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Saturday 24th February, 2024

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How to continue to recruit franchisees despite disruption


How to continue to recruit franchisees despite disruption

Because a different world requires a fresh approach when recruiting franchisee prospects

Because a different world requires a fresh approach when recruiting franchisee prospects.

From a business perspective, recruiting has been challenging for many different industries over the past year. With the introduction of the furlough scheme, redundancies and people being faced with the decision to leave stable jobs, becoming a franchise owner has seemed like a rather large investment to make for some individuals. However, there have also been many new opportunities to find fantastic talent that has arisen due to the pandemic and companies have been able to continue to grow their franchise network despite disruption.

Utilize new opportunities

When any business is faced with disruption, it is important to think quickly and open-mindedly about what changes can be made to make the best out of the situation in hand. While the pandemic has meant many people have sadly lost their jobs or have had to change their roles, it has also allowed people to think about their career paths and consider new opportunities.

For example, with a huge number of employees working from home, and enjoying increased flexibility, this has made more people consider what other opportunities they may have outside of their standard nine-to-five office-based position.

We know from speaking with new franchise owners that the pandemic has brought into focus the discrepancies between earning a great deal of money for an employer but this not being reflected in the wage and benefits package on offer. This has resulted in a large number of people wanting to work for themselves.

To utilize this change in attitude, invest time and effort targeting and sourcing prospects that are looking at a new career due to a change in circumstances, as well as individuals looking at taking advantage of the growth of certain sectors due to the lockdowns and overall impact of COVID-19. For example, industries such as online retail, digital marketing and shipping have all seen huge growth opening up new opportunities in sectors that people may not have considered working in before.

Set up a strategy to reach these potential franchisees through targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring that your message and what you offer is delivered to people that you know would be a great fit for your franchise network.

Enhanced interaction

Communication has been key for business success throughout the pandemic. With face-to-face meetings and interviews not being viable, it has been crucial for companies to shift towards virtual methods of interaction when it comes to their typical recruitment process.

In order to attract and interest potential franchisee recruits, organizations need to create interactions between individuals that are interested in purchasing a franchise and existing franchisees within their network. This allows prospects to get a full understanding of what goes into running a franchise and provides insight into what joining you may look like for them. This also means any questions or queries are answered by the best people: those that are already working directly as a franchise owner within your business.

Position your team as experts in their fields and really use their skills to help potential and new recruits to understand the USPs of your business and what makes each franchise offering successful. Now more than ever, it can feel daunting to dive into owning a franchise or leave an old position, so it’s essential to provide recruits with as much help and information as possible from the very start while building strong relationships through solid communication.

Ensure that you offer all recruits tailored information packs, including videos, case studies of current franchise owners and a step-by-step breakdown of your joining process to give them a clear idea of the opportunities that are available to them. This makes the process more efficient for both you and the franchisee and provides them with tangible assets to refer back to at a later date.

Make use of technology

One of the main things that have allowed businesses to navigate their way through the pandemic, especially with recruiting new franchisees, has been technology. Virtual interviews, as well as virtual events, are great ways to continue to market your business and attract new franchisees.

Not only is technology important for delivering your marketing during the recruitment process, but it also needs to be a consistent part of your offering. Franchisees need to know that you are leading the way with your services, and innovative technology is a huge part of this. Think about what technology your company incorporates that makes franchise owners’ lives easier and be sure to promote this. The rise in virtual meeting software has made it easier than ever to hold virtual conferences and invite potential franchisees. Without being limited by location, you can invite a huge number of interested parties to learn more about your offering without a large commitment – both in terms of time or money.

“Set up a strategy to reach potential franchisees through targeted marketing campaigns”

Some key areas to highlight at one of these events would be:

  • The benefits of being a franchisee, including potential earnings
  • Success stories from some of your current franchisees
  • Improvements to your systems and technological advances that will assist franchise owners
  • Sales tips for the successful growth of franchises

All of this information can be the difference between someone opening a franchise with you, and choosing another business, so it’s important that you get yourself out there as much as possible.

To summarize, it’s important to keep up to date with people’s needs and working attitudes and use this to your advantage when recruiting new franchisees. Don’t let disruption negatively impact your typical recruitment process, and think about how you can overcome challenges by offering something new or targeting potential franchisees in a different way.

Any business looking to successfully recruit new franchisees should not underestimate the power of good marketing and should continue to communicate with potential recruits by using technology. It’s never been more important to stand out, and there are many ways you can still do this as a business, despite the current climate.

Five ways franchisors can attract master franchisees

1. Reach potential franchisees through targeted marketing campaigns

2. Set up enhanced communication between existing, successful franchise owners and potential recruits

3. Provide in-depth information and insight into setting up a franchise with your business

4. Ensure your business offers advanced technology that assists franchise owners

5. Utilize virtual events and technology to promote your business and invite potential franchisees as guests


Howard McCormick is the franchise director of global logistics company World Options. He is head of all franchise operations and is responsible for recruitment of franchisees into the business

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