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Thursday 26th May, 2022

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SUPERBRAND is coming
SUPERBRAND is coming

Event News

SUPERBRAND is coming

Coming to the IET in London on June 15, Superbrand is a key event for your 2022 calendar

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The British Franchise Association (bfa), the leading educational and trusted partner of U.K. franchising, is excited to be bringing its Superbrand event, in partnership with Barclays, back to London on June 15, 2022. This event has a truly global agenda and is an informative and established interactive learning platform for established brands both in the U.K. and those abroad that are looking to enter the U.K.

All sessions are tailored to deliver business insights and expand your knowledge, making sure that you are asking the right questions moving forward and that you understand the next steps in your franchising journey. Furthermore, this event will give all attendees perfect access to new opportunities and a new network within the franchising community.

Breakout sessions include:

SUPERBRAND: Designed for U.K. franchisors looking to expand their operations and take them to the next level. Focusing on growing existing franchisee profitability, brand acquisition and developing new products or services to really supercharge the business.

U.K. developer: Ideal for international franchisors looking at entering or upscaling in the U.K. It also focuses on sustaining the network, as well as why the U.K. is a great entry proposition and exploring what potential franchise partners want.

International expansion: Geared towards master franchising with next steps on research and wider analysis on geographical expansion, as well how to further team development and practical steps like legal considerations, which you will need to consider.

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the bfa, notes: “Our SUPERBRAND event is the first event you should consider attending if you want to really understand how to further develop and expand your brand and wider franchise operation into new and existing markets. There is a blended format of keynote presentations from speakers around the world of business and franchising and interactive breakout zones to truly get to the heart of the topic. All sessions are structured to give key take-away value for you and your business and provide the opportunity to network and learn from others, while building lasting connections.”

What past SUPERBRAND attendees had to say

“SUPERBRAND was a wonderful opportunity to peak under the bonnet of some of the most established and successful global brands. As we continue to scale Creation Station, it was really helpful to have my questions answered and pick up practical advice and tips. This event really delves into the details of international franchising, and is an ideal event to attend if you are serious about expanding your franchise.”

Sarah Cressall, founder and franchisor, the Creation Station

“Expanding into new domestic regions can be challenging, so crossing into international waters can be tenfold! The bfa’s SUPERBRAND event helped bridge those boundaries, allowing sharing of best practice from franchise professionals such as d&t, that have already made the leap or helped others do so. The event itself allowed lots of networking and sharing of best practice, as well as incredible insights into ways to mitigate the risk of international expansion. A must-attend if this is the next step in your franchise.”

James Thomas QFP, commercial manager, d&t


Where: IET London, 2 Savoy Place, WC2R 0BL
When: June 15, 2022
Cost: £135, plus VAT

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