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Jani-King: The pioneer in commercial cleaning

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Jani-King: The pioneer in commercial cleaning

A global leader in the commercial cleaning industry, Jani-King is expanding its reach as it stays on top of the latest trends, technologies and services

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Cleanliness is one of the essential elements for any commercial business and a proven successful business in any economic climate. For those reasons and more, Jani-King is expanding its regional franchisor opportunity worldwide. Founded in the U.S., Jani-King currently operates in 10 countries with 120 offices. The company is looking to expand its territories outside of the U.S.A., with a new wave of business owners desiring exclusive rights to international markets. Entrepreneurs from Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal and more, have long embraced the Jani-King system and proven the program as an international success story.

“Our international expansion has been accomplished through an exceptional network of regional franchisors,” said Mike Biggs, senior VP of global market sales. “The collective knowledge within the Jani-King network is an unparalleled asset to which new regional franchisors enjoy unfettered access. While Jani-King has an established brand because of its longevity in the commercial cleaning franchise industry, what continues to spur growth are the successes of these regional investors and business leaders who have demonstrated what the Jani-King program can accomplish.”

The commercial cleaning industry has long been a stable and growing industry. Case in point – forecasts for 2027 highlight a Compounded Annual Growth Rate of six per cent from 2020 to 2027 to a staggering $468.2 billion. During the recent pandemic, Jani-King regions across the globe expanded services to include disinfecting and now, as more businesses place a higher importance on cleaning and disinfecting, Jani-King regions continue to see record growth numbers.

Why should you choose Jani-King?

The popular saying that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” certainly applies to Jani-King whose founder, Jim Cavanaugh, was the first to incorporate franchising into the commercial cleaning industry. Others over the years have mirrored the same blueprint, even the very same terminologies and programs, to try and duplicate what Cavanaugh, started more than 50 years ago. However, there can be only one original and Jani-King isn’t content to just rest on that position. The company prides itself on the ability to evolve and stay on top of the latest trends, technologies and service advancements to maintain its position as the industry leader.

“Our corporate team of experts in operations, equipment leasing and specialty services like hospitality, healthcare, educational facilities, sports and entertainment venues and more, separate Jani-King from our competitors,” said Biggs. “This expertise expands with our many global partners and relationships within the equipment and chemical, building health and waste management industries, for example, and takes decades upon decades to build and nurture to where we are today.”

It’s not just about the newest and best equipment, though. Jani-King strives to train its business owners in the latest cleaning techniques and procedures. As a labor-intensive industry, what separates Jani-King from many of its competitors is the level of training and the supervision and care that comes from business owners with a vested interest in the outcome of their service that temporary labor resources often used by standard cleaning companies just cannot match.

Jani-King offers competitive investment levels in line with its standing as the industry leader with proven models of success. Unlike many other franchising options, the commercial cleaning industry doesn’t require large additional capital expenses such as land, retail space overhead and new constructions. More than half of Jani-King’s regional franchisors have gone on to invest in additional territories.

A concept beyond geography

Jani-King values forward-thinking investors who recognize the longevity and security of commercial cleaning as a business and bring local connections and regional market understanding to the table.

“Jani-King’s path to worldwide expansion will see the brand journey to all markets where the franchising concept is valued and supported; and where labor laws are business-friendly,” said Biggs. “We are seeking individuals or groups with knowledge and connections within a particular country to own, promote, develop and protect the Jani-King brand and all it stands for with our training, support, vast experience and resources.”

Initial focus has been on selling current corporate-owned territories in the United Kingdom and Belgium, but interest has recently come in for rights all across the globe. Jani-King is expanded its marketing presence for international opportunities through trade publications, brokerage services and representation at various franchising trade shows and conferences worldwide.

“Jani-King’s opportunity is not limited by geography and certainly not by the industry of commercial cleaning, which is needed everywhere,” said Biggs. “We will explore any genuine interest from fully funded, business-minded investors who have the commitment long-term to follow the programs set by our founder and implemented by many successful regional franchisors in the United States and abroad.”

The lowdown on investment benefits

Purchasing an international territory with Jani-King opens the door to your own world of opportunity and comes with numerous benefits:

  • Exclusivity in the designated territory.
  • Rights to the system and proprietary marks to establish and operate a Jani- King business in the designated territory.
  • Rights to sell sub-regional franchises within the territory and collect fees and royalties.
  • Right to sell unit franchises within territory and collect fees and royalties.
  • Right to sell/lease chemicals and equipment for additional revenue.

Jani-King support provides the regional franchisor which include:

  • Six non-concurrent weeks of on-site training of regional franchisor and the franchisee management and franchisee employees.
  • Training sessions and regional franchise meetings and seminars from time to time to provide additional education and training.
  • Provision of complete Jani-King operations manual.
  • Provision of pre-approved advertising and promotional materials adaptable to local languages and imagery.
  • Dedicated area on Jani-King International website for the specific territory.
  • Ongoing advisory assistance, within reason, for operation of the Jani-King regional franchise.

Jani-King’s desire for the success of its Regional Franchisors means the company and fellow business owners within the organization go beyond basic support to ensure each new business owner has every opportunity to succeed if the desire is there. With more than 50 years in business and growth into a near billion-dollar company in overall annual revenues, Jani-King has a model that works and a network of business owners eager to see the brand continue as the industry leader.

“Jani-King and its community of Regional Franchisors, unit franchisees and many corporate and regional staffers having been with Jani-King for decades are here as support to any new investor,” said Biggs. “The shared knowledge and proven systems are what make the brand a proven entity and worthwhile investment. But the people who make up Jani-King – those regional investors, business unit owners, and the company’s worldwide executive and support team – create a family environment that moves the needle forward even further to enable business owners of all backgrounds and levels to achieve their own personal dreams in the collective effort to grow the international brand.”

At a glance

Year established: 1969
Number of franchised outlets: 120 regional franchisor offices
Location of units: United States (86), Canada (14), Australia (8), New Zealand (4), Brazil, Mexico (2 each), Bahrain, Belgium, Portugal, United Kingdom (1 each)
Investment range: $195,000-$3,000,000 (exclusive international territories)
Minimum required capital: Fully financed purchase fee plus $150,000 liquid cash/credit line
Contact: Mike Biggs, senior VP – global market sales, mbiggs@janiking.com janiking.com

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