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GF podcast: Shawn Olds of boodleAI


GF podcast: Shawn Olds of boodleAI

The CEO and co-founder of boodleAI explains how franchises can evolve beyond the third-party cookie

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Data, predictive analytics, and AI are tech-heavy terms that even the most technophobic entrepreneur simply can’t afford to ignore anymore. The future of marketing is in the cloud, and the brands that get on board with this idea first will be the true frontrunners of tomorrow.  

As such, organizations like boodleAI have been in fierce demand recently thanks to their powerful tools that turn customer data into actionable impact. boodleAI’s founders France Hoang and Shawn Olds initially founded the company to assist the non-profit space in finding more donors for worthy causes but soon recognized the power of their AI platform. Today, they work with franchise brands, too, in order to assist them boost their customer base and grow their brand.  

But as insiders may know, the world of digital marketing and AI is changing in a big way. Google’s announcement that it would phase out third-party cookies as of 2022 has marketers scrambling to catch up. To understand how this shift will impact business owners and franchise professionals alike, we sat down with Shawn Olds to talk all things artificial intelligence. 

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