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Friday 1st July, 2022

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Join BNI GLOBAL, the Franchise That’s Changing the Way the World Does Business

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Join BNI GLOBAL, the Franchise That’s Changing the Way the World Does Business

BNI – the world’s largest and most successful business networking organization – has all the right processes, people and culture to make an enduring franchise

Driven by the passion to serve a greater good, BNI helps businesses around the world to create a culture of collaboration. Its underlying philosophy of Givers Gain – meaning that by giving business to others, you will receive business in return – is a key stimulus for the organization and a philosophy that all BNI business leaders exemplify in their daily lives.

BNI provides a unique opportunity for business leaders around the world to increase business through a structured, positive referral-networking program that enables them to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with quality, like-minded business professionals. Launching in 1985 with only one chapter, BNI now operates in 70+ countries, and has more than 210,000 members around the world. While it is an organization rooted in deep tradition, 32 years later the brand also places a large emphasis on innovation, and has invested heavily in technology, training and resources in order to expand the power of its referral networks.

An upward trajectory
Today, the franchise is seeking exceptional business leaders who are interested in leading BNI’s growth in a new country or in regions across the United States. Graham Weihmiller, BNI’s Chairman & CEO says: “In 2015, BNI set a lofty organization-wide BHAG – or a Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Essentially, our BHAG is to have really happy members and to have a lot of them. To quantify that goal, we agreed that in 5 years, we would have an NPS score of 50 and 500,000 members. Expanding our global footprint is one important way we will achieve our BHAG, thus it’s critical we continue growing with exceptional business leaders who are personally engaged in growing the brand, and who exemplify our core values every day.”

BNI continues to grow because it solves a fundamental challenge all professionals face: What is the best way for me to generate referrals and more sales? BNI’s master franchisees, which are called National Directors, and its sub-franchisees, which are called Executive Directors, help start and grow BNI chapters, earning revenue from members who pay a modest membership to join an organization that essentially adds a roomful of sales people to their team. Since members benefit by expanding the number of people in their chapter – and thus increasing the number of potential referrals – they double as recruiters, which helps chapters grow.
In 2016 alone, BNI member referrals generated over $11 billion USD in revenue for member businesses. And year after year, this number has continued to grow. Even more remarkable, BNI has proven effective in nearly every area of the world and across hundreds of business industries.
Unique business model with widespread benefits.

Established brand: BNI is an iconic, well-entrenched brand that has a proven track-record of sustainability, growing steadily for three decades thanks to the ability to deliver value to members regardless of the economic climate. When the economy is thriving, referrals help companies stand out in a competitive marketplace. When the economic climate is weak, BNI members have the benefit of a large network, to drive business their way.
Relatively low overhead for franchisees: The labor costs for operating a BNI franchise are low in comparison to many other businesses. Most BNI regional administrative posts are volunteer-driven or compensated at competitive rates. BNI Chapter meetings are typically held in libraries, restaurants, or town halls, which keeps operational costs low. Plus, franchisees are able to scale up operations gradually as they increase their membership.

Clear sense of purpose: BNI franchisees are part of an organization – and a network – that believes in social responsibility. Our franchisees repeatedly report that their job of helping business people achieve success is personally fulfilling. They see the difference that they are making in their communities, their regions, their country and really throughout world.

Positive economic impact: BNI referrals around the world generated over $11 billion USD for member businesses last year, helping to grow local businesses and economies and create more jobs.

A passionate team
BNI franchisees enjoy helping people connect, and doing work that makes a major positive impact in their communities. That’s the common passion that binds everyone in BNI together.

In terms of skills and backgrounds, franchisees come from all walks of life and have varying backgrounds. Dr. Ivan Misner, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, says, “Successful franchisees have confidence in their ability and know their style. They know how to form a winning team that balances their strengths and weaknesses. They recruit the right people for the team and empower them with the right tools and thinking.”

Your opportunity

BNI is recruiting passionate business leaders for both master and regional franchise opportunities available in countries around the world. BNI’s initial global focus will be to establish the organization in the following countries where there isn’t currently a presence. However, BNI is open to interviewing candidates and exploring opportunities in any new country or region.
Saudi Arabia
Puerto Rico
Dominican Republic

Interested in changing the way the world does business?
The first step is to introduce yourself – we want to hear from interested, qualified professionals. BNI has a clearly defined process designed to help you thoroughly investigate BNI – our people, our passion, or processes – and for BNI to understand your background, needs and goals.
Become part of a growing organization and make a positive impact in your community, region and country.
This communication is not directed to residents of any specific country or jurisdiction. Neither we nor anyone on our behalf will extend a franchise offer until we are in full compliance with the law of the jurisdiction(s) at issue.

At a Glance
Name of Franchise: BNI®
Established: 1985
Number of franchised outlets: 864
Location of units: Currently operating in 70+ countries
Investment range: In the US, the initial franchise fee for a new region is currently $45k USD. For new development or existing business opportunities within the US, please contact: Joe Ross ( For opportunities to develop a new country as a master franchisee, please contact Marcel Portmann (
Minimum required capital: Varies by country and region

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