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Friday 23rd February, 2024

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How To Own A Grimaldi’s Restaurant

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How To Own A Grimaldi’s Restaurant

New York style pizza franchise Grimaldi’s already has established locations across the U.S. Now this iconic brand fires up for international expansion

It’s not just Great New York Pizza. Grimaldi’s doesn’t just mean great pizza. It is the very best New York Style Pizza in the World. And for the first time ever, Grimaldi’s franchises are available to markets throughout the world.

Our Story

We have spent the last ten years plus, perfecting a way to replicate the perfect pizza and the perfect customer service, no matter what city we opened, across the
continental United States. Our dedicated leaders and passionate staff work endlessly to deliver the ultimate New York Style Pizza Restaurant, with every new opening. No matter what Grimaldi’s pizza restaurant you enter – the flavor, the consistency, the service and the environment are all delivered with the ultimate care and impeccable service.

In other words, Grimaldi’s is ready for international expansion.

Best Pizza On The Planet

We are not arrogant about our product. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Our executive team, our chef, our oven cooks and our wait staff all understand that the Grimaldi’s brand is only as good as our worst pizza. And that knowledge drives us to be great every time.

It is for this reason, a near obsessive drive to be the very best FOR OUR CUSTOMERS, that we are now seeking internationally positioned, like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs who share our vision and commitment to excellence. It is with these great influencers that we aim to expand the Grimaldi’s brand around the world.

With Passion, Comes Success

With 50 successful Grimaldi’s Pizzeria restaurants currently operating across the United States, global expansion is our next logical move. We have created a winning strategy that is completely replicable and tailored to please customers no matter where we break ground. We are the perfect confluence of delicious pizza, beautiful surroundings, timely service and price point. It is this recipe for success that puts our dining rooms at the top of loyal customer lists throughout our industry.

A Rare Culinary Opportunity

We are where we are today because we love what we do. We want to work with those who want to uphold and continue our customer-first tradition of culinary excellence.

Our unique coal-fired pizza restaurant has not only achieved the only 5 Star Diamond Award given by The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, recognizing us as the best
Pizzeria in the world.

“Our proven concept is made possible by our commitment to using only superior-quality ingredients, unique menu offerings, an authentic warehouse – subway themed restaurant design and flexible approach to developing new markets.”

Our proven concept is made possible by our commitment to using only superior-quality ingredients, unique menu offerings, an authentic warehouse – subway themed restaurant design and flexible approach to developing new markets. For these reasons, we know Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is uniquely-positioned for future growth. In fact, we are looking forward to several new locations opening in the UAE managed by our newest partner the LULU-Tables Group, the first of which to open doors in Dubai in 2018.

Like our future partners, we take tremendous pride in every aspect of our business operations, relationships and fully understand the commitment it takes to become successful. That’s why we are solely interested in seeking out operators with the drive and passion to succeed – so that we may do what we do best in providing them with the essential training and tools to run a hugely successful and consistent Grimaldi’s restaurant. If you feel like this is you and your organization that we are describing, we could not be more excited than having you become a part of our international family.

United, we will have the common goal of establishing and maintaining our shared Grimaldi’s brand as the world’s best pizzeria.

Grimaldi’s Doesn’t Just Follow…

We have been and will always continue to innovate by setting and then resetting the bar for culinary excellence and service throughout our industry.

Our focus remains serving the perfect, New York style pizza – made the way it was 100 years ago in Brooklyn, NY – right at the base of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Our original restaurant still stands today, and because of that, we are the only brand whose recipes and cooking methods are truly and historically authentic. Gas, wood, electric and hybrid pizza oven systems used by our competition are simply not capable of producing the authentic taste that a 100 percent coal oven creates. It’s a known fact among bakers and chefs worldwide that coal ovens produce superior tasting breads, pastries and pizzas. All one has to do is take a bite of a Grimaldi’s pizza to find out for themselves. Competitors using gas, wood, electric and hybrid fuel ovens only do so because of cost, or lack of know-how, and primarily for convenience – but let’s be clear – their decision comes at the expense of the customer. Our special recipe coal-fired crust stands at the foundation of our position as America’s undisputed champion of neighborhood quality pizzerias. By using the methods of the old Brooklyn New York master pizzamakers, you can and will produce the best pizzas your customers have ever tasted, unless, of course, they’ve already had the good fortune of previously visiting one of our stores in the US. Every new visitor that walks in will immediately appreciate the difference in every bite of Grimaldi’s pizza. They will not only delight in seeing the unique coal fired oven built as the centerpiece of our restaurants, but in watching the talented pizza cooks create the pizza pies known as the very best this world has to offer.

A Reputation That Speaks For Itself

Across the pizza industry, Grimaldi’s has garnered more awards than any other pizzeria in the United States. This will soon be the case across the globe. This has been accomplished by using only the freshest ingredients, our own 100+ year-old “secret recipe” pizza sauce, homemade mozzarella cheese and the highest quality dough made from scratch. It is our passion for pizza coupled with our passion for people, that has made us a “must have” for pizza lovers and celebrities alike – including Frank Sinatra and former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Most Award-winning Pizza In The U.S.

Among the fastest-growing, privately held restaurant brands in the country, as ranked by Restaurant Business, Grimaldi’s continues to receive national media accolades for its unique concept and quality product including:

5 Star Diamond Award
American Academy of Hospitality Sciences

Best Pizza in NY
Zagat Survey

Name of Franchise: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Established: 1990

Number of franchised outlets: International 1, with over 50 companies owned in US

Location of units: USA, UAE( May 2018)

Investment range: 975K-1.75M

Minimum required capital: 3-5M



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