technology and operations and was later the chief operating officer at MaidPro, the inaugural brand of Threshold Brands and one of the top 10 franchise companies ranked by Forbes.

At FASTSIGNS, Andrea is leading all franchise support efforts for the network, including business development, operations, supply chain, technology, IT support, training, sales development, digital signage, and national accounts. She met with franchisees and spoke about her vision for 2023 from the main stage at the FASTSIGNS International Convention held in Las Vegas this week.

Propelled Brands was formed in 2001 with FASTSIGNS International as its first brand. The franchisor later acquired the technology brand NerdsToGo and the salon suite franchisor Suite Management Franchising, which is the parent company to MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza.

Catherine Monson, the CEO of Propelled Brands who has served as the CEO and president of FASTSIGNS International since January 2009, knew it was time to have a president solely devoted to FASTSIGNS. Propelled Brands continues to grow and add more brands, so ensuring that the company had a strong, dedicated leader to continue to drive innovation and growth for its franchisees was essential.

Catherine explains: “It has been a true joy to be the dedicated executive focused on the FASTSIGNS brand for over 13 years, helping the FASTSIGNS Network grow. I have focused on implementing the franchising best practices of improving franchisee profitability, increasing franchisees’ profitable sales growth, increasing the value of the brand through excellent marketing, and increasing already-high franchisee satisfaction. The FASTSIGNS brand continues to be the recognized leader in the signage and visual graphics space.

“NerdsToGo and MY SALON Suite both have their own dedicated, focused presidents, and now FASTSIGNS has its own president. We took our time to find the right person for this role. Andrea Hohermuth’s franchising knowledge and experience, strong leadership skills, broad skillset, technology background–along with her passion and drive–make her the ideal president to continue to grow the FASTSIGNS network.

“As FASTSIGNS continues to grow as the leader in the signage and visual graphics industry, we are thrilled to have Andrea as the dedicated executive to continue to innovate, grow the brand and to support our franchisees in the FASTSIGNS Network. What a great way to bring in 2023.”

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