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Saturday 24th February, 2024

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Bodystreet invests in new tech

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Bodystreet invests in new tech

The established fitness franchisor has emerged strongly from the pandemic with new ideas and products

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Bodystreet is a well-established leader in its market, offering electro-muscular stimulation, also known as EMS. The 2007-founded brand has gone from strength to strength since its foundation and has built a presence in seven countries, spanning three continents. Bodystreet claimed the regional champion award for Europe at The Global Franchise Awards 2022 earlier in the year.

After weathering the COVID-19 pandemic well, the award-winning brand has invested strongly into the future of fitness and is clearly observing what consumers want. The forward-thinking fitness franchise has updated its website, eStore, app, digital signage and is now introducing new tech to its franchisees.

From outdoor training to virtual reality (VR), Bodystreet is the fitness franchise of the future.

Investing in the future of fitness

Constant evolution and improvement are necessary to create a compelling investment opportunity in the franchise industry, and Bodystreet has doubled down on its continual improvement.

While the brand has made some significant superficial improvements, it’s invested in a new system to hugely improve the tracking of various functions in the body and to learn from them. The revolutionary Bodystreet SmartWear uses that information to better support its wearer by fine-tuning a range of electrical frequencies delivered to carefully selected areas of the body.

With continued use of the SmartWear, the app that the tech feeds into, learns more and more about the wearer and further optimizes its output.

The ground-breaking technology was designed in Germany by schwa-medico GmbH, and received the FIBO Innovation Award as a result. This new generation of technology strengthens Bodystreet’s offering and methods by providing more granular measurements, and finely tuned electrical stimulation. The app stores data on workouts and can adjust the electrical stimulation over long periods of time to be more effective. Customers’ workouts become more efficient, and consequently, will see positive results more quickly.

Fitness enthusiasts are always looking for small improvements, and Bodystreet’s new technology will give franchisees a leg-up over other adjacent brands.

Supporting growth through innovation and continual improvement

Bodystreet emerged strongly from the pandemic and didn’t use that time to simply stay afloat like many other brands. It actively invested in improving the brand, upgrading technology and increasing capabilities.

In addition to revamping the app, eStore and digital signage, Bodystreet has now added an outdoor component to its offering Customers will no longer be restricted to in-studio workouts and can now take their session in the fresh air.

Fitness brands are entering the virtual reality space, and Bodystreet is no different. In fact, the brand is far enough ahead in implementation that it is actively training its franchisees to make use of groundbreaking technology.

The fitness brand is in the middle of a phase of growth and is able to attract a sizeable customer base to each location. In fact, every foreign market the brand has entered has at least one high-performer location, with over 200 members.

If you want to join a fitness brand that constantly invests in its offering and is on a path to global domination, contact the team today!

At a glance

Year established: 2007
Number of franchised outlets: Over 300
Location of units: U.K., U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Tanzania
Investment range: $80,000 – $100,000
Minimum required capital: $50,000

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