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Wednesday 27th September, 2023

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PHONUP: Not Your Average Phone Shop


PHONUP: Not Your Average Phone Shop

Phonup is a franchise that’s as multi-featured as the smartphones it skillfully refurbishes, repairs and sells on.

Phonup is a franchise that’s as multi-featured as the smartphones it skillfully refurbishes, repairs and sells on.

Franchising is a business model which returns its membership a healthy margin of profit. Because it’s a good business choice, the number of franchisees is constantly growing, aided by the fact that opening a business from scratch can lead to an early failure.

According to a PIP report, over 2,000 franchises opened in 2010, whereas over 51,000 opened in 2012, with a turnover reaching almost $21.8 billion (+5.8% in two years). This increase has spawned an exponential growth in employment, with 185,200 new job positions being created, up 17.4% from 2010.

A franchisor must be a psychologist, a trainer, an educator. In short, a good franchisor must be a partner of its affiliate. Ideally, the franchisor encourages energy and proactivity in its affiliate network, underlining a simple but often forgotten truth: the affiliate is not an employee but an independent entrepreneur in his own right.

Recent industry studies show an important growth in the worldwide market for the purchase and sale of used smartphones.

The growth rate of the used smartphone market is forecast to be four- to five-times higher than the overall market, according to Deloitte. It expects the re-sale of smartphones to accelerate through 2020 as both consumers and suppliers increasingly embrace the practice of selling or acquiring second-hand smartphones. Last year Deloitte predicted that consumers would sell or trade in about 120 million used smartphones, generating more than $17 billion for the owners, at an average value of $140 for device. This is a 50 per cent increase from the 80 million smartphones traded in 2015, with a value of $11 billion, or an average value of $135 per unit.

Refurbishing or repairing/repaired a smartphone means that less is disposed of. Extending the lifecycle of a device has a positive environmental effect in terms of emissions and use of energy necessary for disposal. For these reasons, Phonup is committed to improving the sustainability of the high-tech frontier, and enabling easy collection and re-use. Such considerations strongly suggest that this kind of model is here to stay.

Phonup is an international franchising network offering guaranteed services including express repairs of mobiles, smartphones and tablets. Phonup restores value in second hand devices. The customer can safely exchange an old smartphone for another second-hand or refurbished device, and do it for the best price. A team of certified technicians will support the customer to find the best solution, even if the device is out of warranty.

Be part of our world. Start your own business straight away and without major risks or investments. Phonup will guarantee you full and ongoing assistance from your first step to the last – we will provide you with guidelines on all commercial and promotional aspects, while giving you freedom to manage your store.

Thanks to Phonup you can now open your own phone shop and choosing to do it with us offers many more advantages than opening one by yourself.

Specialised skills and years of experience in the sale and purchase of second hand
Great market power acquired through collaborations with GDO and telephone
Repair and micro-repair know-how.
Transnational networks with the ability to expand the business and profit accordingly.
We differ from the common telephone store by providing all types of mobile phones and services.
Phonup quality engineers operate a regular and dedicated quality control on all accessories and high-tech world devices, and offer a 12 months second-hand warranty.


Name of franchise: PHONUP
Location of units: Italy, U.K., Brasil, India
Investment range: 50.000 / 80.000 €
Minimum required capital: 100.000 €
Contact: tel .+39 0828 031301

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