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Maximize your brand’s global potential

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Maximize your brand’s global potential

Summa Franchise Consulting has created the Global Franchise Alliance program to help franchisors scale their businesses abroad through strategic partnerships

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The world has become a smaller place for the franchise industry and we at Summa Franchise Consulting have developed a new partnership to help our clients take advantage of it. From this new reality and based on the need for more significant domestic and international consulting services, the Global Franchise Alliance (GFA) program was created.

As franchisors continue to do increasingly more business in foreign markets it became obvious that there was a significant need for global partnerships between consultancies to help franchisors build and develop their brands abroad.

Many times, franchisors’ international development efforts struggle, or even fail when franchisors don’t understand the facts and particulars of doing business in a foreign market.

From understanding the global markets to culturally adapting concepts, products, or services, it can be challenging for franchise companies to make their foreign partners as successful as they are within their own home markets. Many need help with modifying operating systems; managing international supply chains, materials, and other aspects of their franchising program; tailoring a program to a particular market, and adapting training manuals to reflect the business and cultural nuance of a foreign market.

Neither franchisors nor franchisees — and particularly international Master licenses — want to see a concept that they’ve invested in so significantly potentially operationally or economically, struggle, or fail.

Our Global Franchise Alliance program is a partnership between market-leading franchise companies. Founded by Summa Franchise Consulting in the United States, this partnership brings together leading franchise consulting firms in international markets from around the world.

The vision behind the formation of Global Franchise Alliance (GFA) was created from the demand of franchisors and franchisees alike to work with a franchise consulting organization that fully understood the requirements of every market regardless of the country or region of the world they might be looking to develop their franchise system within.

We structured the Global Franchise Alliance partnership to offer a seamless service across the globe for clients, providing resources, experience, and market-specific knowledge to give our clients the comfort that they can reduce the number of global partnerships they are managing to drive franchisee growth and support, and leverage local experience and expertise that is so important to managing risks and creating success.

In our approach, GFA can help our clients grow regardless of the market or direction of their geographical expansion.

With an initial footprint in the United Kingdom, where our partner is Michael Smith, Managing Director at Crimson Management; Scott McDaniel, Managing Director at BlueSeas Franchise in Singapore (serving the Asia Pacific region), and partners Ruzivo Chipeta and Grace Chirumanzu, Directors at ROAR Consultancy in southern Africa, serving the continent – along with our founding member, Summa Franchise Consulting in the United States – the Global Franchise Alliance has already become a resource for the franchise industry. These partners bring hundreds of years of collective experience – as franchisors, franchisees and in global franchise consulting to our clients. With many more partnerships to be announced – the GFA has already begun to have a significant impact on both global franchise consulting, international franchise development, as well as franchisors’ operating partnerships in many parts of the world.

Key to our success has been that we collectively are able to provide international consulting services to clients beyond just franchise sales or franchise development. Our partners bring significant operating expertise, positively impacting the business of our collective clients and their businesses. Global Franchise Consulting works with our clients at all milestones along the franchising path, from formation to system growth, through to maturity and equity exit in seven principal areas. We offer services in 47 different areas of expertise, including:

  • Franchise Strategy Consulting
  • Franchise Program Development
  • Franchise Development – Sales Consulting
  • Franchise Development – Sales Outsourcing (FSO)
  • Franchise Development: Outbound from
  • Domestic Market to International
  • Franchise Development: Inbound to the U.S.A.
  • Franchise Operations Consulting

Our franchise consultancy services can be customized to any specific client needs that serve our client’s brands and businesses. Whether you are new to domestic or international franchising or an experienced international franchisor with units overseas, we can work with you to maximize your brands’ potential for growth.

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Established: 2022
Partners: 4 – Asia, Europe, Africa and United States
Phone: +1 480-269-0527
HQ: 8585 E Hartford Dr, Suite 200, Scottsdale, AZ 85255 USA

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