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Monday 6th February, 2023

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Franchise watch: The multi-service approach to franchising with Fantastic Services


Franchise watch: The multi-service approach to franchising with Fantastic Services

The Fantastic formula turning crisis into opportunity

The Fantastic formula turning crisis into opportunity.

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If we were to gather just one lesson from 2020, it would be that no business is immune to circumstances. How flexible and adaptable a business is, however, is what ultimately determines its fate.

Here is what Fantastic Services did when demand for property management services plummeted amid coronavirus fears – and how it helped the company keep its customers and employees healthy and happy.


With over 500 in-house support experts, more than 100 services, and more than 530 franchisеes spread across three continents, Fantastic Services has gathered momentum, and no world pandemics can get in the way.

Founded in 2009, the international company Fantastic Services offers a plethora of services in the property management field, including cleaning, landscaping, gardening, waste removal, and handyman services.

With a portfolio of over 100 services, it is safe to say that Fantastic Services is a one-stop shop for everyone considering franchise opportunities in the property maintenance industry.

In a recent interview in November 2020, Anton Skarlatov, co-founder of the global multi-service franchise Fantastic Services, shared his vision to expand in 40 new countries within the next five years.

As optimistic as it may sound, especially in times of financial crisis and pandemics, here is what makes us believe he might succeed.


Fantastic Services has an exceptional track record of achievements. In a little over a decade of existence, the company managed to become a leader in the property management industry and win numerous awards for technological innovation and outstanding performance.

But enough with the words for now; here are some stats about the successful franchisor, as it is sometimes better to let the numbers do the talking:
• Over 50,000 customers spread across three continents
• Over 530 successfully running franchisees
• Over £40m yearly revenue
• Six area development franchisees with revenue of over £1m
• Dedicated support of over 500 in-house experts


The Fantastic formula for success seems to be working quite well, considering how the company performed during the pandemic. “COVID-19 just proved our business unbreakable,” says Anton Skatlatov, co-founder. “It determined that Fantastic Services is here to stay.”

With so many businesses going down, Fantastic Services managed to continue working at a 70 per cent capacity during the coronavirus lockdown.

We asked Skarlatov what the secret was, and he responded that he had learned his lesson never to put all your eggs in one basket. He has made it his primary goal to focus mostly on domestic customers, so when the pandemic hit and most office buildings closed, Fantastic Services was not affected so noticeably.

Remaining faithful to the concept of diversification, the company has always been and will remain the ultimate one-stop shop for all property maintenance services. When you are a franchisee, there is nothing more liberating than knowing that you are flexible and have the freedom to add more services and sub-services to your portfolio, even when it gets tough.


The multi-service franchise approach of Fantastic Services is a significant factor that makes it stand out among the rest. From cleaning services, landscaping and gardening, to waste removal, pest control, and handyman services, the company has made sure to cover all areas of the property maintenance field and quickly became the industry’s ultimate one-stop-shop.

The multi-service franchise model is a win-win concept – since the end customer is happy, they don’t have to find numerous companies for the services they need. At the same time, the franchisee is also delighted with the flexibility and unlimited growth potential.

With over £20m invested in technology, Fantastic Services proves that the maxim “work smart, not hard” can be used in the often characterized as “boring” property maintenance industry. It doesn’t seem so boring now. The Fantastic CRM helps franchisees to visualize their schedule and get all the necessary information at a glance.

The CRM works in sync with all the apps and websites and makes it easy for the customers to navigate the interface and book what they need. The fully automated online booking process is simple to manage on the franchisees’ end and requires zero human monitoring.


When you are shooting for the stars, you best have reliable support to have your back. With over 500 in-house overreaching support staff, Fantastic Services makes a statement about just how serious it is about excellent customer support. Along with the support staff, 48 IT gurus and 80 marketing experts share the same vision – to help franchisees expand.

“COVID-19 just proved our business unbreakable. It determined that Fantastic Services is here to stay”

Fantastic Services follows a simple philosophy called the 360-degree happiness philosophy, where everyone is treated the same, regardless of whether they are franchisees, employees, or customers. The lack of hierarchy helps everyone focus on their own goals and stay on track with what they do best.

“Since day one, we have a set-in-stone philosophy that we go back to every time it gets tough. The idea behind our 360-degree-happiness philosophy is that we treat everyone the same,” says Skarlatov. “While many franchise companies are still trying to find their hierarchical way, we’ve made sure everyone has the same chance to grow and develop, both professionally and personally.”


Fantastic Services is well aware that its ultimate goal is to keep its franchisees happy as a franchisor. The fantastic support of over 500 in-house staff, the disruptive technology which automates bookings, the multi-service franchise approach, and the 360-degree philosophy all work together to make their lives easier. But what will make them super happy? Make them millionaires. That’s what!

The million-pound business mission is real and part of the company’s long-term goals for the coming 10 years. The goal is simple – help 1,000 businesses earn £1m.

Simple in writing, not so simple to implement… but not impossible. And as co-founder Rune Sovndahl recently said: “I believe it doesn’t matter what your background is, where you were educated and who your parents are. I don’t think you need to go to university to become a millionaire.”


Established: 2009

Number of franchised outlets: 530+

Location of units: U.K., Australia, U.S.

Franchise investment: £15,000 – £200,000

Minimum required capital: £30,000

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